January 16, 2007

Erosia (Letters to the Editor)

LEO welcomes letters that are brief (250 words max) and thoughtful. Ad hominem attacks will be ignored, and we need your name and a daytime phone number. Send snail mail to EROSIA, 640 S. Fourth St., Louisville, Ky. 40202. Fax to 895-9779 or e-mail to leo@leoweekly.com. We may edit for length, grammar and clarity. Mommy’s War Hero Regarding the anonymous (i.e., cowardly) letter you printed in the Jan. 10 Erosia, in which some lame milquetoast whined because you printed a cartoon that he found offensive, I realize that the best response is to ignore him/her. People who brainlessly rant about things they don’t understand are to be pitied and ignored. And yet I can’t help myself. I notice this fella/gal said, “And to think my family has protected your rights and freedoms makes me ill.” Obviously what this gutless milksop is implying is that HE wouldn’t dream of signing up to fight in this illegal war that he apparently supports. Perhaps his great-granddaddy fought in the Great War, and that means that this unnamed coward is practically a war hero himself (in his mind and the mind of his mommy). He probably “fights” for his beliefs, whining daily in some anonymous blog in which he moans about “lie-berals” and “feminazis.” That this pansy has a spine to sit long enough to write down this lame rant is amazing. I’ve nothing but contempt for this sort of coward. Dan Trabue World History 101 This is an open letter from a Vietnam-era veteran to the readers and commentators of LEO. Like most of you, I voted for John Yarmuth, excuse me, Congressman Yarmuth, because he showed a passion for change. After years of voting for former Congresswoman Northup and seeing the exhaustion on her face during the campaign, I thought perhaps she should come home to focus and reflect on her family. Also during the last campaign, the term “we are losing our prestige around the world because of Iraq” was repeated by opposition to the Iraq War. Exactly which nation or nations have we lost prestige to? It couldn’t be Germany, with its history of starting two world wars, with millions killed. Maybe it’s China, where millions of civilians were killed during Mao’s purges. Perhaps it’s Russia, formerly known as the Soviet Union, where millions of civilians were killed during Stalin’s reign. Perhaps it’s France, whose colonization of Algiers continues from the 18th century. It couldn’t be Spain, with their harsh policies against Morocco and the Basques separatists. It definitely isn’t the Swiss. They’re still denying they had anything to do with hiding millions in Holocaust assets from Nazi Germany’s slaughter of millions. Holland and Belgium? Nope! Their diamond industry was partly responsible for maintaining the oppressive apartheid regime in South Africa. And let’s not forget the rape and pillage by the Japanese army in China during World War II. It definitely isn’t North Korea. They’re developing nuclear weapons while their people starve. And how quickly some forget how most of Western Europe turned a blind eye to the slaughter in Bosnia by the Serbs. America led the way to stop the slaughter. Now they are rebuilding. I wish them well. Most Americans know little about how the nations of the world operate. During the former British prime minister’s reign, free speech was squelched against the IRA’s (Irish Republican Army) legally elected leader to the British Parliament. Perhaps for good reason, since the IRA was a known terrorist group. (I wonder if Sen. Ted Kennedy’s family made any contributions to the IRA.) During the 1980s, Indonesia hanged a young British citizen for possession of hashish. Even the Queen of England’s plea for leniency fell on deaf ears for the young man. There are many more examples of worldwide oppression, too many to continue here. But I would agree with those who want to bring our troops home from Iraq. But let us start first with closing the remaining bases in Western Europe and around the world. Let’s make a complete troop redeployment and bring our troops home. We really don’t need them there. Keith E. Lewis Mojo Karma A few months ago, I wrote a rather scathing letter to the editor about Louisville Mojo, a local online community. I made a blanket condemnation of the entire site, which I feel unfairly characterized and hurt many people based on the actions of a few. As a fair and thoughtful person (I like to think so, anyway), I would like to clarify a few things. Perhaps most importantly, my criticism was aimed at a few people in only one of the many forums on Mojo, which is called “Chit Chat.” There are probably 10 other forums on the site ranging from idle chatter to politics to computer topics — I did not participate in any of the other forums. “Chit Chat” constitutes about 10 percent of all the different groups and forums for this community, so to criticize the entire site was particularly unfair of me. As for “Chit Chat,” I did have problems with perhaps 10 or so of the regular posters in that forum, but to be fair, I was not always a “model poster” when I first joined. What I felt was just being funny or off-the-wall was interpreted as being hostile, and I did develop a negative reputation that I was never quite able to shake. As time went on, I did “learn the rules,” so to speak, and many people appreciated my posting style and wit, but unfortunately the stigma remained, and some never did care for me, resulting in numerous “fights” online. I do feel Louisville Mojo is a good resource for the community, but like any community, it does have spoken and unspoken “rules” that are important to understand and abide by for a pleasant experience. There are many good people who participate in the various forums — and some not so good people — but such is life in general. Louisville Mojo is simply a reflection of society, the good, the bad and the ugly, and is, basically, what you make it. An interesting take on my original letter can be found on the homepage of Mojo, titled “Is Mojo a joke? We’re laughing, does that count?” I would encourage the community to read this as well. Michael Reese 91 Pages of Dog Doo I have spent the time to read all 91 pages of the so-called “dangerous dog” ordinance passed by the Metro Council and signed by the mayor. I have nothing good to say about it. From what I can make of it, it is now both a criminal AND a civil offense if any provision within any provision of the ordinance is violated (e.g. if your dog barks “excessively” — read the wording of sections 91.998 and 91.999 VERY carefully!). All I can say is welcome to NAZI, USA! Dog owners who own unaltered dogs or have one that goes to quarantine, well ... get used to that RFID chip under your dog’s skin; there will probably be somebody knocking on your door from time to time wishing to “scan” your dog. If your dog is deemed “dangerous,” you may as well kiss it goodbye. The “director” can determine if it must be euthanized, and the law pushes licenses for those dogs to $500. Not to worry, if you receive two complaints that your dog growled at someone, you’ll only have to pay $250 for it being a “potentially dangerous” dog. And if you can’t afford to have that 4-foot fence replaced with a 6-foot fence to keep an unaltered dog, or you just spent that money on an electric fence, well ... tough. Guess you’ll just have to get Fluffy neutered, or kiss him goodbye as well. I was fine with the rules on pit bulls. I agree (somewhat) with the “pooper scooper” provision, though my version would have been “just kick it in the grass.” Even if rottweilers had been added to the mix, I wouldn’t have been too ticked off. But this ordinance includes EVERY dog (and other animals, too); as a pet owner, I firmly believe these new measures are too draconian, do nothing to solve the issue at hand (dog attacks), severely limit the rights of breeders, raise taxpayer overhead and have no place whatsoever in our dog-owning society. (By the way, this was passed against the advice of two organizations of animal experts and despite the reactions of citizens to the revised ordinance.) Because of this, I don’t think the mayor or his Metro Council will be too happy around election time. For anyone with the time to read all 91 pages and form their own opinion, the full text of the ordinance is at www.wlky.com. Michael Hayes

