Art: The Local Speed doesn’t do ‘nice’

‘We’ll Wear a Jolly Crown’ explores life and death

For many Louisvillians, mention of the Speed Art Museum calls up memories of school field trips and afternoons with Grandma, taking in the Monets.


Art: Let’s make a deal

Vallorie Henderson teaches you how to make your art a business

Vallorie Henderson is an acclaimed textile artist, but it’s her job at the Kentucky Small Business Development Center that caught my attention.


Art: Napoleon’s passion

Frazier exhibit showcases some of Napoleon’s prized art collection

Napoleon Bonaparte was either a savior of the people or a dictator, depending on your interpretation of the French Revolution and its aftermath.


Art: Behind the scenes

Photographer James Robert Southard lets us in on his process

It’s rare that we get to see how an artist creates.


Art: The sky wasn’t his limit

The Eero Saarinen exhibit at KMAC details the esteemed work of the St. Louis Arch architect

Drive up to Indianapolis on I-65 and you’ll travel by an architectural Oz in the midst of farmland.


Art: Out of the shadows

Ross Gordon documents Cuba’s newly emerging gay and drag scene

Ross Gordon was ready for trouble.


Art: From violence, hope

International photography exhibit at Ali Center focuses on the impact of violence against women — and what’s being done to stop it

In one of the photos, a man walks behind his wife as she walks down the beach holding their child. He is holding up an umbrella to shade his family from the sun overhead.


Art: Familiar spots make up Mrs. Rogers’ neighborhood

I’ve been told the favorite question Louisvillians ask fellow locals is, “Where did you go to high school?” Not me.


Art: Deck your walls

A roundup of holiday art shows

We fooled around and fell in love with all the holiday offerings by local galleries, museums and studios.


Artistic visions

Exhibit features tactile portraits by blind and visually impaired students

Too often people think of portraits as inherently visual.