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$20 Worth of Food for Only $10!

Richy Rich?

In Maryland, fishermen must adhere to a size and number limit for Rockfish. Watermen there are trying to assure the survival of the species.


Endless vocation

What are a few days of school? It’s not like you’re going to miss anything. 


Diogenes shrugged

I might just stop paying my taxes.


Time for a tighter belt

“Times are tough. People need to make sacrifices. I just don’t want to be one of them.”


To save face, General Motors should save Saturn

If you ever commit a serious crime, one that you perpetrate with others, if you are caught and urged to rat out your friends, remember this: He who makes the first deal gets the best deal.


An open letter to the Angry Ford Worker: (You know who you are)

I understand why you’re upset. You feel attacked. The protected position your union provided you is being publicly dissected.



I’m going to be a mother. And I’m terrified.

I’m not maternal. Nothing biological has ever ticked.


Morality playoff

The scariest thing about Halloween this year wasn’t the costumes or the fact that the price of chocolate went up 14 percent.


Not up for debate

Talk about the epitome of arrogance.

Oh wait. They don’t want to.


Desperation is the mother of necessity

The soundbites from the two situations have been nearly identical: “It is a lot of money, but we have to spend it.” “We don’t have an option.”