November 7, 2006

Erosia (Letters to the Editor)

LEO welcomes letters that are brief (250 words max) and thoughtful. Ad hominem attacks will be ignored, and we need your name and a daytime phone number. Send snail mail to EROSIA, 640 S. Fourth St., Louisville, Ky. 40202. Fax to 895-9779 or e-mail to We may edit for length, grammar and clarity.Yarmuth vs. NorthupYes, I know it is the day after the election. I intended that. So who won? I don’t know! So why am I writing? Because now that either the outstanding John Yarmuth is headed to Washington, or the Bush-clone Northup is returning to office, this letter won’t be accused of trying to sway a vote. It is just my chance to say a few things in general.First to Anne Northup: Your bold-faced lie about John Yarmuth not paying his restaurant employees’ minimum wage should have lost you every vote you may have earned by working hard for the city of Louisville. That was intended to convince ignorant people only. It does not take much of a mind to realize that instead, he was attempting to force those who did not pay above minimum wage to do so.To Tom Raque (from LEO’s Election Issue, Oct. 25): You should be ashamed. First, only a Bush clone could try to sell the Clinton recession package. Why don’t you instead look at the deficit in 2000 and today? Why don’t you look at how the MIDDLE class has disappeared, and the number of jobs so many of our good people must hold down at minimum wage to survive. But when you said that Anne Northup is strong on moral values and John Yarmuth is a far-left wacko, out of touch with the mainstream, I had to laugh. Are you suggesting Anne is more moral than John? How well do you know them? I don’t think running a filthy campaign, where she blatantly lied, makes her that moral. And I am not aware of one single thing John Yarmuth ever did that could be called immoral. Oh, are you judging John on his support for gay rights? According to my Bible, loving your neighbor is quite moral. And what mainstream, Tom? The 65 percent who think we were wrong to go to Iraq? The majority of Americans who support stem cell research? How about the middle class/poverty mainstream? I would not be surprised by your calculations if John only got 5 percent of the vote. He is a WACKO out of the mainstream. Or maybe, Tom, he is simply out of your investment-banker-suit-and-tie, $9-martini-at-Fourth-Street-Live mainstream, because even though he has lots of money, he still cares about those less fortunate.OK, the election is over, and I pray that Anne Northup is looking for work. But I KNOW that John Yarmuth will be doing good things somewhere, no matter what. And in two more years, we will have to do this all over again. And we should all be ashamed for allowing it to happen.Richard HodgeGrasping at StrawsI hate to burst Rick Redding’s bubble (LEO, Nov. 1), but The Courier-Journal’s editorial board does NOT diligently meet with every candidate, nor do they always have a basic grasp of what the issues are in a given area or, for that matter, even do their homework on the candidates. I’ve been a community and political activist for almost 30 years. I’ve dealt with the editorial board, including twice as a candidate. Everyone should chip in a send them dime so they can buy a clue!Paul HosseHalfway DownI was disappointed after reading your article regarding the candidates for mayor (LEO Election Issue, Oct. 25). While it may be true that Ed Springston stands little chance of unseating “Sir Jerry,” I am miffed at your refusal to offer Springston’s effort any semblance of significance. True, he may not have the political pedigree you acknowledge as being necessary, but his efforts as a blue-collar, working-class individual going “all in” to try and help our community is, in a way, heroic. There was nothing in the article’s words that left me with a feeling of hope that your average citizen can or should enter politics. And, if one would try, they would be shot down immediately by biased journalism toeing the political mainstream line.As a musician, I am sure that writer Stephen George knows what it is like to be an outsider. And with this article, by completely dismissing Springston, an outsider in his own right, it appears to me that George and LEO have not only dismissed Springston, but the ideology and hope of outside political thinkers everywhere. Springston may not “have a prayer,” but as long as biased journalism continues, neither will anyone else outside of the two-party monopoly that has proven corrosive at best. Stephen George and LEO’s banishment of the independent Springston has, at least to me, left me with an uncomfortable feeling that this publication has finally and unfortunately acquiesced. Congratulations.Adam ColvinAgree to DisagreeRegarding Christopher M. Spellman’s diatribe (LEO’s Erosia, Oct. 25): While I might agree with him that Tom Louderback can be somewhat ubiquitous in his letter-writing, perhaps Spellman should not have returned to the fold of LEO readers. We were treated to a VERY lengthy paragraph in his letter that expounds in great generalities and with absolutely no substantiation, all his perceptions of the ills and errors of “progressives.” I doubt he excluded any soundbite, cliché or overwrought tortured phraseology in describing progressives in general and John Yarmuth in particular. Apparently Spellman does not think John Yarmuth should be the next Representative of District 3. That certainly is his prerogative. However, it would be refreshing if he would back up his assertions with some semblance of factual data, rather than just another tiresome litany of regressive distortions of reality.Robert P. FrederickMojo a Joke?I’ve never written a letter to the editor before, but I feel compelled to do so regarding the lack of “Southern hospitality” exhibited by what could and should be a great asset to the Louisville community. In particular, I’m speaking about Louisville Mojo, an online site supposedly dedicated to bringing Louisvillians together to exchange information, chat, hook up … whatever. From the moment I signed up, it was as if I was a complete outsider who was not welcome at all into what seemed like a high school “clique” — I was harassed constantly and people were allowed to post obscene photos of my head superimposed on graphically pornographic images, all without any consequence whatsoever. This has happened to several of my friends who have joined and left after the same kind of treatment. It seems a shame that a Web site that purports to be some kind of representative for Louisville and its citizens turns out to be nothing more than a venue for hatred and pornography. If this site is indicative of the city of Louisville and its attitude toward newcomers, it certainly is not doing us any favors in the PR department. I hope there are other ways for newcomers to get their first impression of Derby City.Michael ReeseA Weird CampaignI never really jumped into the “Keep Louisville Weird” mania that began spreading across the city a couple of years ago, and I was unable to determine why until a couple of weeks ago.If it was a legitimate attempt to maintain Louisville’s uniqueness, instead of just a marketing campaign, I’d be all for it. When you consider keeping Louisville weird, do you think about the Muhammad Ali Center? Do you consider the diverse political make-up of our citizenry or the simple politeness that can be found, sometimes, on our sidewalks, but that is noticeably absent in other cities our size? Or do you think of eating at certain restaurants or shopping at certain stores? I agree that supporting local business is an important way to help our city maintain its uniqueness, but it is certainly not the only way.It seems that some local businesses have used the “KLW” campaign as their only means of attracting customers. They have sacrificed customer service and now use guilt to attract customers. I shop at Carmichael’s because they are local and they provide great customer service. I do not shop at some stores because the value of supporting local business doesn’t outweigh the lackluster customer service I’ve received there.I support local business and I Keep Louisville Weird by supporting local arts and using my vote and my voice to support progressive goals. The two are not the same, and the attempt to make them seem so is a marketing campaign and nothing more.Jonathan Smith

The Naked Truth

By ShellyfromJeff

Well said, Lark. I also thank you for your honesty. I'm afraid you're in for some hard times now in the mojo community - I'm glad that doesn't bother you :) I know Michael has met some very nice people thru mojo (in secret, lest they become shunned..) and I look forward to meeting you in the near future. (Be careful - you might be accused of being Radguy in You're right, what's wrong with starting a thread which says "UR thots?" ??? After all, isn't that what a forum is all about?....... UR thots??? ...


