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August 28, 2013

Editor's Note

Wheel in the sky

One of my first jobs at LEO was copy editing John Yarmuth’s Editor’s Note, and now I sit here writing one of my own. That was 14 years ago, and, truth be told, I never really had to do much to his copy other than add a comma here or delete a comma there.

Throughout these past 14 years, I’ve swabbed the decks for Louisville’s first and only alternative newsweekly, learning from the best — Yarmuth, Cary Stemle, Stephen George and Sarah Kelley — and slowly progressing through the ranks. I have at least six boxes of business cards with assorted titles, from Associate Editor to Arts & Entertainment Editor to Managing Editor. And although it’s not under the best of circumstances, I’m taking on the role as Editor this week, at least for the interim.

Kelley was told she would have to lay off someone in the editorial department when she returned from maternity leave. After weeks of back-and-forth debate with SouthComm, our parent company based in Nashville, she decided that person would be her. It wasn’t an easy decision, for sure. And it wasn’t the decision anyone at LEO expected. Word soon spread via social media and local news outlets, and the paper has been taking hard jabs from readers, fellow journalists and former employees questioning the outlook of our future.

I’m happy to report that LEO is here to stay. If any of us on staff believed there wasn’t a need for LEO in Louisville, we wouldn’t be here. Yarmuth set the editorial tone for the paper in the very first issue in 1990 — the goal was to provide an intelligent and articulate platform for discussion about the condition of our lives. Over the years, we have expanded to include in-depth news reporting and critical arts and music coverage. We will continue that mission.

I’ve talked with SouthComm CEO Chris Ferrell about the future of LEO, and he was open about the details. Yes, LEO has had a difficult year financially due to turnover in the sales department, but we now have a team of seven. “SouthComm covered the shortfall because we are committed to making the paper successful again,” Ferrell says. “LEO was the first alt-weekly we acquired (in 2008). As a result, I have spent more time in Louisville than any other market other than Nashville, where I live.” SouthComm has also invested in sales training and business development assistance to help get the revenue back to where it needs to be.

I have complete faith the numbers will rise and we will be able to add additional staff to the editorial team. In the meantime, we will continue to be your tried-and-true community rag for events, music news, entertainment, astrology, sex advice, opinion, local government and in-depth journalism — the kind of journalism that doesn’t rely on anonymous sources or hyperbole.

There’s been one question I’ve been asked many times this week, and it’s as important to me as it is to you: Will the Bar Belle continue? Well, if there was ever a time to drink a beer, it is now. As long as there are happy hours to hit and bourbons to imbibe, I will be proud to wear the hat of Bar Belle and continue to learn lessons so you don’t have to (i.e., never top a margarita with rum).

Some may be wary that the Bar Belle is in charge of such an esteemed publication (the mayor and my mom included). I’ve never used a sick day in 14 years, and I’ve always gotten my job done. It’s no coincidence that my alma mater, Ohio University, is in the top 10 for both journalism and partying. (Forgive me for rooting for the Bobcats on Sunday.)

Honestly, I feel a bit like Arnel Pineda, the guy chosen from a YouTube video to fill the shoes of Steve Perry in Journey — I’m in the same spotlight so many of my greatest mentors thrived in. I just hope I can make them proud, cover what’s important to Louisville and carry on the mission Yarmuth instilled. And I expect groupies. 

its a great product gives

By BenHCarson
its a great product gives you a great boost of energy the only problem was the taste.i had a lot of trouble trying to swallow it This appears to be a genuine Canon product and works flawlessly. i noticed it finds the re-bar inside my concrete driveway too. which is at least half of what I juice, look elsewhere. Very good sound and wonderful functionality. Read more The "GO" button is also the "STOP" button - when running, the GO button instantly lights up a red perimeter, making it blindingly obvious ... With the Durham's Canker-Rid I got instant, long-lasting pain relief. These doctors have years of experience and base their practices on information in current medical studies published in peer-reviewed medical literature. It's pricey for such a little container but very worth it. Did I miss something? The metal charging area would not align properly.

