Art: Art + Derbytime = horses, hooch ’n’ hats

A Derby roundup

’Tis the season. No, not that season — the other time of reverence in Kentucky, the Derby. Artists are bursting with depictions of horses, hooch and hats.

Why she deserves it

Cathy Bailey was the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Latvia from 2005-2008.


Luck be a lady

Artist Pat Gallagher offers up the 10 most inspirational women of Louisville in new exhibit

It wasn’t the fact that the stranger asked for his doodle that surprised him; it was the way he held it.

In his own words

Pat Gallagher on the 10 Most Inspirational Women in Louisville (plus one)

 “Comfort of Integrity”


Art: A fairytale in reverse

Jennifer Brunner turned to art to cope with cancer

Happy ending first: Jennifer Brunner is a beautiful, purple-haired pixie in a plaid jacket walking between the tall oaks on U of L’s main campus toward the coffee shop where we are meet


Art: "Notice the things you notice"

Sculptor Brad White’s path has been a learning curve

Sculptor Brad White is used to controversy, difficulties and censorship. Not that he likes it.  

Art News

Louisville has been selected to host the Glass Art Society (GAS) annual conference June 10-12, 2010.


Louisville: Through the lens

Photo Issue 2009

Welcome to LEO Weekly’s 2009 Photography Issue.

Art-review-daveer by Sarah Frary.jpg

Art: On the outside

Graffiti artist The Daveer isn’t confined by the gallery or canvas

From the street to the wall, The Daveer does art his own way. Since 1996, the self-taught graffiti artist has offered his drawing and painting skills to the street.


Lights, camera, film noir and Homies

21c presents a mini-retrospective of two new media artists

‘The Constant World of Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’
Though June
21c Museum Hotel