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For less than a dollar a day …

Meet a group of Louisvillians who are directly sponsoring meaningful change for a small town in Tanzania

The Kingiti Sharing Group was born during a ladies’ night in December 2008.

Inbox — Nov. 13, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dearly in Debt


Dunk Dynasty

Can the reformulated Cardinals keep it cooking?

Don’t worry about Louisville. The 2013-14 Cardinals will be fine now that Chane Behanan has worked his way out of coach Rick Pitino’s doghouse and rejoined the team.


Take Me To Your Leader

Facts, rumors and political innuendo

As we wrote here last week, a great deal of mystery surrounds the once-estimated $5 million the Louisville Arena Authority still owes the Kentucky State Fair Board — a tab amassed throu


A touch of madness

Hugh Haynie, the man behind the city’s most memorable editorial cartoons, was as animated as the political figures he drew

Driving a pale primrose 1966 Jaguar E-Type around town is the opposite of subtle, so Hugh Haynie had to use a decoy whenever he wanted to be discreet.


The fix is in

Discontinuation letters from insurers throw another wrench in the Obamacare rollout

The already complex Affordable Care Act has become baffling to many over the past few weeks, as several million people across the country have received letters from their insurance company no


An app for Mary

A senseless murder in Louisville in 1993 sparked the creation of the country’s first automatic notification system about offenders; 20 years later, that system takes another technological step forward

On Dec. 6, 1993, Mary Byron and her parents didn’t know the justice system well enough.


The circus is in town

The return of Kentucky Basketball

When last season’s Kentucky basketball season came to an end in a small gym to an anonymous college in downtown Pittsburgh, most UK fans took the loss surprisingly well.

Inbox — Nov. 6, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Hail Humana


Shuffling the debt

Arena Authority scrambles for financial solvency ahead of Standard & Poor’s report

The financially troubled KFC Yum!