Baby D's Bagels
$20 Worth of Food and Drink for Only $10

The circus is in town

The return of Kentucky Basketball

When last season’s Kentucky basketball season came to an end in a small gym to an anonymous college in downtown Pittsburgh, most UK fans took the loss surprisingly well.

Inbox — Nov. 6, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Hail Humana


Shuffling the debt

Arena Authority scrambles for financial solvency ahead of Standard & Poor’s report

The financially troubled KFC Yum!


Protection is in order

Kentucky moves closer to expanding domestic violence protections for dating partners

Throughout Kentucky every year, thousands of women who are the victims of domestic violence seek, in addition to criminal charges, a civil emergency protective order from the courts in order to kee


Here lies the dearly forgotten …

Forget haunted houses and ghost tours — real horrors lie in the history of Louisville’s neglected cemeteries

One lady staged a one-woman protest by sitting in the center of the road, briefly blocking cars from entering the grounds. Some argue about their rights.


Take Me To Your Leader

Facts, rumors and political innuendo

As we wrote here last week, a great deal of mystery surrounds the once-estimated $5 million the Louisville Arena Authority still owes the Kentucky State Fair Board — a tab amassed throu


A touch of madness

Hugh Haynie, the man behind the city’s most memorable editorial cartoons, was as animated as the political figures he drew

Driving a pale primrose 1966 Jaguar E-Type around town is the opposite of subtle, so Hugh Haynie had to use a decoy whenever he wanted to be discreet.


Column: Fun with Shrapnel

Ah, new digs!

Let’s pretend, dear reader, that we’re old friends. I mean, we sort of are (old friends), and I’m going to tell you a lot of stories about maybe familiar people.

Inbox — Oct. 30, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Free Beer?
Dear Bar Belle,


Beyond Thunderdome

Grab your single-speed bike, MacGyver a mallet out of a ski pole and PVC pipe, and meet the guys and gals cultivating our local hardcourt bike polo scene

As the tunnel lights kick on, everything underneath starts to take on a yellow tone.