WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ali Center’s ‘IndiVisible’ exhibit packs a punch

Traveling Smithsonian exhibit examines ancestries of Native Americans and African-Americans

Your grade-school teacher may have called this nation a melting pot, a place where cultures mingle and meld.


Art: Grotesque and beautiful

Taylor Baldwin exhibits his largest sculpture show at LOT

Of all the mistakes in my recent past, not high-fiving Taylor Baldwin at the opening of his sculpture show at Land of Tomorrow ranks pretty high.


Art: Ten years gone

21c presents ‘Alter Ego’ exhibit by Anthony Goicolea

Nine years ago, I stumbled across a few of Anthony Goicolea’s photographs. Highly saturated and theatrical, Goicolea duplicates his own image, populating scenes with hordes of himself.


Art: Paris and the Impressionists

Speed exhibit highlights artists inspired by the city in late 19th century

They say confession is good for the soul, so here goes: I have an Impressionist-style shower curtain.


Art: McCurry captures scenes of abundant color

These are the eyes that connected with the world.


Art: Hawkins examines religion outside the box

Good stories, lightning bugs, Pixar films — these are just a few of the things that inspire Georgia-based artist Craig Hawkins. Oh, and the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Art: AstroTurf monkeys and evolutionary allegories

Matt Weir’s interpretations at Actors Theatre

If you are the kind of person who hates reading subtitles, Matt Weir’s sculpture show “Anthropocene’ya…ass” at Actors Theatre of Louisville is not for you.


Art: Re-examining the Examiner

‘The Essential New Art Examiner’
Edited by Terri Griffith, Kathryn Born and Janet Koplos. Northern Illinois University Press; 350 pgs., $22.50.


Art: This is Louisville

New photography publication hits the stands

A new photography magazine, THIS ... is Louisville, comes out this month. LEO Weekly spoke with creator Maggie Huber about the publication.


Art: That ’70s show

Exhibit documents Kentucky culture 35 years ago

The 1970s were a time of navel-gazing. Thank goodness for this collective inward turn — it furthered the concepts and conversations for various civil rights groups (minorities, gays, women).