May 9, 2006

Hi, I’m _____, and I’m running for Congress: A closer look at the 3rd District contenders

Primary candidates article

By Patti

I'm a longtime reader of Leo that has been moved by this article to write you for the first time. Thank you for the article. I was just
thinking today about whether to vote in the primary. (I'm a lifelong
registered Democrat who ALWAYS votes in elections but not always in the primary.)Now i'm staying at home Tuesday. If these are representative of the candidates my party is in worse shape than i thought. I will definately however, vote in November and unless i see better candidates, the Party will lose my vote yet again. How depressing.
How i wish i could vote for a Democrat again!

congressional race

By chuckg

Mr. Moore

Doesn't Mr. George's comment, "His flat black hair and rimless rectangular glasses, along with his attire and the sharp angles of his face, betray his 49 years", imply that you actually look younger? I'm confused by your response. Anyway, I really enjoy your website, ideas, and humor. I hope Louisvillians are ready to embrace your progressive politics.


It's unfortunate that you lack confidence in the Democratic party where there are three viable candidates who have a great chance to throw down the wrath of Anne come November.

Hair, years

By octave3

Gee, Chuck, I dunno. I thought that "betray" was bad ;-)


I have every confidence in the Democratic Party - really I do. No matter who wins on Tuesday, I will work with all my might to bring down Annie in November - you can count on that.

btw: We know that you're really Patrick Neeley in disguise, sent here to foment dissent. For the uninformed, Patrick = Northup's campaign manager...

Love to all, Jimmy