An open letter to Chuck, owner of Louisville Mojo.

By RadGuy

Dear Chuck - I hear that you are a very cool, very fair fellow. I believe your website has an incredible amount of potential for the Louisville area. However, as you have no doubt read, there are problems "at the top" and among many of the regular posters on Mojo which are contributing to its decline. Many of the recent posts have concerned regulars leaving the forums forever, the boring nature of the current posts, etc. I guess my question to you is: Are you listening? Is the current state of Louisville Mojo what you originally envisioned and what you want for your website? I bet the answer is no. You have one administrator and a few moderators as well as a group of regular posters who are bringing the site down - if it were just a matter of a disgruntled former Mojer you could easily dismiss me. But are you reading what others are saying? As John Lennon sang in Imagine - "I'm not the only one."

It is my sincere hope that by publishing my letter to LEO and the subsequent dialogue this has opened up within the Mojo community, changes will be made for the better. The situation truly reminds me of President Bush and the recent Democratic revolution - King George was simply unwilling to listen to anyone and brought down the entire Republican party because of an inner group of misfits (Rumsfeld comes to mind). But good eventually triumphs over evil, I have always believed, and I hope in your case you will listen to what we are saying. We believe in your website, in your dream, in your vision, and we want it to be all it could be. But there needs to be change from the top on down, just like the Bush administration.

By the way, lest anyone reading should think all Mojo members are hateful and foul, I would like to submit my "A-List" of those who have been consistently kind, funny, witty and overall awesome posters in the forums:

RadGuy's A-List:

Sky Shark
Kool Jerk
Bimbo In Limbo

Whoever was in my posse and I've forgotten - please forgive me (at 48 the memory ain't what it used to be). These posters always brought a smile to my face and a laugh - they are part of what makes Mojo special, and hopefully more like them will come forth and post.


Michael Reese

As a forums regular on Mojo

By Nattums

As a forums regular on Mojo and a lover of the online community that Chuck and company have built from the ground up, I am offended at the light in which Mr. Reese and his lackeys are trying to portray Mojo is not just a random group on MySpace, where you can jump in and say what you like and act however you please without repercussion...we all know each other, we interact in the REAL WORLD on a regular basis, and as a result, there are many inside jokes, jabs, and insults thrown around in the forums. For any newcomer, it's intimidating, but your experience is what you make of it, and new people regularly join the forums discussions without creating waves as Mr. Reese did.

Mr. Reese never made an effort to tap into the amazing resource that Mojo can be...he chose instead to flood the chit chat forums with spam threads full of ignorance, idiocy, and Ashton Kutcher. These threads, and his posts in other threads, were intentionally designed to get the most negative reactions possible, and continued on that path despite warnings and requests to stop from multiple moderators and site administrators. His letter here is just another effort to garner the negative attention he so desperately craves.

Mojo is what you make it. For me, it's made my life a little bit sunnier. I've forged friendships that will last for years to come, I've found employment, and I've gained a network of people to contact if I just want to go out for a beer after work. It makes me angry to read the untrue and inflammatory drivel that Mr. Reese and his followers have posted, simply because they are condemning a community of which they never once made a good faith effort to be a part. Their purpose was to create drama, and that goal was achieved admirably. Let's not allow them to turn themselves into martyrs and victims when they were the ones stirring the pot, okay?

Thank you for proving our point...

By Suzieq1201

Thank you for proving our point about how outsiders are treated. Your first paragraph about how "intimidating" you people can be toward a newcomer, tells it all. And no, it's not what you make of it, you idiots keep trying to say it was just his experience, but I will repeat, I was there and did nothing wrong but because I was new and sounded like radguy to some, I was attacked. I never said a foul word, I was nice, and even called an "old southern belle like my grandmother stroking my hair" by akasha. So please, stop the lies. wouldn't it just be easier to work at making the site enjoyable for everyone, rather than defend your nasty friends? If you want to insult each other do so, but leave the newcomers alone. Let them enjoy the site too. And especially the ones that pay that Big fee you charge to be in the "INNER CIRCLE" which is a joke, because your not in the inner circle if your banned for being radguy and your not radguy. As David so lovingly said in one of the forums (referring to his accusations that mike had multiple profiles that he deleted, which by the way, again, was me as well as his sisters and some other innocent people) -thanks for the money you donated to the new server radguy?- And yet, he didn't. His sisters did, some other people you kicked off may have. But I guarantee Mikes little $30 bucks or there abouts, didn't pay for it. That's how nice you people are.

A Typical Mojo Post - And My Final Post.

By RadGuy

The following post was made regarding my sister Stacy and I by one of the "regulars" at Mojo by the name of Akasha who also has superimposed my head on a naked woman defecating and a pedophile as well as superimposing my sister and I's heads on a pornographic photo of a man and woman having sex, titled "Incest Love." This is but one of hundreds of "RadGuy Bashing" posts. Since it is obvious Chuck, the owner, has no intention of "listening" to any suggestions that his site might be improved by eliminating this kind of slander/bashing/hate (he has posted a diatribe on the main page of Mojo calling me a "disgruntled former member" and my sisters "two angry sisters" I think a good example such as this would help clarify what the majority of people who have posted in this forum are talking about. I would also like to add that this is my final post on the subject of Louisville Mojo, as I have wasted far too much of my time on such idiocy and morons. Everything I stated in my letter to the editor has been proven correct many times over not just by the ignorant and hateful members who have posted in this particular forum but also by the "regulars" in the Mojo forums and the owner of the site, who seem to revel in their stupidity and hate. More power to them - its just too bad what could be an asset to the community has turned into a plain ass. Anyway, thank you to LEO for allowing my voice to be heard as well as others who wanted to make a difference. Your paper helped shed light on an eyesore that has been present in Louisville for far too long. I do take comfort in the knowlege that most thinking people have long since left that particular website and continue to do so in ever increasing numbers. As promised, here is a typical Louisville Mojo post - actually one of the more "civilized" ones - believe it or not:

Well obviously hoosier and radguy have been crying to the mods because anything said to them now gets deleted.

Hoosier, you are an ignorant cuntrag. I don't know who filled your vacant head with delusions of grandeur but whoever it was should be gutted and flayed.

I really would love to meet your parents. I just have to see the two people at fault for bringing abominations like you and your brother into this world. Jesus Christ, they must really be fucked genetically to produce two total disasters.
You would think that at least one of you guys would be ok in the head.

God has a great sense of humor.

Chucks comments on mojo

By Ravenhawk

Is Mojo a Joke? November 10, 2006

We're laughing a lot, does that count?

