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GOP 4 SaleRU a lobbyist seeking influence? Tuff-wristed Kentucky $enate prez seeks $$$ for Republican Party. Luvs long walks on former mountaintops, God, big corporations & making the state’s largest city dangle in the wind. Turn-ons: 10 cmdmnts, bashing gays, drowning gvt in bathtub. Let’s keep KY in Dark Ages 2gether 4ever. Corporate donations welcome. Convenient sway packages from $5k-$50k. Call David Williams (270) 864-5636.That little bit of prose might as well be the personals-ad equivalent of the message Kentucky Senate President David Williams delivered to a gathering of about 40 lobbyists last week at the Muhammad Ali Center. The shameless senator, perhaps recognizing that the GOP brand has lost some value in recent years, wants to shore up Republican coffers in advance of the 2008 election. But there‘s a pesky little problem: state law prohibits lobbyists from giving directly to candidates.  Because if it didn’t, a legislator might, you know, let the donation corrupt his or her legislative efforts. The gathered lobbyists represented banks, technology, medical and pharmaceutical companies, and other corporations keenly interested in the goings on in Frankfort.

The funky fantasists of Frankfort Avenue

Frankfort Avenue is a bustling hub of commerce and culture, but not so long ago, it was pretty lowdown. The transformation happened gradually, of course, through the efforts of many determined people. This week, Fairleigh Brooks focuses on a handful of women who’ve set up shop in the 2000 block. It’s a nice bit, an inspiring tale of people who’ve chosen to buck the system and follow their dreams. —Cary Stemle

Summer Music: Belle of Louisville becomes party central

She’s a hulk of a thing, The Belle of Louisville.Built in 1914, the oldest operating steam-driven paddlewheeler of her kind in the country adds a historical charm to the city’s waterfront, much more so than, say, that hot pink abomination of a club called Splash that once graced the shore.

Summer Fun Guide: Miles to go before we eat Food miles, that is

How many miles did your dinner travel from the field to your plate? This seemingly innocuous query may seem like a silly question. But the idea of “food miles” has become a hot topic — and a serious one — among the growing cadre of environmentally sensitive food lovers who spend time thinking about where our food comes from and its impact on the world.

Summer Fun Guide: Fans’ best friend - Jake the Diamond Dog is a longtime Slugger Field favorite

From cow-milking contests to cap days, baseball fans have always gotten more at the ballpark than just the game.And nowhere are game-day promotions a bigger part of the baseball experience than at Louisville Slugger Field, where the Louisville Bats have enjoyed unbridled success as one of the top-drawing clubs in all of minor league baseball. Baseball is the main thing. But the show also includes the antics of Myron Noodleman and the Famous Chicken. In June, the L.A. Lakers Girls will appear at the park. And the other night they even had a guy named Mad Chad juggling chainsaws!

‘I like Portland’: Jerry Brinson leads efforts for change in his adopted neighborhood

When Jerry Brinson, his wife and oldest son moved to the Portland neighborhood from East St. Catherine Street 21 years ago, Brinson knew Portland was close-knit. What he didn’t quite realize then was that he would eventually become active in keeping the community together.

Summer Fun Guide: Theater camp — planting seeds to grow future audiences, artists and civic participation

When I was a schoolgirl at Mt. Tabor Elementary in New Albany back in the 1960s, I looked forward every Christmas to a visit from a local teenage theater group. I can almost hear them singing now as they paraded into the auditorium in medieval costumes, “Christmas is coming. The goose is getting fat. Please put a penny in the old man’s hat.” They performed “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” which was my favorite. Although there was no nudity, we all imagined a naked king, the subject of ridicule. The experience ignited a life-long love of theater.

Summer Fun Guide Listings

Summer Fun Guide Listings

Summer Fun Guide: Happy Camping - Rediscovering our inner and outer selves in the outdoors

Did you have a summer camp experience when you were a young ’un? Did you come away with social skills? Physical fitness? A religious or spiritual awakening? Or perhaps just mosquito bites and melancholy?

Summer Fun Guide: Destinations

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