Baby D's Bagels
$20 Worth of Food and Drink for Only $10

Art: Bravery, beauty depicted in ‘Women and War’

Ann Stewart Anderson’s “Women and War” opens with the diptych “Remains 1” and “Remains 2,” mirror images that show an anonymous ancient Greek woman s


Art: Art and the outlaw

Caravaggio was an original bad-boy artist

Aficionados love to gossip about artists’ bad behavior over plastic cups of wine.


Art: The secret country

Exhibit puts rural culture on display

By the time Derby is over, most of us are pretty tired of having to explain ourselves to outsiders.


Art: Haunted by the art

Michelle Amos and Todd C. Smith collaborate for Zephyr Gallery exhibit

Even before Michelle Amos opened up her new installation at Zephyr Gallery, people were trying to get in.


Art: Wherefore art thou horses and hats?

A roundup of Derby-related exhibits

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink bourbon.


Art: Carnegie pays tribute to women sculptors

Imagine a white room full of objects arranged as reverently as monuments in a gothic cemetery: A metal pole as tall as a person holding an armload of glass orbs like a cluster of suspended po


Fake Issue: ‘Impressionist Landscapes’ exhibit is a blurry, sloppy mess

“Landscape is nothing but an impression,” said Claude Monet, “and an instantaneous one.”


Art: Slugger Museum playing the field with Rockwell exhibit

The Louisville Slugger Museum has always been primarily about baseball, but the “Norman Rockwell: Sports” exhibit, which opens Saturday, takes the Louisville mainstay a step furth


Art: Cuba bound

Carlos Gamez de Francisco shows off his collection

Cuba is a country that’s quite foreign to most of us. That’s not our fault; blame decades of communist rule and the embargo.


Art: Keepers of Kentucky heritage

KMAC shows off our best artists and collections

Did you know that owning three of the same thing qualifies as a collection? Knowledge like that makes the dust-bunnies in my house look more appealing.