Overall, this razor takes me

By BenHCarson
Overall, this razor takes me more time, not less, to get a good trim and shave because I have to put more effort into getting at the hair it doesn't cut. My minor annoyances: The plug that I need to plug it into happens to be right behind the unit. Use only small amounts of comfrey-containing creams for no longer than 10 days at a time. Now for the review real review After cleaning all the dirt and chocolate of the lens i finally got to test it out This lens is a pretty good lens it work great. You can not beat this deal!!!!!! Some people find the book unsettling because it is not fully biblically accurate. Yet, I wouldn't be able to shave again for at least 48 hours because my skin was still so damaged. For relatively low volume home printing, they are a great choice for reliable, consistent print quality. It's essentially impossible to travel on this diet, and forget about ever being able to eat out, go to a dinner party, etc. Maintain a healthy GI tract 4. This isn't as wacky and colorful as "Nightmare" but has many charms of its own.

I cannot think of any

By BenHCarson
I cannot think of any purchase I made that I would consider a worse decision. the only thing you have to worry about is when it rains. The cardinals, however, do not use it. Purchased for my son for his middle-school math class. Good price and great product. Rather than having to pace off distances to hazards or landing areas, a quick look with the range finder gives an accurate, instant reading. The bad news is contacting the company was very unpleasant. Sometimes a little hard to digest but worth it. These hold more than you expect plus they have pockets in diffent places for more storage. I've been concerned about SIDS and regular crib bumpers enough to not want to use the regular one that came with my baby's bedding. don't let the weight fool you in any way...

Next time around I'll pay

By BenHCarson
Next time around I'll pay closer attention to these things. It's great to be able to put it away when I don't want it out. Would highly recommend it.l Like many others who have commented, I have tried everything to solve my issues with canker sores. I'm not sure where to put in a complaint about this so I'll write it here. I require this book of all my students who have no prior note reading experience-- once they have grasped basic tenets of posture, left and right hand technique, and how to navigate a musical staff, this book is perfect for independent practice. Unfortunately, it doesn't completely solve the problem I have. I was able to install it on ATT Uverse wireless network through 2Wire so that the iPad would print wirelessly on the network using a downloadable program called Printopia (downloaded for free trial on my MacBook). If you want a nutritious option other than fresh veggies, these are perfect. Her approach is simply a healthier, cleaner one which focuses solely on diet. I recommend using Canon Brand Ink and Paper for your Canon Printer.

I was told to expect it to

By BenHCarson
I was told to expect it to be delivered on July 6, 2006. What is there really to say about this cable? It didn't come in an impossible to open blister pack (good). I wouldn't want to be Ronnie Swan, and yet her story mesmerized me, as did Jacquelyn Mitchard's ability to spin this emotional tale around the kind of family catastrophe parents fear most. The tension was spot on straight from the box. I like the idea of being able to adjust the pressure for cleaning in between the teeth. I got this as a present about a year ago. Some of the stitches knots worse than the others. I like this razor and excellent design. I got these mostly for music while in the library; meets and exceeds expectations. I tried to use it few days ago and found out that it leaves big chunks of fruit and vegetable unprocessed. The rubber eye pieces had been glued on before I pried them off, but seem snug enough after I pushed them back on.

I don't have to worry about

By BenHCarson
I don't have to worry about downloading courses or paying the yearly fee. I found this sight to be very usable. But this also makes a good impromptu cutting board for smaller items as well. Her presentation of the facts she learns meshes well with what she herself is experiencing. That is complete and utter BS and the reviewer is likely a germaphobe. The setup is a pain, the fold up is a pain. I have only been using this for a week but so far so good. Great series thus far (still holding out on Legacy, but I did pick it up already), and a great box set with the Damon triology on Blu-Ray. I must admit I'm a hoarder living with a hoarder, and when I began taking action, my husband became Furious. This means that it's good for controlling appetite and releasing protein slowly throughout the day. Just make sure to read the instructions and adjust it to the type of metal that you are looking for.

