Art: Heart of glass

Artist flips back to the old school

Chris Chappell is an artist whose new exhibition, “Glassics,” marries his glassmaking day job with the skateboarding culture in which he grew up.


Madman with a pigeon loft

Pushing the boundaries of art with Duke Riley

It’s a chilly February night, and the man in the suit is waiting. He paces his office, wearing ellipses in the plush carpet.


Art: French posters from the Gratitude Train

The Nazis’ preoccupation with stealing art as they scorched their way through Europe during World War II has been well recorded, especially in the documentary “The Rape of Europa”


Art: Glamour shots

Exhibit shows off George Hurrell’s photos from Hollywood’s Golden Age

It’s rare that my visual arts side crosses paths with my interest in classic film history, but “Stars of the Silver Screen: Through the Lens of George Hurrell” lets me indulge in


Art: A country for young men

Art exhibition explores both old and new cultures

Patrick Jilbert moved from Louisville to Santa Cruz, Calif., a few years ago for a job at Consolidated Skateboards. He met a fellow artist while out West, Sid Enck Jr.


Quilt of many stories

U of L nabs the ‘International Honor Quilt,’ inspired by Judy Chicago, a pioneer in feminist art and history

“Women’s contributions (to history) — they made none.”


Art: Pressed in time

KMAC exhibit examines the printing press and how its use changed the world

Louisville has an unintentional art twofer going on. In the April 30 issue of LEO Weekly, April Corbin reviewed “Print & Process” at The Green Building Gallery.


Art: Death is not the end

Kentucky native’s ‘In These Boxes’ explores loss, love and the things we leave behind

When his two ex-lovers died of AIDS within two months of each other more than two decades ago, Dudley Saunders had a strange realization: Nobody who remembered them together was still alive.


Art: Patrick Smith’s wild life

Lexington artist keeps it very real

“Too Wild for Mass Consumption” — that’s what Lexington artist Patrick Smith posted on his Tumblr last December as he worked on the series of paintings opening this week at


Finding a third eye and a mouthpiece

LaNia Roberts’ art journey

When LaNia Roberts started high school, her confidence was at an all-time low.