November 28, 2006

Bluegrass Politics - Let the games begin ...

With this week’s decision by U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler (D) not to seek the governorship next year, we should expect to see a flurry of activity from both sides of the political divide in the coming weeks as prospective candidates begin jockeying for position among the seven statewide offices up for election next November.Nowhere in Kentucky are quality candidates for the various slots more plentiful than right here in Louisville, particularly among Democrats (presently, the only Louisvillian among the constitutional officeholders is estranged Lt. Gov. Steve Pence). So, let’s take a look at some Louisvillians who might be looking at (or recruited for) some of the 2007 races:Governor/Lt. GovernorFormer Lt. Gov. Steve Henry (D) has made it clear that he’s ready to set sail on gubernatorial waters in the coming weeks, but he’s unlikely to be the only local Democrat aiming for the top job as both former congressional candidate Jack Conway and businessman Charlie Owen (Chandler’s 2003 running mate) are taking a hard look at a run. Also, 2003 gubernatorial candidate Bruce Lunsford and businessman Ron Geary are rumored to be interested as well.Among Republicans, Lt. Gov. Steve Pence remains coy about his level of interest while outgoing U.S. Rep. Anne Northup has not indicated whether she’s even exploring it. Some have floated State Rep. Scott Brinkman as a moderate Republican who could emerge as a consensus candidate if Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R) opts out.Attorney GeneralIf Attorney General Greg Stumbo (D) decides to seek the governorship instead of a second term, keep your eye on several locals as potential candidates for this post.County Attorney Irv Maze (D) is known to be eying the job, and one potentially strong candidate is Circuit Judge Ann O’Malley Shake, who narrowly lost her bid for Kentucky Supreme Court this month. Shake’s strong credentials and non-partisan reputation, and the fact that a woman has never held the office, would make her an attractive candidate to voters tired of political gamesmanship. Among Republicans, while Pence and Brinkman have been mentioned, someone like Metro Councilwoman Ellen Call should not be overlooked, given her experience and political connections. AuditorShould incumbent Crit Luallen (D) not seek re-election, former Secretary of State John Y. Brown III (D) is widely believed to be considering a return to statewide office. Attorney Jennifer Moore (D), a rising young star in Democratic Party circles, is regarded as a top-shelf candidate for statewide office if she chooses to run in 2007 (some believe Moore would prefer to wait until 2011), and 2006 Democratic congressional candidates Andrew Horne and James Moore demonstrated that they have the right stuff to thrive in the political arena and would be strong contenders for such a substantive office.Secretary of StateAfter flirting with making his own bid for governor next year, Secretary of State Trey Grayson (R) settled on seeking re-election instead, but he’s not likely to get by without a challenge, particularly following an election that experienced vote tally delays and in a state that could use some serious electoral reform when it comes to issues like extending polling hours and allowing early voting.Audrey Haynes (D), a former aide to President Clinton and Vice President Gore, has long been talked about as a formidable challenger, while others have suggested State Rep. Joni Jenkins (D) as a capable candidate. TreasurerThere are no shortages of potential candidates to succeed Treasurer Jonathan Miller (D), who finds himself term-limited. Metro Councilman David Tandy (D), another rising star, is known to be taking a close look at the race. State Sen. Denise Harper Angel (D) would make an attractive statewide candidate, given her experience, and Amy Shir (D), who lost a bid to unseat State Rep. Bob DeWeese (R), showed herself to be a quality candidate with an impressive background in finance, making her well suited for this post. Don’t overlook attorneys Craig Greenberg and Dan Borsch; Borsch successfully managed Rep.-elect John Yarmuth’s (D) primary campaign this year.Republicans might find this office as a perfect stepping-stone for some impressive younger talent in Louisville, such as Northup campaign manager Patrick Neely, Metro Councilwoman Julie Raque Adams, Les Fugate, a top aide to Secretary of State Grayson, or lobbyist Riggs Lewis. Keep an eye on all of them.As the jockeying begins for the 2007 races, Louisville is teeming with political talent that may find itself scattered throughout next year’s statewide races, the outcomes of which will be crucial to determining the ultimate direction of the state.  Contact the writer at