(A letter from your friendly city editor)

LEO Weekly recently published a letter from Michael Reese, a disgruntled former member who was given the boot. Michael, his two angry sisters and a slew of other characters would have you believe that Mojo is but a nest of vipers.

His letter is well written and I’d encourage you (really) to delve deeper and get to know Michael on Myspace, the LEO site or anywhere else but Mojo. He’s simply not welcome here; no matter how many letters to the editor he gets published.

I believe that Michael and others like him are unable to see that they play a major role in the way that people receive them and treat them, not only on Mojo but everywhere. His letter is also a great opportunity for me to talk about online etiquette in general and what Mojo IS and what it is NOT.

Generally speaking, here’s a recipe for disaster in your online travels...

1. Wash – everyone in annoying posts and incessantly bait the moderators despite being repeatedly warned that you’re skating on thin ice
2. Rinse – yourself of reason, accountability and guilt by playing the victim
3. Repeat – until you are shown the door

Louisville Mojo is a massive online community; we’re made up of 67,000 registered members and over 250,000 unique visitors every month. If an opinion exists, it’s in here somewhere. For better and worse, we have it all... saints and sinners, CEOs and students, predators and prey. And the site is used for almost every conceivable purpose from entertainment to business promotion. We are a huge cross slice of Louisville (and a few much loved travelers like SwissMiss and Akasha). We also have a very strict privacy policy and some very lenient and basic rules that we ask everyone to follow. When we come across any nudity or hate-speech, we remove it (and frequently the originator) from the site. A lot of folks get to speak what’s on their mind, and you sometimes won’t like it.

What we are not is some sort of online utopia that will make everyone like you. We also can’t make everyone behave, at least not all the time. We’re not your parents and we’re not your therapists and honestly, we have a pretty thick skin and not a lot of tolerance for the thin-skinned set. Mojo is our best approximation of the friendly, real world, but that’s still not a fairy tale. It all boils down to this... if you can’t make your own way, and your own peace, in a room full of 100 very diverse individuals, don’t expect to make it here. We’re not going to hold it against you and it’s nothing personal.

While we would like to think that Mojo is for everyone (what a sweet thought), it’s not. It only takes a few creeps and idiots to ruin a good thing so we do our part to thin the herd on a regular basis. Not a day goes by that we don’t remove at least 10 or 20 folks for harassing other members, running multiple/fake profiles or just plain annoying us to the point that we snap. We’ve also created a great abuse reporting system (look for the report abuse links) that lets everyone participate in this process. All in all, it mostly works, and we’re pleased with our progress so far.

To everyone that has found new business, fun or even a spouse while cruising the purple pages (or Perriwinkle, as Mike would have it), we’re glad you’re enjoying the ride! To those that haven’t, we hope you do. And finally, to those that can’t find their way, or are no longer welcome, we’ll see you on Myspace.

PS. LEO, what happened to the "Best Local Website" category in your awards this year? We truly hope to see it return next year. And please give our congratulations to John!

- Chuck

This would be great if it were true.

By RadGuy

Again, nice try Chuck. Sounds great - but unfortunately most of us know better. I do like the way you've "cleaned up" Mojo since my letter was published, deleting the obscene posts and making sure certain people (such as your beloved Akasha - who truly belongs on an XXX website since I'm sure she gets her best photos to crop and post on Mojo from these sites)aren't posting this week now that Mojo is "under the microscope" so to speak of greater Louisville. Reminds me of Jim Jones and the People's Temple when congressman Ryan and the reporters arrived in Jonestown to see the squalor and horrible living conditions but Jones had "sanitized" and cleaned up the place for his visit, serving gourmet food, fruit and vegetables - all the things that were not "there" before his cult came under the scrutiny of the press and Ryan. However, I'm sure when the next issue of LEO comes out Akasha and her fellow perverts will be given their usual free reign and Mojo will once again become a sewer. But hey - more power to you. Anyone with half a brain has long since left your site out of disgust, anger or sheer boredom. It's a shame you are letting your own anger over the site being "outed" by LEO get in the way of your business sense. But - good luck with that.

Michael Reese

I thought you were not posting in here as of

By Ravenhawk

A Typical Mojo Post - And My Final Post.
Submitted by RadGuy on Fri, 11/10/2006 - 8:45pm.

but I guess you are still trolling..

Thank you Ravenhawk...

By RadGuy

for once again proving all of us right - the reason I have not admitted to doing anything wrong is because - shock - I DIDN'T do anything wrong other than commit the abominable sin of being clever, witty and genuinely FUNNY - which many of you "old-timers" are not nor have you ever been, and that unforgivible sin got under the collective Mojo community's skin Big Time. Next, the slanderous and obscene photos were NOT deleted, in fact, I "snagged" a photo from one of the forums yesterday which Akasha doctored to superimpose my head on a pedophile - it wasn't bad or slanderous enough when she posted it two months ago so she felt the need to post it again yesterday. Care to see it? Give me your email address and I'll send it. The photo of my sister and I "fucking" was not removed from the site at all when it appeared over a month ago but is now mysteriously gone. Interesting. As for my sisters, they are far too classy to ever again stoop to the level of Louisville Mojo, so don't hold your breath waiting for their return.

I find it incredible that one person, me, has gotten under the collective skin of Louisville Mojo so profoundly and so obsessively for the crime of being funny and clever without the need to call others "fucktards" and "asswipes" like the other posters who have nothing else to say. You guys truly deserve one another as well as a site as foul and boring as Louisville Mojo. Pigs love to play in the slop, so go right ahead and enjoy.

Michael Reese

Now for my opinion...

By Ravenhawk

In a community there are basic rules that one must follow otherwise there are repurcussions for ones actions. Mojo is not a perfect society nor is it a community that raises the demons of hell to feast upon the 'fresh meat' that walks through the purple pages. When one's actions effects the community as a whole in a neighborhood through disobedience of the set rules, enforcement of the rules has to occur. Fights in society occur and if they are extremely violent people are taken away from the innocents in the community. This is done to keep the community in a state of stability or to the closest resemblence of such.

Sometimes in society we have people arrested for the wrong reason or we are not able to find someone that did commit a crime. Point blank mistakes are made inthis cruel world.

Mojo is a community... much like that of any community. It has rules, it has people to enforce the rules, and there are mistakes that occur along the way. For the case of RadGuy I would like to point out that 1)He never admits to doing anything wrong, much like the rapist/murderer that is looking to spend a long time in jail. 2)He never told any of you that the said pictures were deleted off of mojo and the said person was put in a timeout. 3)Akasha has been dismemebered for extreme harrasment in the forums (breaking the rules). She has also been allowed back on mojo as long as she doesn't step over that line. (as of yet she hasnt stepped over that line) 4)Many others have been kicked off of mojo because of the constant spamming of the forums and asked not to come back... aka Carebear, Hot Kral, Radguy etc...