Quiet - it is not whisper

By BenHCarson
Quiet - it is not whisper silent but it is definitely quiet for juicer standard. You can fold the b agile with the attachment on, but I remove mine each time as it has To fit into the back of an outback with a dog crate. I am very pleased with it. Some of these videos made it onto YouTube. There is great advice to work through issues pre-starting a new relationship. The are also easy to install. We tried this, the baby oil, and the multipurpose ointment, but none worked for us for preventing or treating a rash. But since it didn't do much for my acne and weighing the pros and cons of the ingredients in it, my answer personally would be that I am not going to continue to try it after this last bottle. I watched some videos online about this product & they said you needed to be very brave to try this on your face/neck. There is not much to say about an essential bit of equipment we need for a car. Looking to do actual body conditioning, don't waste your money on the Pro1000.

Anways i did lose mine

By BenHCarson
Anways i did lose mine during my overnight stay at an airport (THANK U VOLCANIC ASH CLOUD) and i'm buying a replacement! i do have a naglene and this one was way more functional - fits in cup holders etc. Prior to that, I had two of the Kitchen Aid retro style grinders (at different times), which I loved the look of, but found very hard to use because they were constantly clogging. However, many explanations of some important physic theories are too 'brief', which would be better to be expended more. This is why I gave the scope a 4 and not a 5. I was sad to flip to the last page and see "the end". I'm planning to buy the one that has the cardinal ring on it, as well. It's currently on the wifi network, tirelessly printing papers for my family- including my wife who works from home. There are so many refurbished Breville products in the market, I should have realized that means they often stop working. Not much to report on ink, but this product works the way it is supposed to work and is cheaper to buy in a multi-pack, so is recommended Very comfortable cushion support all around. It has two cup holders and they are deep, a magnetic center pocket, and two mesh front pockets that hold my iphone very nicely.

Stand alone serial killer

By BenHCarson
Stand alone serial killer story first rate even if you aren't a fan of the series(yet).Many plot twists and miss directions that actually work this time. I didn't realize how much heavier it would be. Transparencies had a similar problem. The zoom is perfect! I can see every one of their features, their smile, their eyes, their SO. I would recommend have lube when putting it on. However, they're GREAT for when you're lounging in the recliner or for when you're going to bed. You need to microwave bet. If you don't, you'll wish you did. It also produces excellent print-outs of regular day-to-day non-photo documents. Very pleased with the Canon CanoScan 4400F Color Image Scanner,I look forward to getting good use from this scanner. Brilliant British-style comedy with a message.

Great for a growing belly

By BenHCarson
Great for a growing belly and body in the winter months. I just finished watching this and although I saw this movie when it was first shown on TV, it is still a great movie to watch. When soiled, the liner is tossed into the toilet for easy disposal. Any crinkle or uneveness in paper defeats duplex. Living in constant fear of the next big flare, my life was in a state of suspended animation. Are they unreliable, or did I get two lemons out of three? The one I bought last December (to replace another that was out of warranty and had stopped heating) only worked for 2 months. With 10.1 megapixels image sensor, the XTi can benefit from sharper lenses. However Burnout Paradise is the worst driving game I've ever played EVER. I've tried taking the lid off to pour and that's even worse. The Bose delivers full bass and crystal clear highs. seriously...every day that passes i become more repulsed to the level of rancid capitalistic, no morals, no honor, no common sense corporate $^*!#@bags that conjure up new ways to stik it to the public...

I was looking for something

By BenHCarson
I was looking for something simple and that would fit in my basement. I reccommended it to my 2 daughters, and they too fell in love with it. Connected via adapter my Dell Laptop to Sony TV. Regarding the Brother CS6000i sewing machine - I purchased this sewing machine because it was described as a "workhorse" along with other flattering comments. I was disappointed to discover it is a chapter book. That's why I tried Burt's Bees. The defect is so obvious that I have to question Campbell Hausfeld's choice of materials, manufacturing acumen, and quality assurance program. Love Canon printers, but those teensy little cartridges don't last very long and are extremely costly. Much faster than trying to figure out the distance or stepping off distances from markers on the course. Makes a very good gift for children. plays fine, no rips, stains, chips, or anything wrong.

