October 31, 2006

Unendorsed Candidate Response

Rep. Northup responds to Yarmuth endorsementLast week, LEO endorsed Democratic challenger John Yarmuth, who founded this newspaper, in the 3rd Congressional District election. This week, Rep. Anne Northup responds.I appreciate that in your endorsement of my opponent, you acknowledged my reputation for hard work on behalf of our community. I have prided myself on the accomplishments we have achieved for Louisville during my 10 years in Washington. There is no doubt that my seniority on the Appropriations Committee puts me in a position to direct federal dollars to local projects. But the real value of my seat on Appropriations is that every department head must come before my committee to request funding. In the process, they invariably describe new pilot programs or innovations that they would like to implement in various parts of the country. My office has been extremely successful in identifying local community based organizations that could participate in those new programs, and matching them up with the corresponding federal agencies. Everything from low-income housing to after-school and early education programs have benefited as a result. This is, of course, in addition to federal dollars we have brought back for improvements to our park system and Waterfront Park and, yes, two new Ohio River bridges. In addition, the Veterans Administration this past summer announced that Louisville will be the recipient of a brand new, state-of-the art veterans hospital.Louisville has a lot at stake in the upcoming election. Because of the Democratic rules in Congress that prohibit freshmen members from joining the Appropriations Committee, my opponent would be relegated to a lesser committee if he were elected. As a result, all of the important local projects that we rely on to help those most in need will have less access to federal funding. I acknowledge that your editorial staff and I disagree on many national issues. But our member of Congress must be in a position to successfully advocate on Louisville’s behalf. My seniority on the Appropriations Committee leaves me uniquely positioned to do just that.I have loved representing this community in Washington for the last 10 years. It has truly been a privilege. I am asking the voters to return me, so that we can continue working on all of the local projects that are so vital to a growing and thriving city.

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By indie

I hope that the citizens of this community will not be swayed by Ms. Northup's comments. While it would be unfortunate to lose a representative who is on the appropriations committee, that should not be a reason to keep her on. With that logic, she will be replaced. The fact is that she is a career politian, not a true representative. She doesn't VOTE for things that all good for the average Kentuckian. I compare her plea and holding out the appropriations as a carrot to mental bribery.

The fact is that Mr. Yarmth has great ideas, and he couldn't have come so far in life by being a wimp. We need a change and someone of good ethical character. Ms. Northup has done little other to attack Mr. Yarmuth, and doesn't even have the balls to still call herself a Republican in her ads. If your party is so righteous and mighty, don't try to hide the fact that you support George Bush and vote with him as much as you can.

People need to remember that the little bit of money she throws at Louisville do nothing for the betterment of life as a whole. She has voted against minimum wage increases and voted to take away over time pay by reclassifying workers.

How does she justify giving tax breaks to companies like Exxon when they make profits in the billions. That is corporate welfare and needs to be stopped. Now she needs to be stopped.