Said And Done

A Lion Named Roar

A Lion Named Roar should rename themselves A Cat Named Meow. Right off the bat, they fall into the same trap of most Christian rock bands: staying a decade behind in terms of relevance (the only notable exceptions to this trend are Third Day, Derek Webb and Caedmon’s Call). I’m sure these well-crafted songs are personal to Chris Jackson and Tyler Anderson, but the production sounds like outtakes from the second album Evan and Jeron never got to record in 2000. It’s antiquated and simplistic, as if they’re playing for an adult version of the Jo-Bro tween audience, a paradox that, were it to exist, would consume the planet in a cloud of hair product, promise rings and loose-fitting neckties. Ultimately Chris and Tyler should put their big boy pants on and record an album worthy of the songs it contains.   


By jessewalters
While I don't get out as much as I used to, I like to think that I keep up with the local music scene fairly well. I believe these guys were on the Live Lunch program a few weeks ago, and really made a good impression. I like reading the Louisville Music News and they gave these guys quite a good review. Now, I don't own the album, but I've listened to a good amount of their songs on the Internet and I've liked everything I've heard. Never really got a Christian vibe out of the songs either. Brent, I'm not sure if we're listening to the same songs here brother. Leads me to believe you didn't really even listen to the album. We need to build up our local artists here. This review makes this album seem like pure bubble-gum trash. And from what I've heard, that's simply just not the case.

This is a shame

By sarahveal2285
Just when you expect someone to recognize good music and greater songwriting, in comes a walking stereotype who hates their job and is ready to start pushing people down before they even give something a chance. Did you even listen to the record, Brent? Really, it would behoove me to believe you took the time to remove the disc from its packaging and actually put it into your stereo. There is not a single aspect of this review that deems it should be titled such. Is a paragraph spouting jabs about the production the best you can come up with? A Cat Named Meow, well that's just clever! You should be doing stand-up instead of making a fool of yourself on (what used to be) a respected music source in Louisville that promoted local artists and had a passion for letting our community know about them. Despite your less than amusing antics involved with bashing one of the more talented artists in all of Louisville, I actually enjoyed listening to someone who has absolutely no clue what they're talking about. Those guys are a top selling record at earX-tacy, spun in WFPK regular rotation and from what I've heard have a ton of songwriters and labels keeping tabs on them. It's disappointing LEO couldn't have given them a legitimate review of a record that is more than enjoyable amongst its listeners (me included).


By ctw0127
This isn't even an album review. It's just a bunch of jabs at two great songwriters. There are also two blatant contradictions, leaving you wondering if Brent actually likes the album or not. I hope people reading this "review" will give the album a listen and realize the well-crafted songs (Brent, you were right about that) are full of great instrumentation, catchy hooks, and strong, heartfelt lyrics. Check out "Currents", "You Need A Soul", and "Dark Blue Night."