If you can live within a society following the rules, have a little bit of a thick skin you will fit in well with people at I have been on for almost 3 years... I have had my stuff deleted... I have been put in timeout... and everytime that had happened was because I was out of line with the TOS.

To the 2 sisters of Radguy: if what you said is true then you shouldn't have a problem putting up your old accounts. Sometimes mistakes do happen. If you 2 are not indeed Radguy then I offer you an apology for these mistakes

On Ravenhawk you old elder you....

By Suzieq1201

Let's tell the truth now Ravy...

1)Mojo will never admit THEY were wrong. After all Mike tried to take care of this through Chuck and was ignored. Plus your own mojo community has made posts here and on mojo stating the truth about how nasty a few in the Mojo community can be. You can delete all you want now that the article is out, but nothing was ever deleted before it came out. >I have snag it< she says as she continues to type. Also, your comparison is very much like your sites postings of the slandererous pictures of him as a...I can't bring myself to say it. And for viewers purposes, I won't post the porn one.

2. The pictures were not removed until after the Leo story. Check out my comments on the earlier posting last night of how shocked I was of Mojo cleaning up (deleting) the site of all its trash. >I have snag it< she says as she continues...

3)Akasha has been posting in THE DEEP END forum this week and if she was removed it was after Michaels article which Mike wouldn't know she was deleted (dismembered)because he was well gone, off of Mojo by then and only members can get into THE DEEP END forum. (Dummy...ooops a little Mojo humor there)(On second thought that would have been a foul word if a Mofo would have said it.) Also notice that you said "(as of yet she hasn't stepped over that line)" which means you lied about her being dismembered or how could she not be stepping over the line?

4) Micheal never spammed. He's not sellig anything, he doesn't promote a product and never did, he just tried to be humorus. But, as one of your Mofo, Akasha, pointed out "I like being mean, it's fun, that's why I come here", after I asked her why she was being so mean.

5)MIKE NEVER BROKE ANY RULES....NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER. EVER. YOU MOFO'S JUST MADE IT UP TO BLANKLY DEFEND YOURSELFS. BUT HE NEVER EVER EVER EVER BROKE THE RULES. EVER. HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TELL YOU HE DID NOT HAVE MULTIPLE PROFILES, HE NEVER SAID ANYONE, NOR DID HE TRANSPOSE ANYONES HEAD ONTO PORN OR ON ANYTHING ELSE AS YOU ELDERS DID OR ALLOWED TO BE DONE. AND THE ONES WHO DID BREAK THE TOS, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN, >I have snag it< she says and she continues... THE PEOPLE WHO BROKE THEM DIDN'T GET TOSSED FOR BREAKING THE TOS UNTIL LEO CAME OUT. Man you Mofo's are thick headed (nicer said than what a Mofo would say on Mofo about anyone). But you aren't thick headed, you just want Louisville to believe your innocent of your crimes against him. Too bad you've only succeeded in proving our point. Even your own community posted in one of the forums that you've proven Mike right. >I have snag it< she says as she continues.

I could post the photos, but I don't think it's good for the general public to see these and Mike may not appreciate me doing that.
If you "elders" want to continue this. I can post more. she says as she starts to leave.

So Chuck. Be a man, you know its the truth. Stop hurting yourself like this. We have tried to be nice about it. Mike contacted you. You did nothing. He posted in Leo a nice letter that wasn't foul, just truthful of his experience. And you all try so desperately to defame him, just like you did in the forums. Why. Why not just be adult about it. Apologize and be done with it. The sooner you let it go, the sooner your community will recover from the damage it caused itself.

And Leo readers. Would Mike have sent a letter to Leo unless his experience was bad. I think not. Besides, he was venting his hurt through his writing (because that can be very theraputic) and never even tought Leo would really post it. But this assassination of his charater is really just a sample of what you can all expect from the MOJO community. What are you afraid of Chuck? Just say you should have investigated into it sooner, you have since done so, you got rid of the problem makers and your sorry Mr. Reese had to go through that." Then go on with your lives.

This is my last post. I think the Louisville community is smarter than the few Mofo's (as they like to call themselves on Mojo; I don't have a clue why, becauses its MOJO, not MOFO) give them credit.

Mike has already stated his not coming back here. And it appears neither are his sisters. They too must feel their points were well made. But with my experience on Mojo and seeing their experience first hand on Mojo, makes me fighting mad. So I tend to digress even though I have been able to point out the flaws in every single article any MOFO has posted thus far, and thus made my point long ago. So, Mofo elders, I don't feel Mike ever pushed himself on you in the forums, he has posted less here in LEO than I or the Mofo community; thus meaning to me, his character isn't as you say. Plus, he is one of the kindest people I have ever gotten to know in my life time. It's just too bad you all didn't want to get to know him. He's funny, kind, loyal, honest, curteous and just an all around special person. I've known Mike for 30 years now. He's a great guy.

When I moved back to this area, he was the first to welcome me back. No sorry, the second. Another friend did that. But he was the first to welcome me back and keep in close contact with me. He is very loyal to his friends. As I suspect Mofo elders are to theirs. And that's ok, if there not hurting someone else. I know if I attacked someone verbally, Mike would be the first to say, "that's not very nice".

But I digress.

Goodbye Mojo. You won't be missed.

My first, last and only comment on Mr. reese and family

By Serpntene

Your behavior is not unlike that of my four year old when I tell her she can't have ice cream from the truck when it comes through the neighborhood. You and your sisters can no longer log on to Louisville Mojo and bait its users with your outrageous behavior so you have, instead, opted to come here to cause an uproar by complaining that you cannot log onto Louisville Mojo and cause uproars.

Every member of Louisville Mojo who has come here to defend the reasons for your banning has been met with sarcasm and more excuses that are tantamount to you running to tell your mother that a bully is after you when you, in fact, kicked his dog to deserve the treatment you are recieving.

You were warned repeatedly by the moderators of the site to change your behavior. You were advised privately by myself and MANY other members, not without your solicitation I might add, about how to find your place on mojo. Chuck himself (you know, the guy who created the site) warned you publicly to cease and desist making a nuisance of yourself. Instead of doing as you were asked, you not only continued, you brought other people to the site to assist you in your actions. Now, I am not a moderator or an administrator, so I cannot attest to the IP address(es) that were banned because of you, but I CAN attest to the fact that the usernames other than RadGuy, who claimed to be your sisters, articulated themselves very much the same way that you do. It is easy to have made the assumption that they were you from my personal stance.

All of that said - I ask you to stop and consider the fact that, while Mojo is free to use, it is still a privately owned and operated website. That means that the owners and operators of the site have every right in the world to ban you without reason if they feel like it. As a matter of fact, it does say in the TOS (paraphrased, of course) that you will not only be banned at the whim of the moderators but you will also be laughed at and publicly ridiculed after the fact. Now, if you'd bothered to read "Da Rules", you would know that and you would also understand that coming here and complaining that the users of the site were mean to you is rather redundant.

Best of luck to you in your endeavors for sympathy, Michael and family.


