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Plugged In (Sept. 17 - Sept. 23)

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Completely Obsessed

Part 1: When your favorite band became uncool

Back in high school, you were pretty cool. Your friends came to you when they wanted to hear something new.


Screaming for Vengance

Judas Priest’s Rob Halford on metal’s hypermasculine scene,Barbara Striesand and Louisville’s Louder than Life festival

 Marking their fortieth year as a band, Judas Priest is hitting the road this fall to support their new album, “Redeemer of Souls,” including a stop in Louisville on the Louder tha


b-sides: Tender Mercy

Music and Other Ephemera

 To say that Mark Kramer takes it slow is an understatement.


DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist;

Endtroducing Afrika Bambaataa to a new generation

There are few hip-hop producers more sought after than either DJ Shadow or Cut Chemist. Individually, their respective resumes are impressive.