Q&A with 'The Return of the Living Dead' production designer William Stout

If there is one person other than Dan O’Bannon who was as involved in the majority of creative processes that led to the making of “The Return of the Living Dead,” it is William S


LEON: ‘Need the Weed,’ but don’t get high on your own supply

After months of investigation, officials attribute Tumbleweed’s rent issues to the truth behind the restaurant chain’s slogan.


LEON: Louisville Cardinals to wear TOMS to raise recruiting awareness

Sitting in front of his locker, starting guard Terry Rozier looked down at his Adidas sneakers.


Zombies ate my city!

The story behind 'The Return of the Living Dead' and Louisville's zombie obsession

(Attention: Massive spoilers will quickly be revealed for the film, “The Return of the Living Dead.” But hopefully by now, you’ve already seen it -— especially if you li

KET debacle was a foreplay fail, but get in the mood unless you want to get...

The good news is, the election is almost here. The finish line looms.


Seminole opportunity

So do you think Louisville can beat Florida State? Yeah, same here. Don’t know.


LEON: Voter opinion of McConnell spending $1.8 million in personal funds for the final week of campaign

Senator Mitch McConnell has personally lent $1.8 million of his own money for the final week of his campaign. LEON wanted to find out what likely voters thought of this decision. 

Inbox - October 29, 2014

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A little empathy from a post-primary D9 survivor

It was a freezing cold and gray Saturday morning in February 2014. I was trekking through the hills of Clifton Heights, trying not to fall and break my neck on the slick, ice-covered roads.

Midterm elections for dummies

As a recovering political junkie (having seen the sausage made at the highest levels, I have pretty much accepted the futility and meaninglessness of the entire endeavor), I find it funny how littl