Art: The creation myth

‘Print & Process’ focuses on the method, not the madness

It’s easy to dismiss the things that move us as a byproduct of natural talent — or perhaps a divine gift from the gods of good art.


Art: Horsing around

A roundup of Derby-related exhibitions

I recently heard someone say, “It’s not springtime, it’s Derbytime.” We in Louisville and Southern Indiana have managed to commandeer an entire season!


Art: A show not to miss when you take a piss

CRAFT(s) Gallery presents ‘Art in the Loo’ in the loo

Why do people love art? I suspect it’s because it gets us out of the dreariness of everyday existence.


Art: ‘Louisville is so bourbon’

Sip on a little bourbon-inspired art

You don’t even need to have set foot in Kentucky to be aware of its love affair with bourbon.


Art: Bare beauty

Kaviar Forge & Gallery changes up the traditional nude exhibition

I see naked people.


Art: Brrr arrested, charged with causing polar vortex

Local artist apologizes, asks for leniency

In a move that shocked street artists and meteorologists alike, the man behind the popular “Brrr” street tag has been arrested and charged with wanton weather provocation.


Art: Shifting gears

Block Party pedals a new gallery space

Meet Ethel, the greeter at Block Party Handmade Boutique.


Art in transition

Louisville’s art scene continues to transform, reshape and sustain

Louisville’s music and dining scenes have garnered attention for a long time, but only in recent years has the city’s local art received similar recognition.


Art: Carving out a tradition

Elijah Pierce’s folk art is celebrated at KMAC

Folk art. While that term is heartwarming and approachable, it doesn’t really explain what type of art it is. After all, we’re all folks.


Art: The Local Speed doesn’t do ‘nice’

‘We’ll Wear a Jolly Crown’ explores life and death

For many Louisvillians, mention of the Speed Art Museum calls up memories of school field trips and afternoons with Grandma, taking in the Monets.