Nu.wav Hallucinations


Vaporwave: the latest unholy micro-genre currently oozing from the detritus piled up in forgotten corners of the Internet. Its mission statement: Repurpose fragments of commercial Muzak and recontextualize them into something that both reflects and skewers pop culture. But where other purveyors of vapor emphasize the cold, lifeless nature of their samples, Nmesh operates from a place of nostalgic, wide-eyed playfulness that sets him apart from his peers. Alex Koenig clearly adores all of his source material, from wholesale appropriations of Billy Idol and Kenny G to bizarre YouTube audio rips (as on the highly unsettling “ΞΛT THΞ ΞGGS ЭЭЭ”). From mundane, kitschy sources, Nu.wav Hallucinations dredges up sincere terror and hilarity in equal measure. This is elevator music for a hazy, hallucinatory fever dream; psychedelia for the post-singularity techno-future.

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