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Music Issue 2014: Max Moore sees a lucky tree

If you are a fan of local punk and indie, chances are you’ve already seen some of Max Moore’s work.


Music Issue 2014: Where Louisville music meets the world

Two locals performing at Forecastle discuss this year’s options

From its humble beginning as a locals-in-Tyler-Park day to today’s big-time international attraction, the Forecastle Festival has continued to book a handful of local acts alongside many bigg


Music Issue 2014: ‘We’ve had some tragedy’: The blessing and curse of Gwar

When Louisville metal mainstay Jamison Land got the call to join Gwar, a band he had loved since high school, he could not have been happier.


Music Issue 2014: In a different groove

Dani Markham was there when elementary school teacher Diane Downs found abandoned instruments in a closet in the early ’90s. “She was, like, ‘Look what I found!


Music Issue 2014: Buy the ticket, take the ride

I’ll never forget March 2, 2013, when Tame Impala played Headliners.


Music Issue 2014: Morgan Lebus’ Ribbon Music movement

Growing up in Louisville, Morgan Lebus wasn’t necessarily one of the cool kids.


Music Issue 2014: Still just a dirty punk kid

Laura Jane Grace, the songwriter, producer and lead singer of Against Me!, says her earliest memories are of gender dysphoria, the feeling of being disconnected from her body and her gender.


Music Issue 2014: The David Geffen of Louisville?

You might call Brian Lueken the David Geffen of Louisville. Like Geffen, Lueken has merged his business acumen with his creative interests to become a stalwart of the local scene.


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