Feel Like Yesterday


The record label name tells you a lot. Feel Like Yesterday is a fun hippie record for hippie people to listen to while doing hippie things. That’s not said with spite; no Cartman here. It’s a pleasant listen; the rock is soft but has a beat to it, the vocal harmonies fine for the genre. Put these guys down at Waterfront Park or the Water Tower with a bunch of open containers, everybody’s having a good time. The studio almost seems to contain them. They know the teachers are watching so they hold back just this much. A song like “Western Star” sounds like it would thrive on stage, allow for more imprecise vocals, a looser take; its studio counterpart bounces but seems to plod thru tempered solos. Similarly, “The Wire” could have been a barn burner; instead it’s a candle on a birthday cake.

Listen to the title track, once, twice, then you'll find it.

By worthingtonfoster
Out here on the West Coast there are few that have heard Stonewheel Live, but if you are one of many Louisvillians that have attended a Stonewheel show/all night music extravaganza then you are in the know!! There are no American Idol winners here however these are the musicians that we should idealize. Trade in the bling and synthesized vocals, for heart, talent and a commitment to make quality music. Spin the new album a few times and like so many others you will be hooked!!