Again, nice try.

By RadGuy

Serp, you and all the others who have come to "defend the honor" of Mojo are members of the "old-timer's group" who were the very people who attacked me as soon as I joined Mojo. I'm afraid you and their comments are a little like the Bush cabinet coming forth to "defend" the Republicans and George W. Bush - no credibility. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY who is in the "high school clique" has posted anything but the usual "Down With RadGuy" stuff in this forum on LEO - I realize it is a lot to ask, but try to actually read and comprehend the many letters in this forum (specifically from Lark - who has been a member longer than you and who you attacked because she called you out regarding your "relationship" with Prosper - all the while ragging on him as a social misfit behind his back)from other members who are not me and who are, as well, fed up with the foulness and high school mentality of Mojo. Lark has been personal friends with Chuck for many years (something you cannot claim), so for her to say what she did in this forum speaks volumes. Read what she said - I know the truth hurts you and your little clique - but give it a try. You also never forgave me for deleting you from my "posse" - which by the way - if you found me so annoying why did you repeatedly join my posse until I realized what a nasty person you were and deleted you for good? Lark was quite correct in her post that day that Prosper could do a lot better than you - and you have proven her correct yet again.

Now go back to your clique and try to think of something remotely intelligent and/or truthful to post here. You see, this is not Mojo - one must be somewhat articulate and intelligent to have any credibility here and darlin', I'm afraid you just don't cut it.

Best -


More slander...

By Suzieq1201

I personally came on the site to meet people. And was very nice and never was asked to defend Mike. I defend him on Leo because the 'Elders' of Mojo treated us all as if we were dogs under their feet, and told us we were MIKEs multiple profiles. They have said that about others we don't even know. she says as she continues on> Why do you continue your lies.

Also...I have snag it. In case you Mofo's (as you call yourselves) were not able to pick up on that.

These Mofos, who frequent Petrus, are loud, obnoxious hateful people. If one lie fails them, they make up other stuff. (Which I'm sure you've noticed in all their postings Louisville. First it was he was annoying, then it was he had multiple profiles, then ...geeze I really don't feel like boring you since you already know.)


As they so often said to others they DITCHED ON MOJO and DIDN'T want in THEIR CLIQUE:



Go back to PETRUS (their favorite watering hole) and drink some more and maybe you guys can come up with something more intellectual.

Trailer trash (oops... did I stoop to their level?) Oh my. They do have a habit of rubbing off.) Feel free to stop by David_1's profile and see some of the other things he says about some woman he knows. (Besides calling her trailer trash that is.) Its full of filthy words about her. IF he hasn't already removed it. >I have snag it< she says as she starts to leave.

Goodbye Mojo.



What you make it...

By Burrito is what you make of it.

I have been a member for six months and have experienced none of what Mr. Reese has suggested is the norm for the site, in fact, I have made a good circle of friends from those I have met. In the time that I have been on MOJO I have never been harassed in any way, shape, or form from any other member and would not be a member if I were. I think that goes for all of the other members of MOJO that are active memebers.

Every community, like Louisville itself, has a diverse population and with the number of people that are on MOJO you are going to have the same situations come up. It is up to the law enforcement in those communities (in this case Chuck) to make determinations on what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Oh, and by the way, I have met Chuck and he is not the villain that you say he is.

If you were so "unhappy" with MOJO like you say you were, JUST DON'T GO THERE. There are millions of other websites where you can meet people and give your opinions.



By Suzieq1201

So glad you were excepted by them. But if you go on Mojo, you will see that someone named Wumpus (under the 'ok TRUCE' forum) is also experiencing the rath of Mojo elders. And also has been accused of being Radguy. So just because you had a good experience, doesn't mean the rest of us have.

Why did Mike continue. I'm told because he had make some friends there and they liked him and his humor and he wanted to continue going there for his friends. Wouldn't you.

They shouldn't have harassed him. If they didn't like what he said they didin't have to post in his threads. If they didn't like him, THEY didn't have to post in his threads. It works both ways.

Join RadGang!

By RadGuy

Hi guys - I finally have my own forum - RadGang. Kudos to Google for giving the people of Louisville who are NICE, DECENT, GENUINELY FUNNY and KIND a forum for them. We don't need no Mojo - let the "usual gang of idiots" have at it.

Yay me!


Louisville BlowJoe

By darlene sommers

I'd like to say this about LM.
This is a site not unlike AOL. Steve case brought millions of internet junkies to his ISP and created a massive Web site in doing it at 21.00 per month. The only problem with this was that the power he gave the moderators of this site was too much power and if you were not in the clique of the particular room or disscusion groups you could be easily booted out, have your screenname banned from the particular group or ultimately lose your account.
Now the only problem with this is that while AOL and Mojo are of course privately owned and can edit and make rules....they both depended on the adversity of their members to grow memberships. I'm not a great communicator but what I mean is this....many flocked to AOL for the adversity in chat rooms, for the sex in chat rooms, and the outrageousness and while AOL's terms of service spelled all the reasons out what would get your account deleted it depended on the terms of service being ignored for it's very existance. Moderators were given total subjectivity to the TOS rules and total power to delete an account.
Now as we all can see AOL is in a shitload of trouble.
Mojo is the same. They attact and welcome TOS infractions by allowing members (mostly female) to cater to those who will answer an "advertisement"(an advertisment being a half dressed or even less woman in her photo's). Members can post provocotive photos and then wonder why they get outrageous comments. Go figure. This is hypocritical of the site owners.
I have looked at the "advice" section and it's a joke how and what is said in this section.
I've seen profiles of female members that belong in playboy and comments posted that would make Xaviar blush.
It's all a joke anyway, that Chuck jackass is a hyprocrtie and sounds like some sissy from High School that got his ass kicked a few too many times and had to create a haven for himself that provides absolute power.
It's laughable because who really cares about Louisville Mojo or it's members? Who cares if you get banned? It's a hypocritical piece of shit website thats good for a laugh once in a while.
So accept it for what it is and stop giving Milk Money to it's owner because it's making him money and he can just delete the perceived bullies at his disgression and not have his milk money taken like in high school.
New Albany


By Suzieq1201

I was not going to post again, but a friend told me, "go look" and I did.

YOU ARE SO RIGHT. I applaud you. Thanks for showing what we've said to be true. And you are right. By continuing this we feed the hand that slapped us in the face by giving him free publicity.

It did not dawn on me until recently which I posted I believe last night.

Thanks again Darlene.

To the LEO editors

By furious angel

Could you please just delete this entire discussion about Radguy and Mojo? And for the love of Pete I hope you didn't seriously allow yourselves to publish his rant.

This guy has proven to be seriously unbalanced and a troublemaker, simply to get attention (and yes, I realize I'm adding to it here) for whatever reason he has.

But he's proven that the reason for his ouster was sound, and his fan club is just as guilty as he is. He just wants attention and validation. Attention is easier to get, but validation implies that his original complaint had a shred of validity to begin with.

