Baby D's Bagels
$20 Worth of Food and Drink for Only $10

Inbox — May 8, 2013

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Gay Bar Rebuttal

Inbox — May 1, 2013

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Shit Talkin’


A Grande Affair

Residents largely oppose luxury Willow Avenue high-rise, though most concur existing apartments are an eyesore not befitting Cherokee Triangle

Lawns in the affluent Cherokee Triangle neighborhood are peppered with yard signs emblazoned with “size matters,” the provocative mantra of local residents who oppose the Willow Grande,

Waste not

LG&E and elected officials tout use of coal byproducts in fertilizer, but questions about public health remain

As guests and media were bused into the heart of LG&E’s Mill Creek power plant facility, past billowing smokestacks and a mountain of coal combustion waste, it seemed an unlikely setting


Horse tales

A rundown of this year’s Kentucky Derby contenders

The 139th Kentucky Derby Mystery begins with a pair of standout favorites — the unusually named Orb and the neatly named Verrazano.


Slash and burn

A look at how sequestration will disproportionately affect low-income families, children and the elderly across Kentucky

As the deadline for the deep federal budget cuts known as sequestration passed in early March, Sen.


A celestial selection

LEO picks Orb to win Kentucky Derby 139

On his way to the Kentucky Derby, Orb turned in what may have been the two most powerful performances along the Derby Prep Trail, surging to towering triumphs in the Fountain of Youth Stakes and Fl

Inbox — April 24, 2013

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Finding Complexity


Revitalizing weirdness

Amid a million-dollar restoration, the Louisville Clock finds the right time and space

The signature slogan “keep Louisville weird” prompts questions of genesis. Where, when and why did we get so endearingly eccentric?

Inbox — April 17, 2013

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Coal No More