very good cooling and relief

By BenHCarson
very good cooling and relief of eyes.could be a relief eye mask or be a sleep eye pad. but as a fragrance collector, i personally love this one, i have bought 6 bottles in less than three years. Both are mobile printers that get clogged so often that one is always having to deep clean the nozzles. Can anyone spell yuck? The leaking was a terrible problem; however, finding this murky substance in the drinking spout (how on earth did I not see it before???) was enough to cause me to take these bottles (I have two) out to the dumpster. Got this for mother-in-law who suffers from a lot of neck and shoulder pain. Have had them on the car for a few months now. Let me say I'm coming from 12 years experience with PCs and Macs so I know what I'm doing. I am pleased with the product and experience. I thought it would be a dried crunchy peapod. Enjoyed a quick read and it was to the point, I will be practicing this straight away. 6-8 times per day for 3 days.

I've been driving on the

By BenHCarson
I've been driving on the perfomance setting and premium Now I'm getting around 20mpg and 350-400 miles to a tank (City). The lack of the fifth star is due to the non-anamorphic release of the pint! At these prices it is unconscionable. The size is good but that's the only thing going for it. I am an old school photographer, and personally I prefer fixed focal length lenses, but I realize that many if not most photographers prefer zoom lenses. Also I have found that the rubber band that come around broccoli when you buy the bigger size broccoli works fantastic as these and it was free! Just remember never to wear anything like this for more than 20 minutes. I am praying that what everyone else says will eventually become the truth for me. My first laser printer, so far it's been great. But the harder Max tries to break into Egg's world, the harder she fights back. It reads easily and quickly. This author spins a very interesting tale that is oddly intriguing. I was desperate to find something that would take out oil/petroleum stains.

Turned out that when this

By BenHCarson
Turned out that when this one came in contact with another toy (can't reference in this review, but can probably talk about it comments, if you are interested enough to ask), this one melts. Became so difficult to switch the faucet from regular to filtered water. This is the second one I have, the first I sold it to a friend, I have been working trimming with bigger 1618EVS from Bosch but I think Colt is better suited, and it is, I really enjoy working with Bosch's routers and Colt has it's own merits, enough power, easy to work with a really nice power tool, best in it's class maybe. Also, be prepared to spend a lot of time staring at your monitor. My old unit crapped out and i was in the market for a new range hood. I just finished reading this book and it changed my perspective on how to manage my career goals. I am enjoying the game. Works better than generic cartridges. As a fastpitch softball coach, I received this as a gift for Christmas 2012. perfectly-sized (not too small nor too big) w/easy to understand controls - nice history here going back to my 35 slr film cameras. This Cartridge is not supported by my canon Pixma mp 490 printer as advertised.

I have combo skin, and I can

By BenHCarson
I have combo skin, and I can use it once or twice a week at the most, and it will cause breakouts for me. Really hate they make you write reviews, should only have to give stars! My hair is almost black (very dark brown) and this is a little lighter than my hair color, but it's barely noticeable. Amazon had offered to replace the treadmill instead, but we had already put it together and placed in the house. The non-stick abilities are still within 10% of new, with no peeling or flaking as my previous pans died from. Chemotherapy was just a waste of money and kept putting her back in the hospital with Leukopenia and infection. The Trinity Vibes Rabbit, although a little loud, is much better & quicker at getting the job done. Let me put a different spin on it. This is the first step to losing weight, gaining mass, toning muscle. Then, I checked her inner rear leg where there was little/no hair. Too bad it wasn't even worth that...

Also good for my son when he

By BenHCarson
Also good for my son when he had braces on and now with his glued on bottom retainer to keep it clean and food particles from getting stuck in it. Then you go back for more. I rely on ratings for my purchases and believe this will be of benefit to future purchasers. Am now looking at other makes and models to replace this one on which the on/off switch again is not working properly. All of a sudden i was smelling the wonderful aroma throughout my living room. Thanks Can-c eye drops. Ordering, delivery and 'installation' was a snap. My husband and I couldn't even use it because of it's size. By looking at an fMRI scan of a consumer's brain, it allows scientists to see what parts of the brain a visual image they are looking at and/or decision they are making activates. I waited a while to replace the cutter block on my razor because I am a cheapskate. Bumble and Bumble thickening shampoo and conditioner is a dream come true.