Mark Nickolas, Who are you

By get real

Mark Nickolas,

Who are you trying to kid? First you say that Shake was "narrowly" defeated?!?!?! What a laugh, she was clobbered. In an election when only one (1) county (not statewide Mark) can vote, a loss by 7,132 votes and 4% points BEHIND is a CLOBBER! 7,132 VOTES!!! Where was she going to make that HUGE difference up? Shake would have had to beg every patron in more than ONE Super Kroger to make up the HUGE 7,132 votes that went to McAnulty. What? Do you think you are speaking to the Lonely Hearts Club Chatroom you operate? Sorry, Mr. Nickolas THIS crowd is not as gullible as your chatroom bloghole you operate. We are not lonely sitting on our computer waiting for your crazy halftruths you pump out daily on that chatroom full of the LONELY folks.

With respect to YOUR pick for Auditor, Jennifer Moore. Isn't that the SAME Jennifer Moore you touted on your blog when you asked your lonely readers to "CHARGE" the KDP to throw out Lundergan and for them to DEMAND that Jennifer Moore be put in charge? Isn't that the same meeting that YOU refused to attend? Isn't that the same meeting where only TWO of your lonely readers showed up with their mouths SHUT? Did Jennifer Moore ask you to tell your lonely readers to "CHARGE" the KDP meeting to OUST Lundergan and put Moore in? Or, Did you come up with that idea all by yourself? No one outside of your little lonely hearts blog has heard of Jennifer Moore. Auditor? You may not know this Nickolas but anyone you endorse as a candidate, even as dog catcher, is going to have a tough time getting elected. In fact, candidates should really distance themselves from you. Rumors swirling around the coffee houses are that people would NEVER vote for anyone you endorse. Looks like you are a has-been - but at least you still have your little "lonelys" to chat with.


By jstivers

Apparently you are a troll for someone in the KDP. As an anon you must feel safe to spew your mouth with negative comments.

I was one of the THREE that appeared at the KDP, maybe I saw you,dont know. But you apparently saw US.Just before the meeting, while standing outside talking with several citizens from out of town, there was a concern by the KDP that there may be a larger crowd than the three of us that showed up. Nervious . . . about what?

I could see people taking pictures, doing video recording, looking out the window, sending their pawns outside to listen to others conversation. Now if this is not the actions of someone that has something to hide and has a "fear factor" then maybe u can tell me what that action was?

There was no public challenge to the KDP leadership in the public meeting. The agenda was arranged so that you had to register.
Kinda like the non disclosure agreement old Jer ask the boys and girls to sign. And we still don't know the bottom line on fund raising with the other Clinton visit. But it will be reported as

The whole thing at the KDP was a set up deal and the crowd was loaded with JL worshipers. I can't say nothing was achieved that day, but what were all the pictures and the video about? Seems like we live in a country where free speech is challenged by those that do not wish to hear THE TRUTH. It hurts.

The truth is:

The KDP is poorly organized. Jerry Laundering is a lightning rod due to his lack of credibililty and the way he rules with an iron fist.
He can't raise the money cause of the alledged scandal that follows him from his represnative days. And he and AG are real buddies.
Seems appropriate to me. Birds of a . . . .

Go ahead and spout your displeasure with anyone that would challenge your "secure inner circle" cause those days are about to come to an end with the next race for Governor. Unless the AG runs it now appears the KDP "good old boys" are without a candidate. Never mind what the rest of the D's want!

The Democrats will win the statehouse, Ernie will be gone. That is we won't be able to pick up the paper an longer and see that Ernie stepped in it again. Maybe we should have a cartoon character for him?

I guess the next big news will be the financial report the KDP must file in early December. Of course that will be an unaudited affair in order to allow the "money boys" to do "cost assignments" for their expenditures. Only a certified audit, with receipts from all vendors, is a real audit everything else is just like the cost assessments for Enron and World Com.

And when your ship sinks- will you let me know which "rat" you are when the good old boys jump ship? You time is coming and it all started with the actions of the KDP chair, a Bluegrass Blog and three people who would dare try and challenge YOUR KING.

Don't get YOUR leader mad jim

By get real

Dear James A Stivers from Frankfort Kentucky, How odd to see you outside of your element ie., the Lonely Hearts Blog. I was surprised you could tear yourself away from your lonely chatroom to attend the KDP meeting let alone tear yourself away from your good friends in the chatroom to comment on LEO.

