Art News

The Louisville Visual Art Association is hosting workshops on art marketing led by artist and marketing consultant Paula Cundiff. $10 for LVAA members, $15 for non-members.


Art: Brooke Herbert: interior exhibitionist

Artist is part of the U of L BFA exhibit

Art shows should have more cookouts.

Why she deserves it

Cathy Bailey was the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Latvia from 2005-2008.


Luck be a lady

Artist Pat Gallagher offers up the 10 most inspirational women of Louisville in new exhibit

It wasn’t the fact that the stranger asked for his doodle that surprised him; it was the way he held it.

In his own words

Pat Gallagher on the 10 Most Inspirational Women in Louisville (plus one)

 “Comfort of Integrity”


Art: A fairytale in reverse

Jennifer Brunner turned to art to cope with cancer

Happy ending first: Jennifer Brunner is a beautiful, purple-haired pixie in a plaid jacket walking between the tall oaks on U of L’s main campus toward the coffee shop where we are meet

Art News

Louisville has been selected to host the Glass Art Society (GAS) annual conference June 10-12, 2010.


Art: "Notice the things you notice"

Sculptor Brad White’s path has been a learning curve

Sculptor Brad White is used to controversy, difficulties and censorship. Not that he likes it.  


Louisville: Through the lens

Photo Issue 2009

Welcome to LEO Weekly’s 2009 Photography Issue.

Art-review-daveer by Sarah Frary.jpg

Art: On the outside

Graffiti artist The Daveer isn’t confined by the gallery or canvas

From the street to the wall, The Daveer does art his own way. Since 1996, the self-taught graffiti artist has offered his drawing and painting skills to the street.