January 11, 2012

Inbox — Jan. 11, 2012

Letters to the Editor

Not a Fan
I just have to take a minute out of my busy day to thoroughly condemn LEO for printing a book review by Ashley Johnson, “Citrus County” (in the feature “Season’s Readings,” Jan. 4), about such a disgusting, heinous crime as kidnapping a 4-year-old child and holding her in a bunker, as IF this were worthy of ANYTHING. To consider reading such filth is an insult. Shame on you all for promoting such horror as entertaining.
Paula Ferree, Old Louisville

Occupy a Tent
As a participant in and supporter of Occupy Louisville, it was refreshing to see LEO Weekly call 2011 the “Year of the Occupation” (“Not Good For Nothing Quiz,” Dec. 28). Wall Street criminals aren’t held accountable. Money in the political process has compromised our democracy, disempowered the middle class and poor. But what can be the most frustrating for people who want to fix the world is that the system is being continuously rigged to become even more dysfunctional by that same corporate money.

But let’s say you don’t agree with any of that, I’d say fine. That’s your right to disagree, and we can peacefully and respectfully coexist in disagreement as neighbors. But if you want to take tents away from people who are peacefully expressing their free speech, or from people who have hit rock bottom and have nowhere else to go in the middle of the winter, then we have a bigger problem than any of the complaints I mentioned above. And that problem would be you.
Curtis Morrison, Highlands

Tums Please
After reading two blurbs concerning the death penalty and about the mercury levels in fish in the Dec. 28 LEO, I am reminded of something that Eisenhower presciently spoke about in his farewell address, “that the scourges of poverty, disease and ignorance will be made to disappear from the earth ...” Ignorance will forever be the mortal enemy of a free democracy. Poor Mr. Veith, Mr. Whitfield and their ilk suffer from the most pathological forms of ignorance where they are not consciously aware that their ignorance is causing harm to us as a nation. However, it is the scourge that is plaguing this country where any other Kardashian believes they should be heard no matter how depraved their views are.

Killing is an ugly business on every count. Forgive that these comatose beings are but slaves to an ancient belief system that is rooted in “an eye for an eye.” How many innocent people like Cameron Todd Willingham must be executed to satisfy your perverse lust for revenge? How many more millions must be spent to execute a prisoner than the $200,000 to confine them for life? 3.2 million!

The vulgarity of these beliefs would simply be sad if they were not so pathetic. My nausea level always increases when I see people spewing their ignorance with impunity. Beware of anyone who advocates killing under the guise of justice. As evidenced, they usually don’t know a thing about it.
Thomas Clay Jr., Jeffersonville

Just Say No
When I’m traveling and I tell people I’m from Kentucky, I sometimes get the response, “Oh, so you eat Kentucky Fried Chicken” — and I want to bury my face in my hands. I don’t eat any meat, but even if I did, I wouldn’t be caught dead with one of those blighting buckets. KFC’s latest offering is the “Cheesy Bacon Bowl,” an arterial abomination that includes fried chicken, cheese and bacon — all of which contribute to obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and other health problems.

The company is at the bottom of the bucket when it comes to implementing animal welfare reforms. Birds raised by KFC’s suppliers are crammed into overcrowded, feces-filled sheds. Workers often break the birds’ bones when they throw them into transport crates for slaughter. At the slaughterhouse, the terrified birds are shackled and hung upside-down, their throats are slit, and millions of them are scalded alive.

As Kentuckians, we should insist that KFC stop ruining our state’s reputation with its abhorrent cruelty to animals. For more info, see KentuckyFriedCruelty.com.
Michelle Sherrow, PETA Foundation

Thomas Clay Jr. (above) can't argue correctly.

By Thomas_Clay_Jr....
It is not in keeping with the intent of the rules of "Inbox" for Mr. Clay to have typed attacking, condescending, and derogatory words as he did to me such as: "Poor Mr. Veith," "your ilk," and "depavity of your views." These do not make for thoughtful comments, and they don't make for a civil discussion. I will correct you about Todd Cameron. It is your belief that he was innocent, not a fact. To misrepresent my position on enforcing the death penalty as my "lust for revenge" is a common talking point of some of the people against executions. It is also a disingenuous attempt of deflecting onto me and not keeping with the merits of the subject at hand. If those particular thousands more of murderers, of those whose guilt is unquestionable after analysis, would be executed with a sense of purpose, then the major wastes of costs of imprisoning them would be significantly reduced. And, yes, these executions are justified killings, despite you stating them as otherwise. I know fully the seriousness of using the death penalty, as well as you not making presumptions about my knowledge base concerning them. And I hope you will see that personal attacks are supposedly not welcomed in this letter section.

It's Bliss, Ain't It?

By tclayjr
Thomas Clay JrThomas Clay Jr Again Mr. Veith, you practice a formidable brand of rectal ventriloquism. I would ask you to set aside the sophistry for the purposes of a 'civil' discussion, however I feel I must inform you that it is not possible to reason with nor be civil to anyone who harbors barbarous and uncharitable notions such that you hold so near and dear as the Hammurabi code that you advocate. In the great battle of ignorance versus intelligence, the intelligence is losing ground to the hoards because ignorance requires constant feeding by people such as yourself who spread the maliciousness of weak and feeble-minded platitudes that are opinion based rather than based in fact. The 'attacks' -as you call them- were not personal whatsoever but directed to the flaccid type of sophistry that you are a 'proponent' of and can only be described by any sentient being as ineffably, legitimately vile. I will scotch any other cretin that claims to be on the fence about Cameron Todd Willingham. He was innocent and he was PROVEN beyond a doubt to be innocent. Since the introduction of DNA into the courts over 139 death row inmates have been exculpated and their 'guilt' wasn't questioned by people like you Sir! The next time you wish to argue your pathological points, perhaps you will bring something more than spitwads to a contest of wits.

We invite Mr. Thomas Clay, Jr. to join our firm

By Dewey_Cheatham_...
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: The following message might, or might not, be an advertisement. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.........................................................................................................................--.After reading the creative, slippery, and weasel-like letters and replies written by Mr. Clay, we would find him to be a most welcome addition to our firm, Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe, Associates.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The numerous,childish personal attacks of his (as well as his lying about having made the personal attacks in the first place), along with the topping of heavy condescension, over-the-top misuse of vocabulary, making presumptions about people, being spineless, being a hypocrite, passing off opinions as facts, being an instigator, and trying to intimidate others who call him out on his nonarguments make him a prime candidate. We need employees, such as Clay, who aggressively start fights and cause undo trouble in society, a real rabble-rouser, if you will. These are very advantageous and favorable qualities that we seek in order to help us get off murderers, rapists, molesters, and other violent offenders.------------------------------- [Note: Honest attorneys need not apply.]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I may be reached at phone # 93-4473-54277. That's WE-HIRE-LIARS. My name is Mary H. Staunchel, and I am the lead attorney.of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe, Associates.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The prior message might, or might not, be an advertisement.

One can't make porcelain out of Clay's cracks

By Personal_attack...
Clay 1) is pretentious and misuses dozens of vocabulary words, 2) continues to attack the messenger, 3) denies the personal attacks he has made with Veith and other letter writers, 4) gives nonpertinent information, 5) attributes statements never indicated by the very original writer. Summary: his posts/letters do not count. And unless he alters these facts, his messages/posts will continue not counting.