July 3, 2006

News Roundup

The change, it had to come for Yarmuth campaignEyesore: photo by Cary Stemle: Address: 2528 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd. Size: 1,836 sq. ft. Value: ,330. Built: 1900. Owner: Jeff Issis Status: Owner plans to demolish this and an adjacent house and build new houses on the property.LEO founder John Yarmuth’s congressional campaign for the 3rd District U.S. House seat currently held by Anne Northup has a new captain — almost. Yarmuth said Monday that a replacement for Dan Borsch, who managed the congressional hopeful’s successful primary bid, has been selected, but his name won’t be revealed until later this week, after he ensures a smooth transition from another campaign he is currently running. Yarmuth said Borsch’s departure was expected.“Basically, we had talked for a while prior to the end of the primary, or before the primary, about going forward and how I thought we needed a more experienced campaign manager for the general election, somebody who had run congressional campaigns before, and he had not done it,” he said.Yarmuth said he and Borsch talked recently, and remain on good terms. Borsch has practiced law in Louisville and made an unsuccessful bid to unseat George Unseld in the Metro Council’s 6th District in 2004. He could not be reached for comment Monday. —Stephen GeorgeNorthup challenges Yarmuth adsIf you were worried you’d have to wait through the summer for some real election season action, calm your nerves.Last Friday, Northup campaign chairman Ted Jackson filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, charging that two radio advertisements Yarmuth’s campaign ran before the May 16 primary improperly indicated who paid for them, as required by federal law.One ad, featuring former state Rep. Eleanor Jordan, who lost to Northup in 2000, was criticized because at the end, Yarmuth says only that he approves the message, but fails to indicate who paid for it. That version is on the Yarmuth for Congress Web site, but was changed the day after it was completed because local radio stations notified the campaign it failed to meet election law requirements, according to Yarmuth. He said he re-recorded the ending to include the necessary information for radio play, and that the ad never ran, although Northup’s campaign manager, Patrick Neely, contends that it did.The other spot features Georgia Powers, a Civil Rights activist and the first African American and first woman elected to the Kentucky Senate. At the end, Yarmuth says he “approved and paid for this message,” which Northup’s campaign contends violates the law because it implies Yarmuth paid for the ad himself, not his campaign committee.“It’s just a matter of fairness,” Neely said in a phone interview Monday. “Every candidate for office has to abide by these rules. We think that John has to abide by the rules too. It appears that he did not.”Yarmuth said the campaign has spoken with a Washington-based attorney, who called the complaint “super-technical.”“Eyesore: photo by Cary Stemle: Address: 2528 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd. Size: 1,836 sq. ft. Value: ,330. Built: 1900. Owner: Jeff Issis Status: Owner plans to demolish this and an adjacent house and build new houses on the property. complies with the spirit of the law, which says the campaign paid for it as opposed to an independent, unrelated party, which is the intent of the law,” he said Monday. Two days before the complaint was filed, Yarmuth’s campaign released a poll it commissioned that puts him within one percentage point of Northup. Neely said the Northup campaign has not done any polling yet, and although it plans to, will not comment on or release polls to the public. —Stephen GeorgeUnwanted porn shop updateIt was Thanksgiving weekend 2003 when the adult bookstore opened its doors at 8209 Preston Hwy. That’s in Metro Council District 24, represented by Democrat Madonna Flood, who doesn’t particularly care for porn. Just a month or so after it opened, Cam I, the company that operates the store, was slapped with a Land Development Code violation for running an adult business within 500 feet of a residential zone. It appealed to the Board of Zoning Adjustment, and after a protracted legal battle that lasted more than three years, was ordered to cease operation in a decision that Circuit Court Judge Ann O’Malley Shake handed down last Thursday.“They’re operating a business in improper zoning,” Flood said Monday, although she conceded she’s ideologically opposed to the concept as well. “My whole issue is that government has a responsibility to protect neighborhoods from secondary effects of the adult entertainment industry.” —Stephen GeorgeLEO scores in SPJLEO won 10 awards in the recent Metro Louisville Journalism Awards, sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists. The awards were for work done in 2005.First-place awards went to John Yarmuth for column-writing; Stephen George for criticism; Tom Peterson for news feature; Ricky L. Jones for minority affairs; and Paul Kopasz for editorial writing.Second-place awards went to Yarmuth for editorial writing, Scott Schroering for page design and Bill Doolittle for sportswriting. Third-place awards went to George for feature writing and Geoff Oliver Bugbee for photography. —Staff


By pmcarson25

Ann Northup? LEO sold out and let Ann Northup pay for a security guard so she could look though 800 issues??? LEO isn't exactly a newspaper -- tell the bitch to take a hike!


Ann's Nasty Campaign - With a Grin

By eagle

I think everyone could have predicted that dear, sweet little Ann would have a nasty campaign ... with a grin.
So, she already has her feisty men out to do nothing more than try to force Yarmuth to take his eye "off the ball." Don't do that Yarmuth. She is just having her people joust with you to distract you. Just ignore her and move forward ... and beat her in November!

I took the poll

By winstnsmth

I took the lengthy poll conducted by Cooper & Secrest a few weeks back. Since the first question was "did you vote in the May primary?" I wonder if those who answered negatively to the first question were omitted from the rest of the survey. And the district is 62% registered democratic, leaving more questions about how the poll was weighted.