On forgiveness and murder

A conversation with Sister Helen Prejean, the longtime death penalty opponent who wrote ‘Dead Man Walking’

The first death row inmates Sister Helen Prejean spiritually advised were, without a doubt, guilty of heinous crimes. They’d raped and murdered. Hating them was easy.

Inbox — Dec. 4, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Black Friday Humbug

Wills (and a lot more) for Warriors

Legal Aid Society expands its assistance to low-income veterans

As temperatures drop across the state and fall sloppily dissolves into winter, Roy Denny will be more concerned than usual about his work.

Inbox — Nov. 27, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Liberal Mouthpiece?


For less than a dollar a day …

Meet a group of Louisvillians who are directly sponsoring meaningful change for a small town in Tanzania

The Kingiti Sharing Group was born during a ladies’ night in December 2008.



How the University of Louisville became the most gay-friendly public university in the South

When she decided to come out of the closet at the age of 16, Ana Ruiz wasn’t worried about getting kicked out or disowned.


Take Me To Your Leader

Facts, Rumors and Political Innuendo

Discussions about the economic future of eastern Kentucky among our elected officials typically devolve into scapegoating of the EPA and the Obama Administration’s so-called “War


Project Censored

Annual media watchdog list critiques coverage of whistleblowers and wealth gaps — and the notion of journalistic objectivity


Inbox — Nov. 20, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Is Louisville Open?


The fix is in

Discontinuation letters from insurers throw another wrench in the Obamacare rollout

The already complex Affordable Care Act has become baffling to many over the past few weeks, as several million people across the country have received letters from their insurance company no