March 4, 2009

Inbox — March 4, 2009

Letters to the Editor

LEO Love Letter

When I heard about your new design on WFPL’s “State of Affairs,” my heart skipped a beat. I immediately put my errands on the backburner and drove to my nearest newsstand. I frantically dodged traffic to hold you in my arms. There you were, in all your glory. I stared in awe at your fresh new logo and flipped through your colorful, glossy pages. As I read the City Strobe and admired the superb photography, I remembered why I loved you all along.

When The Courier-Journal unveiled Velocity, at first I was miffed. How dare they ride your coattails! But then I started picking up copies occasionally with my weekly fix of you. I couldn’t help myself. They were so new and hip with their short, fluffy columns and subscription. I have to come clean. I started seeing Velocity exclusively. It started as a cheap affair and escalated into a full-blown romance. I did you dirty, LEO, and for that I’m sorry. But your new design made me realize what we had together. I love your talented columnists and the fact that you have real photographers and not just an online membership. I love picking up a new copy and running my fingers through you every week. I keep you with me everywhere I go. I’m so sorry it took your flashy new design to make me realize what we had together.

Take me back?

Farrah Johnson, Sellersburg

Editor’s Note: Let’s start slow. Dinner and a movie?

Good Vibes

I realize your new magazine-like format is old news, but this week, I think it made all the difference with Static/Major on the cover. As I walked into the library, Static’s picture jumped out at me. It resembled something I would expect to see on the cover of Vibe Magazine. It captured Static/Major as the star he was becoming, and Phillip Bailey’s piece upheld the standard cover set. Your old newsprint would not have had the same effect.

Mariam Williams, St. Matthews

Back-Handed Love?

I love the new LEO. The back cover is conveniently located so close to the front cover.

Nicky Miller, Original Highlands

While We’re Talkin’

If the city of Louisville could somehow buy back LG&E, maybe we can also get the Binghams to take back The Courier-Journal. Those would be two fine days indeed.

Dan Rose, Highlands

Guantanamo in KY

I believe the state of Kentucky should offer to house the New Guantanamo Bay Detention Center. President Obama needs a place to hold about 200 men. Personally, I think this is a fabulous piece of pork that will actually do some good. It will create an opportunity for a major construction project that will stimulate Kentucky’s economy. The “per diem” cost for each of these men is and will continue to be enormous. Someone is going to get this … it might as well be Kentucky. If Kentucky doesn’t jump on this opportunity, Sen. Byrd from West Virginia will certainly move them into that Outlandish Hotel in the mountains that has the capacity to hold Congress.

I also think we should expand the La Grange Reformatory/Luther Luckett Prison to include the Kentucky Terrorist Museum, and have them displayed, charging admission. I guarantee the KTM will be second only to the Creation Museum. Oldham County will expand to become the Mecca of the West. My gods, can you imagine the economic impact this will have!?

And this would give Kentucky an opportunity to “walk the talk.” Kentucky for sure was completely behind the Bush policies. This will be a good way for us to work off a little karma by holding those no-goods, who we want held, and we can make sure they don’t escape. What a wonderful opportunity for Kentucky. And I promise you, the money will be real good. We might even finish a bridge.

Mark Abrams, Highlands

Take It Back

Should Kentucky turn down monies from the economic stimulus package? Money and jobs are always nice, but in November we spoke loud and clear. Kentucky voted McCain and McConnell, both of whom voted against Obama’s Main Street stimulus.

For years, Kentucky has fed at the federal teat. For every dollar we send the federal government, they send us $1.50 back. Nice return on our dollar, but it’s dirty money. It’s money from liberals in states like California, New York, Washington, Oregon and Massachusetts.

Liberal handouts to conservative states like Kentucky, Alaska, Oklahoma, Louisiana, South Carolina and Arkansas are harmful. As conservatives have pointed out for years, welfare to the poor, unemployed, sick, elderly and infants destroys their motivation. The same goes for handouts to conservatives. Kentucky is in the top third of the 50 states in both rates of obesity and unemployment. While the correlation is not perfect, people in conservative states are more likely to be obese, out of work and living off the income redistribution from liberal states.