JAS, you better watch out, your fearless leader, Mark Nickolas, the same fearless leader that called all you chatters to “CHARGE” the KDP but who was TOO AFRAID to show up himself - will DEMAND from you to “Don’t talk to the trolls James ....” And since you DO what ever your leader demands of you, as is evidenced by the fact that YOU and two other lonely hearts showed up at the KDP - you probably should NOT reply to this comment. You don’t want your big boss leader to get mad at you.

You really should look up the definition of “troll.” You see Jim, the definition of “troll” for the Internet is this:
“Troll: To lure other Internet users into sending responses to carefully designed incorrect statements
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.”

Therefore, by definition, I am not a troll because I did not use “incorrect” statements. I simply spoke correctly. In fact, since the definition of “troll” is to lure others into responding to CAREFULLY DESIGNED INCORRECT statements, sounds like your LEADER of the Lonely Hearts Chatroom is the TROLL. I could not even begin to count the number of times your leader has been PROVEN in his own chatroom to be spewing INCORRECT statements about people, carefully designed incorrect statements at that.

Jim, I really was touched when I read your comment in your chatroom the day after the big CHARGE your leader called for. You sounded so sad when you wrote,
“Due to the lack of fire in the belly of those that object to the current leadership of the KDP and that fact this blog contains paper tigers that can be blown away with the slightest breeze, I must now re-think my thoughts of how to get something done.
What was the post said the other day about the blog here: Something like ALL HAT AND NO HORSE. I stand down for now, you posters figure it out. I did not say I would not return, I just said I need to stand down for a while.”

Guess you felt a little ... betrayed ... hung out to dry ... from your fearless leader?

With respect to your accusation that someone is hiding something at the KDP, you had your chance to ask questions, you did not. Even if you didn’t want to make a public fool of yourself by asking financial questions in the open forum, nothing prevented you from asking KDP members after the meeting was over. Why didn’t you simply walk up to someone and ask your questions? I know why you didn’t ask questions. It is because YOU are afraid to be proven WRONG. There is nothing sinister going on in the KDP and YOU know it, and your whole chatroom knows it. That is why Mark Nickolas did not show up. He too did not want to be confronted with the truth. Mark knows that J. Lundergan did an awesome job this election cycle with the limited funds he had. The ONLY reason Mark Nickolas talks bad about Jerry is because Mark wants Jennifer Moore in the KDP and Mark KNOWS the ONLY way to even THINK about getting rid of Jerry is to make up stories with half-truths to TRY to make Jerry look bad. PERIOD ... And YOU and two other chatters fell for his bologna hook, line & sinker (talk about trolling - he trolled his hook while YOU and two other took the bait.)

You go right ahead and think what you are TOLD to think by your fearless leader but the fact is, Jerry got Bill Clinton and Obama to show up in Kentucky. THOSE TWO EVENTS WERE AWESOME!!! THANKS TO JERRY LUNDERGAN.

Ya know, it's interesting, Mark has ... what ... three people that listen and perform on command. You and two others ... interesting.

Not to be nitpicky on your phrases but you said, “a Bluegrass Blog and three people who dare to challenge your king.” Ummm... Jim the Bluegrass Blog leader did NOT show up, remember? That’s why you were so sad the next day, remember?

Your dilusion.

By jstivers

First let me get this straight with your arrogance.

I am nobody's boy and I have no leader to prompt my conscious.

I am pretty sure I know who you are. You can sit by the window at the KDP near the Interstate and dream all you want, but your day of reign in Kentucky Politics will soon be over. Now that the polling shows the real chair of the KDP did not produce the anticipated results.
He was your saviour. But, now it looks like. with all the backlash or incompleteness. your candidate will have a lot of trouble leading the ticket.

You have you head up your BUTTA so far you can't see the blue in the sky. Call me out anytime, I am ready to talk about whatever.

By the way:

Does it make you equally as proud that your inner circle is lead by a man that only time saved his ass from being asked some very difficult questions?

Refute that!

I can back up my statment, all you have is anger that Mark has started a wave in the BluegrassBlog where "others" can vent and make their opinions known. I realize your group does not like that because it hinders your stealth activity.

