August 26, 2008

Profile - Scott Caris - Graphic Designer

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

Fear is a great motivator” for graphic designer Scott Caris. And what scares him most is being called an artist.

 It’s difficult to believe, though, that the wacky man behind CircleOne Design is not, indeed, such a person. 

Caris’ resume extends from Michigan to California to New York and Texas — and, naturally, much more beyond America’s borders. It includes creative design and direction for high-profile companies such as Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Virgin Mobile and American Express. However, after a full experience in the corporate world, Caris, 42, felt unsatisfied at positions where he wasn’t as “hands on” as he would prefer. He decided to take a risk and start his own graphic design company.

In 2002, Caris moved to Louisville, where CircleOne Design is now based. “I love it here — it is a pleasant surprise,” he says. He refers to the vibrant arts community and music scenes along with the liberal political leanings of the city. He has also discovered the Louisville Graphic Design Association, where he’s a board member. He designed much of their website and promotion. (Caris designed the cover of this issue.) 

It’s difficult to find Caris in Louisville much, though. He often travels internationally for corporate clients. At the moment, he’s satisfied with his venture; he likes working for himself and having more independence than the corporate cloud allows. And recently, he has moved his office to the Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center, which he says is bursting with creative energy even before it’s completely finished. 

In the short term, his goals are to finish his office and launch his new website. Long-term, Caris says he would like to be seen primarily as an artist, fear aside. “I want to give an experience to somebody,” he says. —Cassie Book

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