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Former professional boxer turned singer/songwriter/rural philosopher

Paul Thorn was raised in Tupelo, Mississippi, at the height of the civil rights movement, and only a decade after a local truck driver named Elvis Presley put Tupelo on the map.


Plugged In (Oct. 1 - Oct. 7)

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Completely Obsessed

Part 2: When your favorite band became uncool

Oh, woe are the winds of change that bringeth the lame to the forefront.


Paul K is not the patron saint of junkies

After three decades in the music business, Paul Kopasz has a lot of stories to share.  Some of them are fun, like the first time he toured Europe.


Mastodon drummer makes the most of concepts and caffeine

Fearlessly crossing boundaries of all sorts in rock’s heaviest zones: that’s been Mastodon’s history.


b-sides: Dent May

Music and Other Ephemera

Dent May makes the kind of chilled-out indie pop that scratches that perfect summertime itch.


Soft-spoken guitar legend J Mascis on Tour

Interviewing J Mascis was exactly everything that I imagined it would be.