Guess what . . . viva le blogs . . . I know you love them cause you read every ones post so you can report to your leader. A leader that lacks credibility with most of the public. Must be some magnetic field affecting your brain.

Now, go back and drink some more of your "Cool Aid" and you better be putting some updates on your resume. but, you got till next election to do this little chore. When you update be sure to put in the resume: I love to support heavy handed people. If you have a position like that I am fully trained from the ranks of THE GOOD OLD BOYS at the KDP.

You day is about to come and spout all you want about Bluegrass it is not my blog... Bluegrass is a TOWN HALL MEETING.

Get over yourself, you lost you stinger and you can' t make a difference in anything. And you don't know what to do but vent on others. And thats fine, that is what a blog is about. Why are you still an ANON? Don't call me out when you won't even post your real name. I do, and I am proud of my post. At least they leave the door open for furhter discussion, without shooting the previous post.

Do I sound pissed! No, just annoyed that you are not able to see THE REAL FACTS.

Have another glass of Cool Aid.

Let the games begin

By jstivers

Dear fellow blogger,

Your post here could very well be negated by the fact that you are hired and paid to speak the thoughts of others, regarless of your own value system.

I just want the readers to know the statements made concerning this matter are, what is alledged to be, Johnathon Hurst. If so,he is the guy that was sucking wind about the charge of his brigade. It showed in the last meeting and his arrogance showed thru his smile. He is a hired gun.

John, I make my own statments based on what moral values have taught me. You have some frustration level somewhere. I hope you are able to find the "root" of it.

jas in frankfort

Mark Nickolas has 3 listeners ... hahahahaha

By get real

Dear JAS, You are very funny. I love the way you avoid acknowledgement that your Lonely Hearts Chatroom only materialized 3 people to "CHARGE" the KDP as your fearless leader Mark Nickolas demanded from his lonely followers on Friday, November 10, 2006 in his blog titled "A Time For Change" (Link below .. unless your leader deletes it like he does so many posts that point out his untruths.)

So, Jim, while you and 2 other lonely hearts, Daniel & Rich Miles were left out to dry by the hypocrite Mark Nickolas stayed home on his computer chatting away in your so called "Town Hall?" Also, it should be pointed out that while Jerry Lundergan was at REAL Town Halls talking to people to get out the vote - (you know Jim the REAL Town Halls with REAL chairs where people sit next to REAL people as opposed to sitting on a computer in your ... bedroom chatting with other Lonely Hearts in a phony Town Hall -) The imposter who is YOUR fearless leader was on his computer trashing people that he does not know for his OWN manipulative reasons. Also, while Jerry Lundergan was at REAL Union Halls and REAL rallies and in REAL communication GETTING Clinton AND Obama to Kentucky - Your boy was home on his computer talking trash STILL. Face it Jim, your fearless leader of the Lonely Hearts Chatroom or (phony cyberTownHall) did not do a thing to get out the vote. Your boy just trash talked all during the election cycle. That really isn't working Jim that is not a REAL job Jim. THAT is WHY only 3 people backed Nickolas on that memorable Saturday on November 11, 2006 where YOU nor Rich nor Daniel asked any questions even after the meeting was over.

So here's another FACT you may find of interest. Nickolas has been manipulating his Lonely Hearts Chatroom for ... over 1-1/2 years now. ONLY 3 PEOPLE SHOWED UP TO "CRASH" the KDP meeting. Which translates to ... after ALL these months of Nickolas' half-truths being spouted about on the world wide web ONLY THREE PEOPLE ARE LISTENING!!!!! GET THAT JIM? THREE PEOPLE .... THREE!!!! Well, that doesn't even amount to one person per month buying into his garbage ... Just 3 lonely men buying his trash and you just happened to be one of the three. Wow, three lonely men buy his garbage after 1-1/2 YEARS ONLY THREE LISTENERS.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA No, I am not worried. Looks like most of Kentucky sees this guy for what he really is ... well with the exception of you Jim, and Rich and Daniel.

Don't forget Jim, it wasn't that long ago you wrote your sad post to your fellow Lonely Hearts Pals - Remember? (It's in the above post.) I guess you must have felt very, very betrayed that day or you would NOT have written such a sad post.