And thus far, I haven't seen any.

Seriously, if Chuck, who is one of the most laid-back and forgiving people I've ever met, not only feels compelled to pull a ban-for-life on this guy but to also make a comment about it on his own site's main page, then there's something seriously wrong with the former mofo.

I've noticed that Rad and his fan club have never directly addressed accusations of what he did in the forums. He has not denied them, which to an outside observer would imply that he acknowledges that he did these things. But he will not address them.

Why? Because he's too busy trying to vilify others for the trouble he started. The bully analogy is a little hazy, but basically accurate. He didn't get what he wanted - to be a troll and get away with it - so he goes to the next local website to air his dirty laundry.

I'm just waiting for an op-ed piece by him in the C-J if this LEO thing doesn't work out for him.

You guys really are obsessed with me, huh?

By RadGuy

And yet again (I feel like a broken record) Furious is one of the lovely foul posters who delights in putting others down on a regular basis, so again - you have no credibility here, Furious. LEO will not delete any of these comments because their organization is not run by a bunch of "elite" A-holes who like to keep their 10 or so "inner circle (and I don't mean the paying Inner Circle which is a complete ripoff) happy by letting them post porno pictures and spew forth their usual venon on anyone new or remotely humerous and/or witty. Its called freedom of speech, Furious, and I would highly recommend you and all your lovely friends at Mojo (including dearest Chuck and David) read up on the topic (I'm not sure what your reading comprehension is, however, so this may be a tall order). And yet again (do I win something for repeating that phrase over and over?) the reason I have not addressed the "allegations" against me is because said accusations are complete drivel, baseless and retarded - I didn't do anything on Mojo except dare to be funny, witty and offend the regular posters who are none of those two adjectives. You and your friends are grasping at straws, trying to find something I actually did WRONG - sorry dude, but I guess just keep on trying. You do realize how ridiculous you and your "buddies" have come across to LEO and its readers, don't you? You have proven my point beyond a shadow of a doubt and I'm even amazed how well you have all proved your ignorance. But you have made for entertaining reading, at least. Kind of like Geore W. Bush trying to convince the American people how he was right all along and anyone who disagreed was "anti-American" and a fool. Guess what happened to him and his Republican Party this week? Kinda like what happened to Louisville Mojo, and I think that is absolutely hilarious. Read the letter below from Darlene - or is SHE RadGuy too? She MUST be, as she believes that site is a joke as well, right?

Best -

Michael Reese


By furious angel

Michael, did I say Darlene was Radguy? Did I say anyone but you was Radguy?

And thanks for comparing me to the president, gosh, thanks, but I don't obfuscate.

Sure I insult people. I'll admit to it. But I don't dogpile on people like you have me pegged as doing.

As for my credibility being in question... by whom and by what criteria? Yours? How is my credibility judged here? Because against yours, it's holding up brilliantly.

You want this page to use as a forum to blather on about how unfair you were treated, go ahead. Just don't expect anyone but your fan club to take you seriously.

As for allegations... prove them if you can. I doubt you can. Hence the retreat into "complete drivel, baseless and retarded" territory. You can't prove anything you say, so you fall back on the wounded victim card, ceaselessly.

As for grasping at straws, I think you're looking at the wrong set of hands. What you did wrong, as has been pointed out to you several times, was to violate a posted set of rules repeatedly while you were on mojo. That, and that alone, was what got you kicked off the site. Offers were made by the very people in charge you choose to vilify, in which they offered you free run of another city's mojo in exchange for leaving Louisville alone. My understanding was that you accepted this in lieu of permanently being banned, but reneged on your agreement by coming back to Louisville and starting the same thing over again.

Again, prove me wrong.

As for me, I don't have to try anything. I'm just baiting you into yet another diatribe here. Not much effort at all.

But the more you reply here, the worse it gets for you when read by anyone who has an objective, outside-the-box opinion. You're rallying troops who aren't there for a battle that's already been lost.

Good try...

By Suzieq1201

I can prove them.

I have Snag it.

Do you?

Go for it

By furious angel

You say you can prove it, do so. Talk the talk, walk the walk.

And so far, all your snagits have come up saying 'i have snagit i have snagit', so you might want to use a different program.

For the record, for anyone else who may be reading this, I was a moderator several months ago, but quit. I have no ties to the people that run mojo, other than acquaintances with some of them. My opinions are my own. The dogpile mentality ascribed to me is false, as I express how I feel and not some mojo company line against Michael and company.

As such, any responses I make do not, cannot and should not be construed as anything other than a personal response. I do not represent mojo officially or in any other capacity, so anything I say here will not accurately reflect any perceived notion of an 'official' mojo response.

Bring it on, Suzie. Quote away and let's see what you've got.

OH and also.

By Suzieq1201

Quit stealing our material. We've already said this to you all "But the more you reply here, the worse it gets for you when read by anyone who has an objective". Your so original.

And yes, that's what you do best isn't it, bait people on Mojo into cutting others down. Hmmmm. Point taken.


By Suzieq1201

i can't believe I"m posting after more dribble again.

Would Leo please help me figure out how to post these snagged photos of whole pages of MOJO that include Furious Angel attacking people.

Never mind, maybe I'll just post them in the Louisville Courier Journal.




Don't expect much right now, we just started it late last night. We are still working on it and hope you will join us and give us some of your support and good advice.

We love you Louisville, even if Mojo don't.

Louisville BlowJoe

By darlene sommers

You guys have to remember that BlowJoe is a private site I believe so they are not "bound" by free speech, which makes it even worse.
The best course of action is to simply forget the piece of shit site and hopefully others will see it for what it is: A hypocritical site that uses the low self esteem of it's female members for profit.
It is funny though, and it's good for a laugh especially if you have a floating IP. I really enjoy looking at the skanks who feel it's a duty to post their fat asses on the site. Additionally you would think Louisville is the Runway capitol of the world, I swear I never knew Louisville had so many "Models"....I must live in a cave because I sure have never seen so many "models" walking about town here.
Additionally for the real "takes the cake" hypocracy check out the "Advice" section and see if any TOS have been breached by the so-called panel experts! It's a gas! What a load of shit, what a load of idiots!
Lastly no amount of pieces of shit,hypocritical, womb owned web sites can ruin my day since John Yarmuth won his Congressional race. Kudos John!
I remain.
NA Indiana

Wow...what courage...

By Suzieq1201

Not many have your courage to come fourth against, Mojo. I love the way you call it Blowjoe. Because it does blow. We'd love to forget it, but Mojo feels so threatened by us that they continue to defile us here. It wans't enough to defile us on Blowjoe. They haven't the guts, the sense, nor the courage to own up to there mistake and admit they goofed. Their childishness and defensiveness of their precious site illudes me. I would love to go the Petrus one day just to see what the crowd of losers look like and confirm to myself that they aren't worthy of the attention.

I loved the way you described Chuck in your earlier post. But I think the whole clan "were" the bullies in highschool, myself. Because bullies will be bullies, and they never admit to being wrong, no matter what. Only one of them ever appologized and he was being sarcastic.