I am so happy with this

By BenHCarson
I am so happy with this purchase They'll go over and watch the machine "steal the poo". It will change the way you sleep. The last part describes and discusses the cover up. First, the pros: The label is very nice looking and the packaging is swell. I bought one at a retail store the first time for over 6 times as much, but the cable is exactly the same. I live in a wooded neighborhood with three pecan trees in the backyard--a squirrel haven. The machine is quiet and FAST. I didnt believe it until I personally tried it, yeah it may cause some heartburn but hay Im used to it I get heartburn just by eating peanut butter or tuna. Needless to say, I have tried many prescriptions that all failed and did very little. It would periodically make weird noises, but it would go away after awhile.

He also covers other types

By BenHCarson
He also covers other types of cancer in this book that can be eliminated in the same way. We bought this fan because we use a large woodstove to heat our entire house, and we needed something to help get the heat moving around to other areas of the house. It took only a few tries to get the exact setting so that all I do is drop in the determined amount of beans and turn the dial the determined amount and in a few seconds I have a perfect amount of expresso grind and nothing left in the grinder. When you wanna leave the case unzipped both covers spreading out. since I bought this powder I haven't bought any of those $4-5 blended drinks again. I read a bunch of the reviews before sending a link to my SO, who bought it for me as a birthday gift. I would have liked a little more history on the stars of Burlesque but otherwise, this book is exactly as I hoped. This is a shame as another reviewer noted, we would certainly pay a bit more for metal fittings since the ongoing revenue stream for Brita is the filters. Being a huge Monty Python fan, after seeing all their work, I decided to look at their solo work. Then there's the cost of applying this cream multiple times per day to two children. My husband and I tried it while sitting on our back patio in Florida in the spring and we both noticed more mosquitoes landing on us once we'd sprayed ourselves with this.

I then bought the book. Have

By BenHCarson
I then bought the book. Have had tons of cotton bibs and some that say waterproof, but find these the best and easiest to clean. The first feeling when you go through "Buyology" is "wow!". great, love it, can't wait until i get the fourth installment the bourne legacy with jeremy renner, hope its just as great The cutting board keeps the heat from rising, also a fine cutting board as well. IT WORKS! I hung it this morning and in 15 minutes the first furry friend showed up to rob me; falling on his posterior within moments after giving up the ghost. Just add 5mph every time. However, when I last bought some from my local Indian store I couldn't decipher the code on the box. I'm a huge fan of Festools. We use a lot of this for our numerous laminators we have in the office. (I do not work for the company or know anyone emplyed by Bucky).

I use it to warm my feet and

By BenHCarson
I use it to warm my feet and put it under the covers to warm the foot area of my bed. The picture quality is great and the sound is lush and full. Then when I used it, it was obvious that the product was fake considering the consistency was very different. The real value of this binocular is because it is so compact. And thanks to Amazon Prime for the quick shipping. ALWAYS USE APPROPRIATE TABLE INSERT LISTED UNDER ACCESSORIES." Hmmmm, neither set of instructions tells you anything about swapping out the arbor washers. I also keep a few short sections of hose and some hose clamps as backup. One of the essential albums of early British metal. Burr grinders such as the Infinity have adjustable grind settings, unlike the blade grinders which usually have none. What the human body can do when doubt is removed is amazing! I just started liking running about 6 months ago. I always spray a slight amount of coconut oil on the plates because my old iron required it.

Most economists could not

By BenHCarson
Most economists could not understand or explain or provide a solution to this condition. When sleeping or trying to, light bothers me, even low light and especially when the moon is bright. I tried several eye masks that were useless. She keeps the focus just where it needs to be and her narrative is compelling. I might expect this from a no-name company, but not Brother . Running Time: 1 hour, 54 mins. The short version of the outcome is these toys are not made for exposure to sand. We use Starbucks' French roast beans, and this result was stronger than what's dispensed by Starbucks. A small amount goes a long way and if you massage the serum into your skin thoroughly it's not quite as heavy. It is great that it has a life span of 100 years I suggest this product for anyone with migraines or sinus problems.