One more little thing I found funny today on Mark's Lonely Hearts Chatroom of THREE. As soon as YOU replied to ME, Mr. Nickolas wrote a bunch of threads so other readers won't see these comments thus they won't see him for the fraud he is. (You can run but you can't hide from your real self Mark. so, run along and write more threads so NO ONE sees this post)

By the way Jim, Your fearless leader makes a claim to be a graduate of University of California at Berkeley ... yet, Berkeley has NO record of your boy! What's up with that? I guess that must mean Mark Nickolas is NOT a graduate of UC at Berkeley like he claims ... huh? How about that. Do YOU, Jim Stivers, have the guts to check into it? Well, even if you don't UC Berkeley has NOOOOOO record of him as a student let alone as a graduate. Maybe he went to a different UC? I have a hunch you won't because you have nowhere to go except the Lonely Hearts Chatroom and you probably don't want to wake up to the reality of the imposter running your show.


By get real

PS. Rich Miles, I miss reading your posts on Those posts were you weren't they, I mean those posts did have your name on them? Well, we miss you over on that peaceful part of the blogosphere.

Jeez, another rat leaves the ship

By jstivers

Jeez, another rat leaves the sinking ship, Gene Strong, but don't take full credit for him being a Fletcher guy Jonathan H.- , it was
Brer Jones who brought him to government after a big donation from
the WEBBBBBSSSS in Lexington. Before that he was a peon.

Anon post on Gen Strong:

He did pretty good for an old KSP trooper who wasn't particularly well-educated but was smart enough to work his way up by knowing dirt on governors.

If it hadn't been for Luther "Little Man, Big Money" Deaton, he would have been working for Jim Host after Fletcher took office. Fletcher was going to put Eco Dev under Host and take away the cabinet status.

* Would the last one out bring the Kentuky flag!!!!!

Jeez, another rat leaves the

By jstivers

Jeez, another rat leaves the sinking ship, Gene Strong, but don't take full credit for him being a Fletcher guy Jonathan H.- , it was
Brer Jones who brought him to government after a big donation from
the WEBBBBBSSSS in Lexington. Before that he was a peon.
Anon post on Gene Strong:

He did pretty good for an old KSP trooper who wasn't particularly well-educated but was smart enough to work his way up by knowing dirt on governors.

If it hadn't been for Luther "Little Man, Big Money" Deaton, he would have been working for Jim Host after Fletcher took office. Fletcher was going to put Eco Dev under Host and take away the cabinet status.

* Would the last one out bring the Kentucky flag!!!!!


By jstivers

I stand by my last post: Thanks for the personal email this morning.
I made my point and I called you out and this whole thing is about Mark N. Get a life . . . soon . . .. get a job.

The end. jas


By jstivers

I would like for blog readers to see this email I got this morning from an ANON at YAHOO. I can't believe these guys.

What sick lot of fools they are. But, not much longer. J. Hurst pull you chair up a little closer to the window and have someone take your photo in your office, soon you will be wanting to see those good old days . . .And wear you suit and tie. It will help on your resume.

It was reported to me that his email belongs to Johnathon Hurst but, no Jonathan Hurst would not do this?

Would he?

From: get real []
Sent: Saturday, December 02, 2006 2:46 AM
Subject: forget it


I just sent you a email telling you that you got a reply on that I don't want you to get the wrong idea none and my old lady is thinking I need to clear this up. I was reading that BGR like I do when I come home from driving my rig. I was reading that LEO post he put on there and seen them posts between you and the get real dude. I had me a few brewskys and I was wanting to see some kind of reply from that last one so I done sent you that email saying you done got a reply.

I don't care if you reply to that dude or not. I don't got no dog in that fight. I just found it intreseting thats all. I was just wanting to read the rest of your reply to that dude. My old lady was all on my ass cuz she thinks your gonna think I'm the dude from the LEO thing. I aint. Got it? I don't care if you reply no more either. I just wrote you back cuz my old lady isn't gonna get off my ass till I tell you that.