Kentucky must reject Obama’s socialist handout. Next we need to send back one-third of the money the federal government sends us. We don’t need dirty liberal commie money.

Sam Sloss, Highlands

Greed is Fuel

Republicans worship at the altar of the sacred marketplace. They evidently believe undisciplined, deregulated free enterprise is America’s salvation. If government will not interfere, the market, banks and Wall Street, with great integrity, will regulate themselves. Prosperity is guaranteed for the rich few.

Market excesses, greed and Wall Street are the main causes of our country’s current economic problems, and that is why politicians (government) are having to come up with a stimulus plan in an attempt to fix a broken economic system. Evil, runaway greed is the chief culprit. We can make tax cuts for the rich permanent forever, but permanent tax cuts will do nothing to address the ongoing greed that we are unwilling to address.

Insidious, pervasive greed is a moral, spiritual issue that affects all of us. When it comes to greed, we are in a state of denial. Our politicians in Washington should spend some time debating the greed issue and how it impacts the economy. A nation is morally and spiritually bankrupt whose economic engine’s power source is greed. By voicing almost total opposition to a stimulus package by House and Senate Republicans, the GOP is setting itself up to become a weak minority party for decades to come. All Republicans can do now is play the fear-of-socialism card.

If government can meet the needs of the middle class and poor majority better than the private sector, who cares if we call our economic system socialism? The rich we will have with us always; they will always have more than enough God-provided resources. Realistically, I believe we would be better off if our economic system were composed from the best ideas and practices of both capitalism and socialism.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr., St. Matthews


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Greed is Fuel...Seriously?

By EgoistCooper
Paul Whitelely, Paul, Paul, Paul...Man. There is so much wrong with your letter. Logically, it is full of inconsistantcies, compromises, and weakness. It sickens me to think that people like you still live in America. Do you realize that America was the capitalist club? Yeah, see we started a huge revolution party against Totalitarianism and Socialism about 200 something years ago Paul. I think you and all of your liberal friends must have confused THIS country with one that actually wanted to be Socialist.
Secondly, LEO, come on? Seriously? You are really going to print this drivel so every non-educated person in Louisville can read this about capitalism and then use this letter to fuel one of their Marxist tirades? Maybe we could fit a few letters from Louisvillians about how much Obama's "Stimulus" program is already working so well.
Paul. The thing about your letter is it is an OPINION. Keep your Opinions between you and your friends when you all are hanging out at the Nach Bar drinking your third Chimay, and you are showing off your all beige hat with a red star in the center.
There is no such thing as an economic system "composed from the best ideas and practices of both capitalism and socialism." One system involves planning and restrictions Paul--that one is called Socialism. The other involves ingenuity, winners and losers from what is called a competitive free market system, productivity, and people being allowed to KEEP all of the money that they make when they get paid. Guess what that one is called Paul? Capitalism. Now, there are different forms of capitalism. There is Laissez-Faire capitalism, which means the government completely stays out of the affairs of businesses and lets them compete with each other without restrictions. We have not run this system since before Abraham Lincoln messed up this country, and turned it down the path of Coercive Socialist Government.
There is also mixed-restrictive capitalism. Which usually occurs right before Socialism. The problems we are having now is not because of greedy capitalists. You watch entirely way too much CNN, and CNBC Paul. I would guess you read the Courier and then spout out what they have to say in new inventive ways to your coworkers at the local co-op where you work. I only say co-op, since you obviously do not run your own business or work for another entrepreneur, or you would not be talking of greed that way. The problems with our economy are what is called a boom-and-bust activity. It occurs proportionately with government intervention that manipulates the interest rate. Which is called inflation. Does everyone out there understand how the Federal Bank works? Understand that we cannot just print money out of thin air? That there really is not a money growing tree? That even though taxes are being cut now, they will be significantly raised later? That by giving people cheap credit now, does not improve a recession, but rather it prolongs it, and if done on a sever enough scale, can actually cause a depression where unemployment will hover in the double-digits for years into the future? DOES EVERYONE UNDERSTAND that the government is not Your Parents? It takes them 1.50 worth of money to create 1.00 worth of work. They are unprofitable, and they do not create jobs that create long-term economic sense.
When you finish reading John Maynard Keynes publications on his economic system, and why his system only favors one that is completely run in a Totalitarian fashion, then you read the refutations by smart logical men like FA Hayek, Henry Hazlitt, Garet Garrett, and Ludwig von Mises, then you may have some type of basis for enlightening all of us with your New Economic theories. Until you, as well as all of America, decides to wake up AND USE YOUR OWN BRAINS, instead of rehashing everything the media tells you about how Wall Street messed up everything with their Private Jets and Huge Corporate Bonuses, then our country might actually smarten up and realize the road we are going down.
For those who are married to CNN though, please, I think someone gave you the wrong directions to the socialist country you wanted to live in. The Socialists are up north in Canada, or across that big lake called the Atlantic Ocean. There they have all the unemployment "bonuses" and welfare you want. They even have free medical care. But, this country, America, this is the one that is about Capitalism, the Bill of Rights, and Freedom.
Save your Socialist arguments for your blog. And wait, there was an economic system that mixed capitalism with socialism. It is called Industrial Nationalism, and it was perfected by a short moustached gentleman named Adolf Hitler.