Double Kudos for letting everyone know the truth.

And thanks.

I have an idea

By furious angel

Why don't those of you who were thrown off the site list the reasons that were given for them doing so, then rebut that? No distortions of what they told you, no polemics. Just facts, and your rebuttal.

You're so interested in putting out the truth of the matter, now's your chance.

Consider this a challenge.

Let It Be.

By RadGuy

Jeez Furious, are things that slow and boring on Mojo that you feel the need to return to this site and beat a dead horse? I'm supposedly the "attention whore" and yet even I'M bored with the whole RadGuy/Mojo thing! I'm sure Louisville Mojo will survive and thrive despite the trauma of this week's letter and I'm sure RadGuy will survive and thrive despite the trauma of this week's letter. Who cares? Aren't there more important things in the world to ponder and discuss? Enough already! The Beatles said it best...


dead horse

By darlene sommers

I tend to agree here.....this gal is a drama queen and quite likely the one the LM site owner paid to envelope his small member.

Mojo is a constant source of entertainment

By romany

I'm lost after reading all the posts and would like to know who is the notorious radguy and what exactly did he do to anyone? I think is great for finding out about stuff that's happening in Louisville and some of the people are nice, while many are not. Desperate men types 1 & 2 have joined Mojo at an exceedingly high rate this year. The high school sex messages, i.e. would you sex me hard? from Mojo users are ignorant as hell, especially coming from people you do not know, like if they send you enough you'll break down and spread your legs. Anyway the first time I made an account there I had a decent experience I would say, then deleted my account because I met someone, then relisted after the breakup, also have relisted my account a few times because of abusive members. I had bellydance pics, not in any way nude or vulgar, and expected to hear some cracks about them, and I have gotten filthy messages even when my pics were pure enough to be advertised on a christian website. Last year my identity got stolen and I do believe my problem happened while I was chatting on louisville mojo, but have no "hard evidence" so to speak. It caused me all kinds of problems and I did contact Mojo but was finally blown off. Identity theft can and will happen anywhere and I suppose there was nothing much the owners could do, I just always felt so protected because of the mojo rules and how they talk about johnny law subpeonaing people but no longer take it too seriously. Common sense tells you that there is some sort of clique on the website and you have to do your best. I have been harrassed by people on there saying things I wouldn't repeat here, even reported them occasionally. Many times they seem to come from the same type of person or peoples. FYI You can report abusive people by hitting the abuse link on the message, then the person who runs the site sees what's happening. If there are other local sites out there besides Mojo and I personally would like to find one that is not so sex driven and full of pushy marauders. I know how it feels to lose your account and it would upset anyone, there were people I was just talking to not two months ago and I had to delete my account because of harrassment, (no pics problems yet but I'll be looking out for that!) and I also found out I was talking to my ex. I've never been kicked off there but have removed myself many, many times. Sometimes I wonder who really is messing with who on Mojo at any rate. The Chuck person/his people can run the site how they want I believe, correct me if I'm wrong. I do think there should be another site for people who want something different in the louisville area, but most chat rooms do get ugly from time to time. Why don't some of you people start your own website, for real, outdo Mojo if you can, and ask others to join, quite possibly name it "Mature in Louisville" a site intended for those who are mature enough to know they can't have their cake and eat it too. These are truly my thoughts on Mojo.

user Aficionado from Mojo

Small but mighty...

By RadGuy

Hi there, Aficionado - I'm the notorious RadGuy and the ironic and funny if it weren't so pathetic reason I was "kicked off" Mojo is because I was - are you ready? - funny. And witty. And it royally pissed off Chuck's Cheesy Chumps who couldn't deal with a new person invading their turf and not droning on about who they had sex with, what they should have for lunch, who they should crucify today, etc. As for another site, I have indeed started one on Google - we're small but mighty and you can actually be funny and witty without fear of reprisal or censorship! Try us out - but remember, we just started so there are no sex perverts or hateful middle-aged women, so it might see dull right now. Spread the word!

Speaking of Mojo, I just found this gem posted by someone called Cardinal Scooby:

RadGuy is a pedophile.

Any of the "usual gang of idiots" care to defend that?

Truth, as I see it.

By Laura East

He annoyed people with his "Ur THOTS?" threads constantly, the big pictures of Ashton Kutcher, then the Beatles, and what's called internet trolling. He basically went into a thread and mucked it up with silly forums, but really it's a silly forum. I think what bugged people so much was that he was annoying to them, they were mean to get him to go away and he didn't. It's escelated and the whole group behavior kicked in and suddenly everyone was feeding off each other. Both sad and common.

I do think Radguy was annoying, maybe not annoying enough to get kicked off and I think it's unfortunate for his sisters to be kicked off of as well. I do absolutely love mojo and uhm, for the poster that said he is making money off of this, kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP. If you ever read the site you'd know it needs constant upgrades and he isn't making money off of it, in fact it was originally for a web design job, to show he was good at designing one. Get your facts straight before throwing out accusations.

It's really unfortunate that they were kicked off and that you didn't like the site. I really do think it sucks that you were dogpiled. You weren't funny though, just didn't fit the grain. I wouldn't say they didn't like you because you were funny, or even interesting, it was because you refused ot be bullied. What I think made people hate you was that you not only got upset about it, but continuously came back and did the same things that pissed the same people off. If you run into a forum, you need to be able to not piss the people that have posted in it for months/years off. It's just part of it, think of it like work. You don't want to piss everyone there off.

I do hope you find a better home, but please, do not blame this on Chuck, he had no wet hands of this. The members that are defending it, are doing so because we all get some thing good out of mojo. You my friend, may have only gotten a little tougher skin, but every lesson learned means you don't have to (hopefully) learn it again.

Oh and what's with the caps locks? Seriously, it looks silly and water downs your post.

Best of luck to you and your sisters in finding your Eutopia,
Laura East

My two Honest Abes

By IbeHoey

I have been on Mojo for about 2 years now. I wouldnt consider my self an "Elder" or even an avid forum poster, but I have seen first hand the darkness that resides within the community.

My 1st year and half on the site went by real smoothly, it was everything you would expect from an online community based here in Louisville, friendly, courteous, and a GREAT alternative to MySpace. For me personally, (and I know this a seperate issue of its own) I had a bad feeling that things were going to become ugly when I first heard about the Inner Circle accounts. For outsiders that dont know, Mojo (which is 100% free) started offering "premium" accounts with added features for who ever wanted to pay for them. Now before I start another mud slinging debate, let me say that I thought this was a good idea based on the notion that the added income would help foot the bill needed to keep Mojo online.

With the new accounts in place, this split the community into two groups, those who pay for mojo and those who dont, and as a result, we now have the "if your not in, your out" clique. So for anyone wanting to oppose this and voice thier opinion on the matter would quickly be labeled as non-supportive (even cheap) and were given the same treatment as what Radguy is speaking of; harrasment, irrational understanding and tasteless photoshoping, So I guess what im trying to say is the example given above is proof that a "if your not in, your out" clique does exsist within the Mojo community, and its no coincidence that the very people opposing Radguy, are in fact, part of this clique.

