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Marissa Nadler

Marissa Nadler

It’s not surprising that Marissa Nadler would choose to self-title her fifth album, since it is certainly her strongest effort to date. Since her debut in 2004, Nadler’s vocal delivery has remained ethereal and delicate. However, this album’s lyrics give it a relatable quality that creates a connection with listeners, the thing that seemed lacking in her previous work. “The Sun Always Reminds Me of You” features light and dreamy stanzas that are also spattered with pedal steel and genuine heartache. The entire album is packed with this type of juxtaposition, which places Nadler’s vocal beauty up against lyrics filled with agony. The track “Baby, I Will Leave You in the Morning” is perhaps the best example of Nadler’s ability to enchant listeners while subtly breaking their hearts when she sings, Baby you need to forgive me/been a sinner all my life/you see to a hypnotic backdrop. Marissa Nadler has only become a stronger force on Marissa Nadler, proving she is able to evolve and continually entertain.