EgoistCooper - You are too weird

By SocioSam
Government is to protect its people - enemies foreign and domestic. Right now the biggest threats to our safety are corrupt heads of large corporations, especially financial institutions. They have been stealing from us for years. They even steal pensions from our retired elderly - they have no shame. Bush's SEC failed to protect us from ponzi schemes and other rip-offs. Bush's EPA fail to protect us from poisoned air - asthma is costly and even the #1 reason Louisville children miss school. Unlike European governments who protected their children, Bush even failed to protect our children from poison in the toys we give our children. Under your scheme parents need to send our every toy to a lab before giving it to their kids. Each year, 1 in 4 Americans get food poisoning, 325,000 are hospitalized, and 5,000 die. Imagine what those numbers would be the numbers of the government did zero policing of the food industry. This free market talk is nothing more than claiming rich dudes don't need to be policed. The invisible hand of the market will keep the Super Rich honest. Leave them alone and they will do the right thing. Sorry, but the rest of us know Rich people can be crooks too and they need policing.

Well of Course...

By EgoistCooper
I try not to hide behind these letters to the editors, and get into intellectual battles too much with people of the likes named SocioSam and such. So Sam, my name is not EgoistCooper, but is in fact Cooper Wandling. I educate myself. I do not wait around for people to educate me. I am not a scared sheep. You will never find me waiting for anyone else to take care of me but myself. I operate through logic, not through fear, or other such emotion.

Obviously you are going to espouse Socialism and Big Watchful government over every aspect of your life Sam, because you fail to provide the protection for your own children. You want your children to grow up AND "Have the chance and the equal effort to make it just like every other child," huh Sam. You want your kids to not have to deal with some smog in the air, some bad food, and worry about their being lead paint used in their toys that are made in China.

Under your idea of how a government should be, you honestly believe that our government really cares about you and your children Sam. And it is precisely this idealism that you carry around and discuss with your friends--that has us in these differences in the first place. The ONLY reason the government cares for you is for your money. You are a head of cattle, and your kids you raise are junior cows, getting raised with strict "values," about how to be moral upstanding Citizens.

A whole other conversation you and I could be having one day is the fact that people like you should not even be bringing children into this world, much less raising them with feeble ideas about socialism and the "common good." But I am sure you would just throw a bunch of statistics at me about how kids with low IQ's are actually happier, and they don't really need to think to work in a socialistically run empire. My response to you would be exactly.

I saw how you mentioned Bush a whole bunch. I bet you have one of those Obama stickers on your VW huh? I might have seen you or one of your mindless friends at Whole Foods the other day. You want some change don't you Sam? You think that the whole economy just went to heck in a bucket when Bernard Madoff was found to have schemed away 50 billion dollars of regular people's hard-earned savings huh? It must've been a whole bunch of guys like that who just took people's savings, and that is what caused the whole economy to go upside down? Rich greedy people caused GM and Chrysler and all th banks to go practically bankrupt huh? And it was rich people who made the interest rates really cheap so that ANYONE with a pulse could afford a home? And it was those same rich people who actually wanted their money and threatened to kick the people out of their homes unless they made their MORTGAGE payment like the agreed to do?

