Buried, the new album by Avalanche, is one of those records that makes you feel like a dick for not liking it. They tried to write some Rolling Stones and AC/DC songs, and even took special care to dedicate them to fast cars, women and rock ’n’ roll. What’s not to like? Well, here’s where we start to sound dickish. If you’re going to mine classic rock but dig no deeper than The Rolling Stones and AC/DC, you’d better fucking rule. There are a million Bon Scott and Mick Jagger wannabes out there, each a million miles from touching Bon Scott or Mick Jagger. Buried never elevates Avalanche beyond bar-band status, and even then, things are a little shaky.   

This is NOT a Review

By philcan
I am not sure a CD was reviewed here. Normally a review has content that relates to the product being reviewed and backs up the writer's opinion.What was being reviewed here? It is more of a rant than actually providing any information for the assigned task of reviewing a CD. As for the comment about only mining the Stones & AC/DC there is close to 90 years of music history with those 2 bands. There are a heck of a lot more than those 2 influences on the Buried CD. Then again If Mr. Sullivan had mined (listened to) the Buried CD a little more he may have found several songs that have NOTHING in common with the the Stones or ACDC. There is an instrumental on Buried. I am fairly certain that is an area neither the Stones or AC/DC have ventured. If the CD was mined a little further he could have heard multiple harmony vocals another attribute not a main stay of either band. Then again to hear that would have required the reviewer to listen to the full CD and more than 10 seconds of the songs. However, when you know you are not going to really review anything why bother listening to it completely. Reviews don't have to be positive or even fair but they should be factual & back up the writer's opinion with facts from the source material. The writer (can't really call him a reviewer) in this case never did that. He seemed more concerned showing how hip he can be by using the F word & other vulgarities than providing any real information. Personally the bar band sound was what we were going for that's where good old comfortable blues rock is best. Let the Pink Floyds & Rushs of the world make the smart records. It is what they are good at. When a Blues Classic Rock rock band makes their smart album they usually fall flat on their face. Remember The Elder by Kiss? If you want to actually hear the songs & form your own REAL opinion based on what is on the CD check out Listen to Cruisin', Empty or Punk Brother & you will hear a lot more than a 2 band influence, Lets Get Up is a little southern rock, Realize is kind of heavy, ThunderbirdGirl & Out of Time are pop, The BBC is a little Country, Never Enough & Please Please Me are AC/DC style but not with Bon Scott sounding vocals.