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Miranda mirage

“We now find ourselves in 2010 dealing with very complicated terrorism matters. Those are certainly the things that have occupied much of my time.

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Derby crash

Put your ill-fitting seersuckers and giant hats in the closet, take an aspirin and get back to work, ye merry revelers. It’s over.

Let’s review:

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Doubled over

Gentle Reader, I’m concerned my constant prattling about “The Culture of Excess” and “Conspicuous Consumption” may ultimately lead to a decline in interest on your beh

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Attention to detail

There are a few Buddhist monks who live across the street from me.

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For lovers indeed

I’m pretty impressed by you, Louisville, Ky., and I love you.

Maybe I haven’t said that enough lately.

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Possibility City? Possibly

Pop Quiz: What city has 390,000 energy consumers who could soon be saddled with a 12 percent overall rate hike, has no controlling stake in its power utilities, and isn’t Düsseldorf, Ger

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Things I learned watching the 2010 Winter Olympics on TV

Brought to you by Goldman-Pfizer-Tri-Con-Global Corp.

• Eating McDonald’s will make you a world-class athlete not to mention very happy.

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Death comes ripping

Thursday, Feb. 11 is I Love Mountains Day.

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A Prayer for Owin’ Money

On the infrequent occasions when I visit a Catholic church, I always feel a little uncertain about my motives as I dip my fingers into the holy water and make the sign of the cross.

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Saved in the lost and found

As I endeavored to do anything but write a column the other day, I was completely overcome by the need to hear a demo tape I recorded about eight years ago.