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Blue Giant

Blue Giant

This is what can happen when veteran musicians have fun while ignoring genre distinctions. Blue Giant’s debut full-length (and follow-up to their acclaimed Target Heart EP) will meander, strut, whistle and wail its way out of your speakers (or ear buds) and into permanent residence in your cortex (or soul). Brings: bluesy country licks and mournful piano melodies, paired with buzzy wandering solos and stomp-your-foot rhythms. Sunny with a chance of some dark clouds, the resultant soundscape is an unexpectedly pleasant dose of Dixie-fried rock that flirts perfectly with both freewheeling twang and ’60s psychedelia. Kevin Robinson’s voice is at once friendly and brash, which suits his vivid and frequently story-driven lyrics. Included is a duet with Corin Tucker. Taken altogether, the record adds up to just over 40 minutes of excellent reasons to spin it again.