In Regards to "Mojo Karma"

By Suzieq1201

Get a backbone.

You did nothing wrong. You specifically stated on Leo Online that it was the few. MOREOVER, the few CONTINUE today to attack anyone new who they even THINK might be you.

Sorry Mike, I like you and all. However, right is right. I even mentioned in comments on Leo Online that there are good people on there. Nevertheless, the few 10 or so "Elders" you speak of rule / run the site as there kingdom and give no breaks. They are rude, crude and make worse remarks than you ever did. They are hateful and obnoxious. Moreover, deserved what they got, and most of them are CLOSE friends of the OWNER who supported them and ditched you on his site (You were on the front page for a long time if you recall, and he didn't even mention that there was a mistake, he said it was ALL your fault). That is how nice he is. You even wrote him, before sending an article in to Leo, and he ignored you. I have been kicked off twice and never did anything except defend people online that were accused of being you. Since I know you, I knew they were not you. He did not use diplomacy, and his sidekick David1 kicked people off left and right because he THOUGHT they were you. He even admitted several times in comments on the site that he was toying with you. I saw innocent new people tortured verbally because they thought anyone new was you. They also accused me of being you and I do not sound anything like you in my writing. So stop feeling guilty and get back on your high horse where you belong. You are a much better person then the rulers of Mojo. It is not a great place. I have tried Mojo twice in the past two years and it is the same today as it was 2 years ago. I even warned you about the place when you said you joined. You encouraged me to try it again and I did and was kicked off twice in one month for being nice and trying to comfort and defend the new people that were being accused of being you. So please. Tell it like it is. I DID go into other forums and wherever I went, a few of the BASHER Elders traveled. Attacking others on their way. Avoid MOJO at all costs. IT'S a rag of an excuse for a COMMUNITY. The few ELDERS (which I really could post some colorful words about them, but will not) make it hard to enjoy the site. You have to ignore them if you are to survive them at all. IGNORE MOJO and send a message to the Rag of a community that this type of behavior and community will not be tolerated.

I wonder if David1 ever took the trash off his profile that had so many nasty words about some girl. A profile that is open to anyone, even children. (Unless they have since made profiles private to only paying customers, which I doubt. The owner doesn't seem to have any morals from what I can tell, or he would stiffen the rules and rid himself of David1, the sites head monitor. Him a monitor. Ha! That is soooo funny.)

Enough said.


By RadGuy

Thanks for your support, SQ, but I think you are missing the point of my letter. I'm not condoning or changing my previous statements regarding certain aspects of Mojo but rather clarifying what I said so as not to make a blanket condemnation of the entire site. There are still great people who occasionally post in that forum (not often enough, unfortunately)and they do their best to raise the bar, so to speak. There are many other forums from which to choose if one is offended by some of the people in "Chit Chat." In addition, there are many, many people who don't post at all in any forum, but maintain wonderful friendships with other members, and I think that is a positive and good thing.

Mojo's biggest problem, in my opinion, is that Chuck, the owner, employs an administrator and a few moderators who do not do their jobs in a fair manner and allow these ten or so regulars to "take over" the forums, turning off many people who have no interest in taking part and being attacked. One of Mojo's biggest sponsors, Petrus nightclub, recently pulled out as a sponsor due to lack of turnout on "Mojo Night" - obviously these people have no interest in socializing with the same obnoxious people who post in the forums. As with any leader, he needs to surround himself with the best people and I don't believe he is doing that.

The main point is - try out the other forums and get to know the many really good and cool people on that site - they are definitely a "cut above" some of those you will encounter when you first join.

Michael Reese

Alternatives to Mojo for issues discussion

By Stevietheman

If issues discussion is what you're after, there are alternatives to Mojo in town.

The Courier-Journal offers a full-on discussion board on their site, with many of their articles attached to reader discussions. -- www.courier-journal.com

Louisville History & Issues is also a recently started discussion board. -- www.historyandissues.org

There's no reason to get tied up in just one site.