Eye Contact

Gang Gang Dance

I can hear everything ... It’s everything time. The utterance of that line (which turns out to be highly prophetic in regards to the record) begins the opening track of Gang Gang Dance’s latest, a method-to-its-madness mix of electronics, percussion, wily vocals and just plain ol’ danceable dope beats. Formed at the beginning of the last decade, Gang Gang Dance is composed of a communal group of visual artists, musicians and DJs from NYC whose sound indicates not only a variety of musical influences, but also a recognition of the visual nature of music itself. There’s a journey-like aspect at work here, and the real strength of the album comes from the feeling it creates, a sense of simultaneously being in both the future and the present while inhabiting various geographic locales (the “everything time,” as it were). With a heavy percussive angle and lead singer Lizzi Bougatsos’ southeast Asian-inspired vocal delivery, the result is a shared euphoric experience that’s pleasing to the ear and to the mind.