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Pure Goodness

Bloom Street

For those who enjoy frolicking guitar riffs, lengthy instrumental solos, rhythmic, bouncy melodies and soulful vocals with a side of pleasant harmonies, look no further.

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My Darling Asleep

My Darling Asleep

The average person’s knowledge of traditional Celtic and Irish music doesn’t extend too far beyond Riverdance and The Pogues.

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Byrne and Eno describe the (so far) online-only Everything That Happens Will Happen Today as “electronic gospel.” It couldn’t sound more different than My Life in the Bu


The Inevitable Continuing 

Broadfield Marchers

To hear Louisville trio Broadfield Marchers’ (Dustin Zdobylak, Mark Zdobylak, and Justin Carter) latest album is to hear the echoes of other great lo-fi acts Guided by Voices, The Who’s




First of all, you have to love a band that includes Claude Debussy, Ravel, Frank Zappa and The Mars Volta as direct influences.

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Do The Zombie

OK Zombie

OK Zombie opens Do the Zombie with “Like You,” a song that kicks off amid a wonderfully infectious riff that rings of vintage, lo-fi garage rock.


From the Belly of the Beast


Two years beyond their major-label debut, the VilleBillies return to independence with From the Belly of the Beast.


Our Call Outs

Beyond Things

Our Call Outs, the debut from Bloomington, Ind.-based aggregate Beyond Things, straddles a wide chasm between adventurous eclecticism and stilted self-consciousness.


Caught In The Trees

Damien Jurado

Damien Jurado has offered up a fourth album that is filled with mid-tempo ballads and little else.


To Jobim With Love

Toninho Horta

Toninho Horta is a virtuoso electric and nylon-string guitar player; his music could be defined as jazz-influenced, Brazilian music.