October 31, 2012

Inbox — Oct. 31, 2012

Letters to the Editor

Kentucky’s Kingdom
Perhaps the way to secure state funding for our beloved Kentucky Kingdom is to add a ride that takes you up a mountain where there would be thunder, lightning and fire. Suddenly, two stone tablets would be placed in the hands of riders, and then the ride would return to the ground. The ride would be called Mt. Sinai, the Holy Mount. Just maybe our state lords would then be interested. The park could be named Commandments Over Kentucky. One moment while I get my tongue out of my cheek.
Allen Canterbury, South End

Don’t Weep for Me, Kentucky
I am a native son of Kentucky, and I feel nothing but shame about it. I am embarrassed that my people have become afflicted with the mental infirmity called Republicanism — a tried and failed obsolete political philosophy that preaches the wonder of self-reliance and rails against “big government” spending while greedily devouring the $1.52 we get back from “big government” for every dollar we send to Washington. I am ashamed that my people sent two obstructionists to represent them in the Senate whose primary goal is to filibuster every single piece of pertinent legislation that will help them. I am revolted that our elected officials are more than willing to slash spending on education while precious tax money is given to outrageous religious endeavors like the Ark Encounter. I am ashamed that we have turned into the proverbial red state behind the curve in every conceivable way.

I sat watching the second debate knowing that charlatan Mitt Romney could say “rubber baby buggy bumpers” for the entire program, and he would still get the support of my fellow Kentuckians. It does not matter to them how many vulgar lies he speaks. It does not matter that he carried signs supporting the Vietnam War and then cowardly went to France for 30 months while his American brothers were fighting and dying. It does not matter that he is one of those corporate raiders who destroyed companies that destroyed the lives and pensions of their fellow Americans. It does not matter that it was people like him who brought this country to the brink of financial ruin. My people don’t remember what it was like when we put another Republican businessman in the White House. The sad and embarrassing truth is that my people just want to put the “white” back into the White House.

I hoped to live long enough to see the good people of my state prize education and innovation above religion and basketball, but as our budgetary expenditures prove, basketball is our new religion, and like all other religions, it constantly needs more money. On election night when Obama gives his victory speech, I will weep for my old Kentucky home, my old Kentucky home far away.
Thomas Clay Jr., Jeffersonville

Wet Writer
The letter writer who recently “rebutted” Paul L. Whiteley Sr.’s previous letter of support for President Obama (LEO Weekly, Oct. 24) is all wet, in my personal opinion. It appears to me that he doesn’t know much of anything about the Christian religion, or Obama, or Whiteley, who just happens to be a practicing Christian himself. As Whiteley wrote in one of his letters a few years ago, “I am a regular person who tries to incorporate justice, kindness and walking humbly with God in my letter writing.” I’ve enjoyed his writing in LEO and other newspapers for many years.

The letter writer’s characterization of Obama’s policies as “aggressively anti-Christian” is itself anti-Christian if you think about it. Many of those who say such things are also big fans of Ayn Rand’s extremist books and notably unenthusiastic about the Bible’s 300-plus scriptures concerning our obligations to help the poor and oppressed. How they bridge the yawning gap between the cold-hearted materialism of Rand and scriptures like Amos 5:21 to 24, I’ll never understand.
Tom Louderback, Highlands

Ignorance is bliss, ain't it!?

By Thomas Clay_Jr....
So, Thomas Clay Jr., you don't know or understand what a 250 word max is for a LEO letter!? At 322 words, give or take, yours is about 30% too long. It must be your sense of entitlement to type something overly long. Your pretentiousness is over-the-top! Four times you typed "my people." You presume to speak for Kentuckians with the "my people" phrase? Presuming is not part of a valid argument. YOU are the charlatan. Your letter is full of feigning outrage. And you accuse Kentuckians of wanting a white president. That makes you a racist. If you were any other person, I would have you fired from your job for incompetence and being intellectually dishonest and lazy. Capiche?


By tclayjr
Thomas Clay Jr Well Mr. Anonymous obviously the editors at LEO must like what I have to say or they wouldn't print my letter would they? And trying to explain anything to a walking lobotomy of an ignorant rube like yourself is an exercise in futility. I am not presuming anything my knuckle-dragging prince of dumbfuckery. You should look up any polysyllabic words that you try to use so that you know what their definitions are. I am not selling anyone anything and just because a flat imbecile like yourself says that I am intellectually dishonest insinuates that you can comprehend what intellect is when clearly you do not. Anytime you would like to test your your intellect against mine I am more than happy to accommodate you in any discipline for any amount you care to wager. I have made that offer to every single republican stooge and perhaps you will be the first not to prove your cowardice.

