Common Collective
Not everyone is a singer — no matter how driven they are, how much confidence they have, or how many press photos they can take with vintage microphones. Sure, the rock world is littered with atypical voices that have endeared and riveted us. This ain’t that. T.r.u.t.h. is the result of two years of gestation and, while it has some merit musically, the vocals are distractingly froggy and overwrought. “Gotta Be (A Man First)” could be a showstopper in other hands, a great blues riff with a razor-sharp guitar solo. Its follow-up, “1 by 1,” features a painfully simplistic rap straight out of 1988 that brings a flush to my face with every listen. Did no one listen to this objectively before deeming it ready for release? A little t.r.u.t.h.fulness would have gone a long way.


By probey
This is Paul, the band leader/ bass player of Common Collective. I was super excited to hear that we were in the LEO! Thanks for your honesty, it's like pulling teeth to get it. As far as t.r.u.t.h. goes, it is what it is, our first. First EP, first time on itunes, first time with a label (thanks Little Heart). Hear it for your self See those awesome pics Common Collective Come see us rock at PHT Rock the garden

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I had the pleasure of attending the CD release party at Louisville's own, The Bardstown. What really caught my eye was the album cover itself, I am a graphic designer and I loved what they did with it. The CD was awesome too! The distinctive voice kept me tuned in and resonating. I look forward to see what they come up with next.

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By djspyd2000
This band has one of the most original sounds in the kentuckiana area. I have seen them play live shows since their inception and as time has gone by they have only gotten better. The band is a mix of very talented musicians each from different backgrounds that creates a very unique feeling in their music. The lead singers vocals are very good they are not clean cut crisp and fresh for the pop charts because they come from emotion in a very raw and powerful way. The song "one by one" you say has an out of date and simplistic style but i must ask you when is the last time you have listened to modern independent hip hop? slow tempo hip hop never went away and is still a very prominent way of rapping with more credible hip hop artists. Also you say his rapping is simplistic. Not everyone has to be Aesop Rock and i think its much better then hearing the "N" word constantly repeated over and over again and how much more money he has than the next person or how hes a real man because he partakes in illegal activity's. They have some killer songs and one of the best fan bases in the area and one of the best things about this band is they are a positive group of people with positive and proactive lyrics. You will never hear them sing about political agendas or selling drugs and demeaning women because they care about what they say and mean it. This group is one of the small few that actually promote self sustainability and lifting up your fellow man when he dose need a hand. I will say i do have one small issue with the bands first album. The record does not contain all of their great songs only a select few. If you really want to experience this bands talent i suggest you go to the live shows and witness their stage presence and hear their great songs in person. Once you have seen them live you wont be able to get their infectious drum beats and rhythms out of your head. This is a fantastic album from an amazing band and they are only just getting started. I suggest you pick up a copy of the album and see for your self.


By Dpoole
The simplicity of most songs is exactly what sells them, in my opinion. All too often anymore, recordings are over-wrought with production and enhancement. The raw feeling behind the writing here is something I definitely appreciate. While this style of music is not my usual cup of tea, I can find merit in it easily. For anyone out there that likes an "older" sound - the style of music unvarnished by technology, full of honesty and natural imperfection that makes it *real* - this band is one you should hear. Go and see them live, or pick up the CD, but either way don't miss out on a chance to hear the music of a group that does not apologize for being themselves.


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