All things aside, Mojo is a great community thats pack full of interesting people and offers a medium from which I can use to (not with out harassment of course) express and share my ideas. I see it as being merely a reflection of our society, where the "elders" of Mojo are nothing more than the cheerleading squads of high school, if your not "in", your out.

Thank you.

By RadGuy

I really appreciate your taking the time to post, Ibehoey. I think we're finally getting to the bottom of the whole Mojo exclusivity and clique tone. I did not realize all of what you mentioned since I joined in July apparently long after the IC status began. That would explain a whole lot - I actually eventually paid for an IC account and as soon as I did I got a nasty email from David, an administrator (who by the way was at one time banned himself), basically telling me that even though I was now IC I was not particularly welcome to post or welcome on the site. He stopped just short of deleting my account and so I slogged on to the continuing chorus of "RadGuy Hate" posts and obscene photos until I had had enough and asked to have my account deleted (without any refund of my IC money, of course). To set the record straight - I was NEVER deleted by anyone other than myself - ever. After the last time I deleted myself I decided I still wanted to post with my friends, so I came back and was then told I was banned for eternity - even though my account had never been deleted except by me. Chuck has a nice little racket going there - get your money and then if you don't join in on the mudslinging and obscene photocropping out you go with no refund. Also, my sister Stacy had her account deleted after paying to be IC a few days before because David decided she must be me, even though she is NOT me, we live in different homes, different ISP's, etc. and all he had to do was look that info up. So they basically stole her money as well as mine.

Again, thanks so much for your post. Finally, the day before the next issue comes out, I feel like you (and a few others here) have given me the answers I have been seeking for so long as to why someone who never had an unkind or negative word to say to anyone was harrassed so viciously and eventually banned for no reason. The rather obnoxious puzzle that is Louisville Mojo has been solved, at least for me.

Michael Reese (RadGuy)

I'm beating a dead horse......

By Laura East

Again you take the good with the bad, it's unfair to label Mojo a horrible place because of a few crappy people. You weren't well liked in Chit Chat/Short Bus/Etc, do you know what most people would've done? Gotten out of the forum, why stay in a place you don't feel welcome in? I do think that if you had gone to Chuck and explained it all to him you would've gotten your money back for your sister. You wouldn't for you because you deleted yourself, and they don't give back refunds if you dismember. If you still really want your money back for your sisters I think if you send a detailed hotbox he'd at least think about it. That's one of the beauties of Mojo, Chuck is local, and you can meet him in person. He's a regular person, just like everyone else. He still works for a living and keeps up with Mojo in his spare time. Now at least your sister could be able to get herself upgraded again for free, so she could get the full advantage of her paid for inner circle account.

Thanks again,
Laura East

Your suggestions sound great, however...

By RadGuy

I WAS well-liked in Chit Chat by quite a few members (I had I believe 28 members in my posse) believe it or not (in fact, that is what David himself told me when I tried to dismember once). The only people who did not like me were the same ones who generally dislike anyone new or who does not continually praise their "humor" and/or "wit", which I refused to do because they had neither. Why SHOULD I have had to go to a different forum because the IC members did not care for my humor when many people DID? And it was always the same cast of characters: Angie Redefined, Styyx, Belle, Eric, Guru, Quixotic and ten or so others). As for going to Chuck with the IC problems, I did on several occasions and he ignored all my emails. If this guy is so open and available I would hate to encounter him when he is being secretive and unavailable! What I truly find amusing is the fact that, even though I am no longer posting and the forum has become extremely boring (I'm told) people start their "own" RadGuy threads or post about "missing" RadGuy quite frequently - doesn't sound like someone horrifically unpopular to me. :)

Does it really matter in the great scheme of things? If you like that sort of website by all means use it and enjoy it. Just accept the fact that a lot of people don't - it's that simple.

Boring is as boring does.

By Laura East

I have been in the forums, and there has been no mention of missing you. I'm not trying to me mean, but really I've seen not a single thread about it. I did have a thread title mixing you with Borat, but that was the closest you got to being mentioned. Okay, I thought that you yourself thought you were unliked, you've said so in previous posts, so I guess you were liked as well. Oh and I was in your posse, in fact I was in your 12 pack, but I'm sure you don't remember that. My name is KewlerthanToast on Mojo, so yes I was in your posse. I didn't say I didn't like you, but I think a few spoiled it for you and not all of Mojo is like that. Sadly, I know all the names you would list and have seen some of them do it before, and you won't be the last.
I do think it's unfair however to say that most people don't like the site, I think it's a great deal that do. It's the small amount that really get walked on that don't, which I really understand. We all got mad fun of the first couple of times we posted, trust me. We just all deal with it in different ways.
Again, I hope your Radgang is what you were looking for and you have lots of joy having it. Sorry your experience with Mojo was less than thrilling, but there's always hope for the future isn't there?

Laura East

Mojo superimposed pics

By romany

This has became silly about Mojo and I'm laughing at the whole ordeal, especially at how hot everyone on both sides is getting hot over it. I try to remain neutral at any rate and think people should be fair. Everyone is entitled to their comments and here's mine. Today I liked being on Mojo, tomorrow I may hate it. This is more of a question than anything to radguy or anybody who will answer, "people were allowed to post obscene photos of my head superimposed on graphically pornographic images, all without any consequence whatsoever." Did you know this is illegal? I had a friend who had pics of her done the same way sexually by her ex-husband. Did you put your images in a gallery? If so, there is a disclaimer that says they become the property of mojo, always wondered why it said that. Do you know who the people were that did that to your pics?


By darlene sommers

Just a reinforcement of how lame BloeJoe is. I see the debate is still active. Unfortunely BloeJoe is ran by one of small gentailia and is a former target for milk money thieves.
Bloejoe's hyprocracy is only surpassed by some of the morons who throw their half dressed bodies on profiles then cry to the site that they have been harassed by comments posted under their half nude fat asses. This behavior must have been induced by 1) Daddy molestation or B) Good Ole Uncle Joe petting. Wake up ladies and smell the stench you are dogs and self promoting floozies.
Total hypocrites and wombs.


By Mugsy

Let me get this straight.
You actually wrote a letter to the newspaper telling the whole city that noone likes you? What's the matter, the 100,000 people actually on Mojo weren't enough?
I'm real, real glad that I left before you showed up. Since most of my friends are mojoers, and I am forced to hear updates daily on how fun and exciting it is over there, I have been hearing about you for a few months.
Noone thinks you were funny. Noone.
And frankly I take umberage at you being called a troll. That really diminishes the art of trolling.
LEO, my hat is off to you. This is possibly the stupidest thing you've ever published.

Built like a linebacker,

By cciting
Built like a linebacker, sporting a shortly cropped Mohawk.