Deflecting from the points, name-calling, being stubbornly...

By thomasclayjrisa...
pretentious, and being full of yourself are some of the main hallmarks of you, Mr. Thomas Clay Jr. 1) It's NOT about LEO liking what you have to say. It's about your letter being much longer than their maximum. Pay attention and don't deflect. 2) The second, third, and fifth sentences of your response are particulary heavy in multiple uses of name-calling. And, because you have a history of throwing around derogatory names and descriptions, you can no longer be classified as merely "ignorant." 3) You are stupid. You are a stupid man who is literally incapable of understanding what some pertinent words mean, such as "imbecile." Do you know about categories of intelligence involving I.Q. points? An imbecile has an I.Q. range of 20 to 49 points. So don't be stupid and misuse those words. 4) WHY would you balk at being told the truth about your intellectual dishonesty!? Own it. 5) I don't have any desire to test my intellect against yours, because your various LEO Inbox posts are on display for all to see as to your lack of intellect. So then why would I be redundant? 6) All of your name-calling and derogatory attacks are childish. And they are akin to someone yelling in desperation. 7) You're the coward, You hide behind attacking rants. It's desperation.Those rants never constitute valid arguments. 8) You changed the subject at hand to your *alleged* intellect. 9) You're not civil, so you should be removed from posting again. "Republican" is capitalized. And that was not a typo of yours. Just keep ranting on long enough. You're only going to hang yourself with your own rope.

Thomas Clay Jr Well

By tclayjr
Thomas Clay Jr Well anonymous Sir, as I expected you did not want to test the virility of your intellect against mine. I used just as many words that I needed to say what I wanted to say and why you care to whine endlessly that it was too long is beyond me. I also do not believe that it is particularly gracious to be kind to an ignorant rube who constantly votes against his own interest which is all the proof of the imbecility I know you possess. Of course the conservative answer to any speech that they do not like is to silence it or ban it. This is merely further evidence of your naked villainy. Truly it was never I that was desperate about anything because I knew that the president would be reelected even if the common fox viewer did not. As far as my intellectual dishonesty, just because you say it's so, doesn't make it so. It is not I sir who is the coward. It is a well known fact that all serial liars are also cowards. Your remedial missives are riddled with lies and suppositions which are not only evidence of cowardice but also buffoonery of the highest order. However if you do have the courage of your convictions and are certain that I am the stupid one then allow me to invite you to the Triple Nines at triplenine.org where you are more than welcome to become the first republican I know of to get in. I will gladly kneel at your anonymous feet and loudly proclaim that you are my superior. However, I know that like all other republican cowards that you will not take me up on that offer. So permit me to bid you adieu Mr. Anonymous and I hope you enjoy the devastating butthurt you now suffer after an overwhelming and devastating shellacking you cold-blooded miscreants got on Tuesday night. Enjoy!

The various letters to the

By ledbg
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fumbduckery - - -It has a more pleasant sound.

By thomasclayjrisa...
And I have already beat you in a discipline. It's the discipline of argument-making.

Tom Louderback and Paul L. Whiteley Sr. are all wet

By Thomas Clay_Jr....
Whiteley is not a practicing Christian. Christians know that people giving of themselves in the form of charity is Christian, but forcing people to give money that they have earned, to others who have not is not Christian! It is a form of legalized stealing. Don't claim that Whiteley "walks humbly with God." He misuses and misapplies scriptures to defend socialist and entitlement programs. It's "teach a man how to fish," not give the man something (fish) from other people for the man's laziness. You talk about our "obligations to help the poor!?" That is through voluntary means, not being forced to do so. You and he are disingenuous about that notion. And never presume to know what people, such as people who call out the president on his Anti-Christian religious policies, as siding with Ayn Rand. Just never presume. Period. Whiteley is a faux Christian, and you are an enabler of his misrepresentations. Capiche!?

Thomas Clay Jr Well Mr.

By tclayjr
Thomas Clay Jr Well Mr. Anonymous I can only implore you to start taking your meds again. The reason you are not being paid to do multivariable calculus is because you have chosen to become a slave to your naked buffoonery that is so clearly evident in this cognitive dissonant rant of nincompoopery.

You solidified your pretentiousness, Thomas,...

By thomasclayjrisa...
with your needlessly long, multi-syllabic words, instead of where shorter words would be to the point. You are hiding behind the long words. Why would you be a presumptuous asshole about me taking meds!? You can't argue when you presume. And your constantly doing so makes you a one-trick pony, whose ability to post serious valid arguments sailed off long ago. Don't post back until you can learn about making valid arguments!

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Kentucky’s Kingdom

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