Tomorrow’s Harvest

Boards of Canada
Boards of Canada revel in a retro-futuristic vision that could be easily set to score any number of ’80s sci-fi movies. In this sense, their newest has more than a passing semblance to Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy soundtrack or Vangelis’ Blade Runner score; all seem to share a similar passion for simplistic, minor key melodies, favoring subtlety and restraint above all. There exists a mechanical precision part and parcel to the genre, which, when coupled with the gothic and ephemeral harmonies, induce a bleak and barren landscape that you can only imagine is populated by something terribly disconcerting. After the bleary ambience of opener “Gemini,” “Cold Earth” serves as a reminder that while Boards of Canada may be focusing on one theme, their haunting sounds and groove-oriented beats remain intact and as listenable now as ever.