April 29, 2008

Weirdness at Woody’s Tavern

Four U of L students, one alumnus and one faculty member say they are filing complaints with the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights over racist and sexual epithets directed at them last week at Woody’s Tavern — allegedly by its owner.In a strange twist, however, the owner says it wasn’t him, and denies that any incident occurred.U of L student Jaison Gardner said that on April 22, he was at Woody’s playing pool with friends when two dogs charged into the room barking. Kaila Story, an endowed faculty professor at U of L, said she jumped on the pool table because she was fearful; a man soon came into the room, she said, and lambasted them. A bartender later told LEO the man was David Norton, the bar’s owner. “(The man) said he didn’t like big girls on his pool table,” Story said. One of her friends, Lindsay Gargotto, objected to the comment. “He said he didn’t like ‘bitches’ in his club,” Gargotto said. The group hurried outside to avoid further argument, and the man followed, where he called Gardner a nigger, the group told LEO in an interview last week. Norton denies the whole thing.“I was not there that night,” he said in a telephone interview last week. He also denied owning dogs and said no employee reported any argument or altercation last week. At least one outside witness said there was an altercation.“I remember the incident,” said Tom Parker, a shift manager at Juanita’s Burger Boy, which is across the street from Woody’s. Parker said he was working that night and saw a group arguing. “There was some yelling,” he said. “There were definitely words being exchanged.” The group wants a public apology from Norton. Until then, members have called for a boycott of Woody’s Tavern and Magnolia Bar & Grill, both owned by Norton. Gardner and Gargotto have called the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights to complain about Woody’s, according to a spokeswoman with the commission. After a vetting process, the commission will determine whether official complaints are warranted. In a letter released Monday, U of L President James Ramsey wrote that the university “stands behind Dr. Story and our students in their call for a just and suitable resolution to this situation.” —Phillip M. Bailey

Yep, Making a Mountain Out of a Moe Hill

By Miss Laci

In April 2008, Professor Kaila Story overreacted at Woody's Bar with the two dogs by jumping on top of the pool table. On September 21, 2009 there were (according to sources) four African-Americans playing pool at Woody's and after they had problems with the table, instead of reporting this to the bartender(s), on their own they lifted the table and let it drop to the floor to dislodge the balls. As you can see with Professor Kaila Story and the four African-Americans this can throw off the leveling and/or crack the slate top of the pool table which would be very costly to repair and much more $$$ to replace. For the most part and in this day and time people do NOT respect other people's property, especially in a bar where drinking is going on... With this in mind Woody's Bar owner, David Norton rightfully so confronted Professor Kaila Story and the four African-Americans, but overreacted with his alleged racist and sexist comments.

ALL parties where out-of-order and overreacted... But, now the Fairness Campaign/LGBT rights organization want to stone David Norton and his business to death. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. They are demanding him to sell Woody's or close the doors and never re-open again. You do NOT stone a man and his business to death over a few racist and/or sexist comments. This is nazism stuff. I believe the motive and intent of the Fairness Campaign/LGBT rights organization is unfair and wrong in this case. I am a purple heart vietnam veteran and I sense a smell of nazism/communism rule. With that said... I, Miss Laci do NOT give the Fairness Campaign/LGBT rights organization her seal of approval in this case and does NOT and will NOT support a boycott againce Woody's Bar... But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; Matthew 5:44... This bible verse is my prayer for this case... Love, Miss Laci

Woody's Revenge Case

By Miss Laci

At another website where I posted a comment before this one the over see'er said my comment was deeply offensive that I compared the Fairness Campaign to "nazism stuff" or "nazism/communism rule" and any additional reductio ad Nazium comments will be deleted.

In his comment about my comment he made my point (see #2). I hope he gets the comparison with the "Woody's revenge case" without being hurt, because that's not my motive or intent.

1. Now, if somebody pitched a fit, called you a name you don't like which was foolish and inappropriate then suddenly you are able to cause their business to shut down what would you call it? I don't think the word would be "Fairness" do you? The Woody's revenge case (shutting down a business over name calling) is an over kill.

2. You were offended and angered because I made a "nazism/communism rule" comment about the Fairness Campaign and now if I use those words again on your website you will shut me down and put me out of business of posting comments about this case. Now, if you really want revenge (like the Woody's revenge case) because I offended you and hurt your feelings go to the Fairness Campaign, they may be able to help you get my computer takin' away from me.

3. I, Miss Laci is a white male crossdresser and on the front lines. So, in my case how many businesses would you say I could get shut down (if I really tried) in a years time because of name calling and sexist comments about me?

4. What ever happen to: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. (caution: if you don't know who you are then and only then will words hurt you).

5. Going into a bar, restaurant or anywhere else is a personal choice. If you don't enjoy the atmosphere, the food or the reputation of the owner do NOT be a patron at that place of business. Now, if the owner is not running or operating his business decently and in order and if you give him enough rope he will hang himself by forcing his own self out-of-business. It's that simple !!!

JESUS said... But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; Matthew 5:44... This bible verse is my prayer for this (Woody's revenge) case... Love, Miss Laci