You can sit there and keep clapping hands and waving your Obama flag all you want Sam. I am not for McCain, nor did I support Bush, and I am not laying the blame on Obama. But Obama is not making anything better, he is actually making this country worse. It is taking someone else's mistake and topping that mistake instead of just letting the mistake go.

Do I believe there are "rich" people out there who are bd bad guys and who are totally greedy, and care about nothing or nobody, but money. Yes I do Sam.

But do I believe that printing up thousands of billions of dollars and discriminately spending it wherever the breeze blows is going to help? No I do not Sam. Do not believe me now Sam. I am sure you have lost some savings, maybe your job, I do not know. Maybe you are scared for your family and you do not feel much like a man, and you want some help. You are human Sam, and I understand.

But Hope isn't action Sam. Hope is an ideaology-a rhetoricians empty promise, and not even much of one. Instead of Hoping Sam, why not get out there and get a job. Why not be a more active participant in how you invest your money? Instead of just "being safe."

But more importantly Sam, why not start by learning about what PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY means? Its not about making excuses and justifying why the government NEEDS to be involved. Its about being a man and accepting the consequences of your own decisions. Whether success or failure, it was your choice and you must stick with it. Teach your children that, and we will have a strong country of strong individuals that excel, not a bunch who stand around and wait for what the Government is going to GIVE them.

You read the tea leaves wrong

By SocioSam
A psychologist or mind reader you are not. Virtually, every guess about me was wrong. I realize now you are a far left liberal. By acting more crazy than Rush, you make people realize government is needed to protect us.

Personal responsibility.

By EgoistCooper
Sam. Wtf are tea leaves? All I can do is read what you have to say. And infer from there. You want things done FOR you. Because you are INCAPABLE of doing them for yourself.

Your lack of any insight into politics has you believing I am a far left liberal. What? I am AGAINST government Sam. There is nothing left or liberal about me. You are the one who professes to NEED government. You would be the far left liberal, or centrist, whatever it is you democrats are calling yourselves these days.
Please do let me know what CNN has to say tomorrow on the issue. Or maybe the latest book on how great FDR and Lincoln were as leaders of America.

I only ask Personal Responsibility from EACH and EVERY American citizen. Those who fail that task, please do not reproduce. If you cannot take care of your self, then there is no reason why you should have another human being in your care. Period.

Some of my best friends are anti-government

By SocioSam
They are anarchists. Being anarchists, they realize social relationships are necessary for survival. Individualism is a myth. Think about something simple like making a meal. Your average meal requires "help" from tens of thousands of people. You do not kill or cut your meat or fish you eat. You do not plant or pick your fruits or vegetables. You don't make the utensils, ovens or tools you prepared it with. You didn't fly the planes or drive the truck that brought your food to you. You did not cut the trees or process the wood to box your food. You did not drill the oil wells or make the plastic your food was wrapped in. You don't make the shoes you run in or the TV you watch football on. You don't do anything by yourself. You are living in a virtual reality that does not exist in real life.

You are Perfectly ignorant.

By EgoistCooper
You're original comment was "Government is to protect its people - enemies foreign and domestic." Then you rambled on about how rich people took your money, and etc, etc, about how rich people steal from the retirement accounts of old people, and how kids shouldn't have to play with toys that have lead paint in them.
I say learn Personal Responsibility. And how you should not reproduce. You respond by saying I am a left wing liberal.
I say I do not agree with government. People should take care of themselves.
You then respond by saying individualism is a MYTH because of your analogy to how many people it takes to make a meal. Your LOGIC IS COMPLETELY FLAWED. Individualism does not mean self-sufficient in that I do not use other people's goods. What it means is that I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY ACTIONS.
Quit designing your own theories blended with what you have seen on liberal Television. I will say it for the millionth time. If you need someone to take care of you, move in with your parents, and then pack up all of your things and move to CANADA, or France. There you all can have the government do EVERYTHING for you.
America is NOT FOR SOCIALIST whiners like you and everyone else on welfare or unemployment. America is for people who are SERIOUS about work. The workings of capitalism come screaming to a halt because there are too many people (like you) who want something for free.