Nice tatts

Alternative Arts Festival showcases the tattoo as an art form

“The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who have tattoos, and those who are afraid of people with tattoos.” Psychologist Michael Mantell opened his 2009 article, &ld


Art: Stitched conversations

Penny Sisto’s quilts speak for themselves

How do you know when you’re looking at art by Penny Sisto? First off, the medium is fabric.


Young at art

Exploring Louisville's off-gallery art scene

A convention hall lined with zombie comic book authors and vinyl collectibles might seem like an odd place to find artists whose work doesn’t grace the pages of science fiction or fill


Art: Salvaging identity

Salvo showcases regional art, design and accessories

Salvo, which is British slang for salvage, is the name of the latest home design and accessory store to join Market Street’s creative retail revolution.


Art: Full Speed ahead

Art museum begins a $79 million renovation

Construction is a way of life around the University of Louisville. Third Street near Cardinal Boulevard is yet again full of orange cones, chain-link fencing and earth-moving equipment.


Art: Get hot and bothered with ‘Summer Heat’

Why is it that when the tomatoes get good, the art shows tend to get bad?


Art: Foiled again

Contemporary artists employ folk art techniques

Currently on display as part of the “Cuba Now” exhibit at 21c Museum Hotel, Alberto Casado’s paintings are luminescent and bold, reminiscent of stained glass or the glowing golds


Art: A trip down America’s accidental highway

Carnegie Center features '20/20 Vision' by Jan Albers and Karen Titus

The Carnegie Center for Art and History in New Albany is a quietly elegant building.


Art: Luring the locals

KMAC looks for ways to attract Louisville natives

Want to know how to spot a tourist (or maybe a local taking the day off with out-of-town relatives in tow)?




Street lights illuminating Third and Market. A paint-splattered artist in his studio.