There are not too many

By BenHCarson
There are not too many products out there which can give relief leading to a healing. The blade is very good and per the manual is to be replaced every 18 months. But they're just not that hard of an intensity. If this were just a vanilla disc I would rate it four stars. I found that using the epilator for the first time was less daunting and painful on veeeeery short, recently shaved hairs and it gave me time to get used to the device. The only reason I rate this fine machine a 3-star is because of the annoying, agonizing shocks. But, I received it quickly and it was in great condition. It is very light and easy to carry. This is a great product with versatility, but takes getting used to the girth. I've been reading that this unit actually doesn't filter out lead, or maybe not at the levels where they can legally advertise as so. None the less the book is a joy to read.

I wanted a camera that I

By BenHCarson
I wanted a camera that I could just drop in my purse and go for those "Oh, I wish I had my camera" moments. Yes I've upgraded to faster/better telephoto lens's, but before I put mine on CL tonight I played with it on my T3I, and I must say that I love it just as much as when I first got it. I did the research and even read the reviews... I no longer have to worry about the dogs getting into the litter box anymore because of the special compartment. This was exactly what I needed to hook up my laptop to our new 60" Samsung in the conference room. The songs are few and far between, but very good. This multipack is a good deal and it is ideal if one looks to change all the tanks, however, depending one's style of photography the inks will be used at different pace. This is an awesome product it works great and I love it would of made the on off switch a little easier but that is my only complaint. knees, back, elbows) and don't over do it! It takes time to find your own approach to weight/figure management. THIS IS A GREAT ALBUM AND YOU WILL NEVER HEAR ANYTHING LIKE FOR MANY YEAR!!! End of April, start losing sound in the right speaker.

We only have two visual

By BenHCarson
We only have two visual presentations of this material: The film Camelot and this stage production. After owning many electric razors in my life, this is by far the best for a close shave. As I'm learning how to sew, it's very helpful to be able to set a very slow speed in order to ensure that I'm sewing a straight line and don't need to manage the level of pressure and speed of the sewing. Not sure why moving seat back doesn't help.) Bought this for support while sitting and using computer, and not for driving, I don't have any back problems, and this cushion encourages better posture while sitting, w good support. Considering what others are asking for their camera bags this is quit a bargain. I'm still the same bra size, but they fit snug now. It is small and handy which she liked the most as this is being used as a replacement of a pair of tweezers she has always used, so even though it is a more "complex" device, it is convenient and easy to carry in her handbag. It's very slow and seems to have brain farts.. Holds color on universal paper, without fading, for a very long time. The birds also seem to like it better than the cage type that keep squirrels out. I purchased this fan as a gift for my husband after seeing it in action at a friend's home.

Clippercide (I do not know

By BenHCarson
Clippercide (I do not know its active ingredient) or Remington's Shaver Saver silicone based spray might work. Tough in a sense that the author found it necessary to present very detailed explanations of the "mechanics" of the brain, I am sure in an attempt to "help" the reader put the remainder of information in context. Adjusting the straps are very easy as well. Using quality paper with a quality printer will lead to quality results despite brand name. Very helpful on the driving range getting the truth about my distances. Hi-Touch Photo Paper Pack for 6X Models 50 Sheets (57.P0103.034) Beware of side effects. I like this book so much, I have read, it 3 times. Strangelove, Kafka's The Trial, and Orwell''s 1984, has also been vastly influential on other film-makers; particularly in its visual creativity. the connecting cables work fine. Good size handle, very comfortable while holding and using it.

