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Spectrum Road

Spectrum Road
The Tony Williams Lifetime was a groundbreaking fusion split-off from Miles Davis, founded by visionary drummer Williams with guitarist John McLaughlin and organist Khalid Yasin (Larry Young), plus Jack Bruce on turn it over. Williams told listeners of that Lifetime album: PLAY IT VERY LOUD. Spectrum Road’s album should come with the same label. They rip and roar through eight interpretations from the canon, plus two new pieces. “Where” is the only cut to stretch out (12:36), with dirty organ sounds backing Cindy Blackman Santana’s drum solo and vocals. Bruce’s voice still sounds great, as evidenced by his reprise of “One Word” and the Scottish traditional “An t-Eilan Muileach”; his innovative bass grounds the sometimes-otherworldly explorations. Carla Bley’s “Vashkar” is fast and crunchy, with Yasin’s “Allah Be Praised” like a rock instrumental. Fusion lives!