The DL Sessions


Musically speaking, nothing on The DL Sessions is terribly remarkable — but in all respects, it’s soulful and sincere, which makes the whole thing remarkable in and of itself. Acoustic rock is often schlocky, tossed from every coffee shop in the world like day-old grounds. But with Luke and Jessi Rothbauer’s voices interlacing with Dave Chandler’s fluid guitar, there is an irresistible quality in this collection.

To begin with, there’s no other word to use but stunning for Jessi’s a cappella track “Down.” The album peaks on “Ebb & Flow,” where Jessi’s voice takes charge, throwing itself around the playfully heartfelt lyrics while Chandler’s offhanded but earnest guitar lines complement Luke’s understated harmonies perfectly. By “Story of an Old Guitar,” it’s more than apparent that DL aren’t just great performers but talented, capable songwriters.   

Congrats u 3

By DDix
I myself thoroughly enjoyed the album. Shout out to you 3 for a job well done on this one. Voices are great throughout the CD. As usual Dave's guitar is always on point. Undercarriage is a powerful song. Paints a very vivid picture and the guitar play just adds to the overall delivery of the story. DL sessions has been in my CD player for bout 4 days now and I must say it is a very solid piece of work, if you haven't heard it I suggest u obtain a copy ASAP!! Good work you 3.