She also aint gonna get off my ass till I tell you that I changed the name here to get real so you'd know who the mail at LEO was from. I aint gonna tell you who I am. I haven't ever sent in one single damn comment to any blog cept for this email. I regret I did. I no why people don't give their names, it so their old ladies don't stay on their ass. And me sending you this stupid email is the only way to do that. I'm gonna stick to reading with no comments. See what I got to deal with if I do. She aint right man, but she is fine.

phony email makes you look like a desperate fool

By get real

Dear Mark & his THREE followers (Jim, Daniel & Rich),

I will restate the obvious ascertain made from Mark's LEO post. First, Ann Shake got clobbered in the election for Supreme Court Justice. Mark was trying to con the LEO readers into thinking she lost by a narrow margin. Obviously Mark Nickolas knows NOTHING about election results because if he did he would KNOW that in an election where only ONE District votes, the candidate who gets 7,132 LESS VOTES with a 4% margin between her and the winner - got CLOBBERED!!!! Not only does Mark know NOTHING about candidates, or election results, he writes his LEO column as if the LEO readers are as gullible as his THREE Lonely Hearts Chatroom followers. Mark, we are not as gullible, nor are we as easily conned by your amateurish, unqualified, self serving nonsense that you spew as those three sad sacks you conned into "crashing" the KDP meeting.

Second, while you've got THREE followers ready the "CRASH" the KDP - without so much as uttering a word once they show up AND without so much as showing up yourself after YOU CALLED FOR THE CHARGE - (yes, I am laughing now) that's all you have Mark, THREE people gullible and lonely enough to sit on your blog all day and all night buying your garbage and following your ever word (yes, I am still laughing).

Note to Mark, when a "leader" calls for his followers to "Charge" or "Crash" a meeting the leader is suppose to LEAD THE CHARGE! HAHAHAHA ... Not sit back at home sitting on his chair in front of his computer hahahahaha .... waiting for his three pals to write you and tell you that they didn't utter one single word?

Mark's stunt of trashing Lundergan to get his friend Jennifer Moore in is obvious to every person in this State except THREE PEOPLE. Again, after 1-1/2 years of daily threads full nasty unproven innuendo from Mark Nickolas ONLY THREE PEOPLE BUY HIS GARBAGE!!!! His threads which are available to ALL on the World Wide Web and only THREE PEOPLE listen after ALL these months and months of unproven accusations ... YES, I AM LAUGHING SO HARD AT THAT FACT. I still wonder if Mark came up with that smear campaign by himself or if his friend Jennifer Moore asked him to do it so she could get in Lundergan's spot. Even after reading Mark's thread "Time for a change" it is not clear if it was Mark's idea or Jennifer's.

After 1/1-2 years of all those nasty comments that have no truth and nasty comments that only have part truths, only three followers. Oh, some leader Nickolas turned out to be: Calls for a "crash" of the KDP meeting and REFUSED TO SHOW UP HIMSELF. I can't stop laughing at his obvious con job. It should come as no surprise to any intelligent reader that Mark Nickolas is such a joke with his amateurish political assessments that we LAUGH OUT LOUD at his THREE followers and him. Other than writing stories about people that are full of untrue innuendo - which is despicable - Mark is harmless to the political framework of Kentucky ... despicable, yes ... leader, NAW. He is NO leader, just a guy with a computer that writes trash about people who won't get a REAL paying job.

Mark is only important in his own mind and three other people's minds. Big talker he is with nothing more than three lonely men doing what they are told - Lonely Hearts Chatroom is a joke, clearly a joke.

BTW: Jim, love that phony email you accused me of writing. Did you come up with that clever phony email yourself or was that Mark's idea too? Well it doesn't matter whose idea the phony email was, fact is your ploy, stunt and con won't work with LEO readers. Save your stunts for the three gullible guys in the Lonely Hearts Chatroom. This part of the blogosphere has more intelligent readers. As a suggestion, when you post phony emails to a group that can see right through the con job, you kind of look like a desperate fool.

How the hell did *I* get into this mess?

By Rich Miles

Dear Mr.'get real':

I did not comment on this post, or reply to you, or in any way merit mention of my name on this thread. Please refrain from including me in any more of your deranged meanderings.

I know who you are, and I have proof. If you don't exclude me from your future remarks when I have NO part in the matter, I will reveal who you are and will include that proof. This is your only warning.

And remember, if you have this much mental facility left: it will hurst you far worse to be revealed here than it will me in anything you can say about me. You have far more to lose than I do.

Leave me out of this...

By kydem

Please refrain from mentioning me in this feud again. Thanks.

no feud

By get real

This is no feud. Demanding honesty in print is not feuding.