I think that means I'll have

By BenHCarson
I think that means I'll have to oil the serger more often, but I don't mind. This feeder is the greatest. It's a wonderful invention and I wish I had known about it for my last surgery. It appears to be a class A product. I don't know, but for my dark hair the Braun doen't work very well. It would be nice if you could make a picture your wallpaper but I do not think you can. Although this has no fillers that make me crash, I see no need for this as apart of my daily routine, be it work or play. I use to be an A/B (BARELY) and now I have rounded out to a full B. One would think that in dropping nearly $1000 on a laser printer, that some quality would be provided. While installing the unit I discovered the lock on the plug for the wiring harness and the unit it's self did not match, to push them together would break the plastic locking clip off. I tied a knot in the elastic strap band but if you lay on it, that is uncomfortable.

Pulp looked like a pudding

By BenHCarson
Pulp looked like a pudding or puree instead of dried separate pulp particles!!! You end up getting about 1/3 of juice in your juice cup and the rest is ends up as waste/pulpy pudding. You can feel the toner from the HL2270DW with your finger; it prints "raised" on card stock and flakes right off. Royte's book implies (i.e., consumers buy into promotional campaigns lock, stock, and barrel). The newer style does not have the internal velcro closure, and this was a very costly omission for me. i highly recommend this product to anyone in need of a low cost, quality sound system requiring little space. I love trying new night creams. Like I said - I love NT but even I can't use them. I'm 200 lbs and lifting dumbbells up to 70 lbs and have had no problems. The controls are easy to access. The bad, horrible, disgusting taste of this stuff is just unbearable for me. This is a film that will go around your expectations and show you something completely unique (I've avoided at all cost saying something "completely different").

I wasn't sure how to return

By BenHCarson
I wasn't sure how to return the product so I kept it. I bought 5 of these since I use them for AUX, stereo systems, etc. This is anannoyance when scanning many pages. He's very allergic to flea bites, so I know pretty quickly if he's picked up any. This book gives new takes to old recipes and new favorites. I found it too easy to accidently slide the button in lock position causing several unintended exposures. In addition to the included square, metal baking tray, it also fits a 13-inch diameter round pizza stone (an accessory I recommend). They are good but should be a drop larger for capsules. I'm not sure what happened with everyone else's cords, but the two 6 feet cables that I ordered work perfectly well still and I've had them for two years now. It is not pulling all of my leg hairs out at the root so three days after I use it, hair is already growing back. You might say this should be a shipping review but the ring is so thin and flimsy that breakage would be expected to occur from time to time under standard shipping methods.

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My only criticism is that

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My only criticism is that some of the characters and situations were unrealistic. if you like breathalyzers and you want one you can rely on, do not buy this product, buy a real full size breathalyzer. At first, all I could think was, "I really hope fruits and veggies don't feel pain..." This thing is a beast! It arrived quickly but the plastic bowl/base was broken. Based on the life of the product alone, I would choose differently next time... What Foods Not To Eat With Gestational Diabetes Stem Cell Treatment For Diabetes Type 1 In Germany Diabetes Arccfn. Click here It was a fasinating read full of gossip, some known and some not previously revealed. I could not recommend these more highly. We bought that kettle several years ago and were very happy with it.

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It is full of a million help ideas and recipes. It takes up about 40" x 40" of floor space. One million ways to do something very simple. Only once we had sent it there were we notified that they were out of stock and would not be able to ship a new one until early April. Omega 3 Acid Benefits Omega 3 Orient Mix Omega-3 VGCS. Visit site It is on the larger side also, but that would proberbly be a nice size if it wasnt so hard. I have used many other chop saw stands and brands, they just did not have the stability to support my demanding requirements that this stand does. AND after months of trying, I cannot get rid of the chemical stink.

I’m happy to report that

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I’m happy to report that LEO is here to stay. If any of us on staff believed there wasn’t a need for LEO in Louisville, we wouldn’t be here. Yarmuth set the editorial tone for the paper in the very first issue in 1990 — the goal was to provide an intelligent and articulate platform for discussion about the condition of our lives. Over the years, we have expanded to include in-depth news reporting and critical arts and music coverage. We will continue that mission. Peluang bisnis yang mudah dan menguntungkan peluang bisnis menguntungkan

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