New Column: In Visible ink

Finding Superman

When I was a kid, I wished I could be invisible.


Bobby Petrino: Here and gone, and here again and still winning?

Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich moved so quickly in hiring a new football coach last week to replace Charlie Strong, who split for Texas, that it is almost like he knew Strong would b


A Key to the past

Meet the 89-year-old Louisvillian who went through the Great Depression, the 1937 flood, desegregation in public schools and a tornado that threw a church sign into her backyard — and lived to blog about it

Before I am first introduced to June Key, her daughter Tara warns me that I won’t get much out of her right now.

Inbox — Jan. 8, 2014

Letters to the Editor

Compassionate Kid

greg_fischer_web 2.jpg

Take Me To Your Leader

An interview with Mayor Greg Fischer

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer sat down with LEO Weekly last week to discuss various issues facing the city this year and his plans to address them.


Forever unclean

Residents near contaminated Black Leaf Chemical site get health screening results — but few get answers

 Back in August, a team of researchers from the University of Louisville held a public meeting at the California Community Center to detail their plans to test blood and urine samples from res


The January blues

Louisville is looking for a ‘glue guy’ to cure what ails them

 Most college basketball teams run out of gas in February when the season gets longer and the wins get scarcer. But that’s not been Louisville’s problem.

Inbox — Jan. 15, 2014

Letters to the Editor

That’s Showbiz


Turning eyesores into assets

New redevelopment contest seeks innovative, replicable, community-focused ideas for vacant lots

In St. Louis, a surplus cargo container on a vacant lot will soon act as a small business incubator for local restaurateurs. On site, produce will be grown.


No money, mo' problems

A preview of the 2014 General Assembly

The 60-day 2014 session of Kentucky’s General Assembly begins Jan. 7, where the most pressing goal will be passing a two-year budget for the state government.