My Electric Family

Drag City

Bachelorette are creepy.


First Recordings

Junior Kimbrough
Big Legal Mess

Charlie Feathers called him the “beginning and end of all music,” but Junior Kimbrough had to begin somewhere: so he did in 1966, with these six tracks, an audition for the Southern sou



23-String Band

While The Avett Brothers are selling out theaters nationwide for high-dollar tickets, it would be pretty easy to catch The 23-String Band around the state for less money and just as much fun.


Rear View Mirror

Aaron Davis
Yella Dog

Aaron Davis may have recorded the songs on his first full-length solo project where he lives and works in Jackson Hole, Wyo., but this material is born out of growing up in Kentucky, of traveling t


Metal is a multifaceted beast. Certainly much of it can be indescribably shitty, but the stuff that is good can be downright transcendent. Consider Isis and Wavering Radiant.


Eating Us

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Black Moth Super Rainbow performs a difficult feat with Eating Us.


Jay Stay Paid

Nature Sounds

When I die, and my family and friends begin to sift through my belongings, they will find several folders of writings no eyes but mine have ever seen. Will what they read resonate with them?


The Coathangers
Suicide Squeeze

With the emergence of garage rock and the success of bands like The White Stripes and The Ting Tings, it was only a matter of time before knock-offs would start coming out of the woodwork.

Federal Reserve Note

Moffi Don

Dear God in heaven. Please tell me this is a prank and I’m playing the role of Abbott to Moffi’s Costello. You know what?

The Eternal

Sonic Youth

Dear Thurston Moore,