FILM: The kid goes in the picture

It’s a classic Hollywood story: The son of a filmmaker goes to film school and becomes one himself. His fiancée is an agent for contemporary artists.


FILM: Beckett’s Ghost

‘Alphonso Bow’ raises playwright’s spectre with comedy

The spirit of Samuel Beckett is not dead. Want proof? “Alphonso Bow” is your best bet.


FILM: Call outs

Zombies, Scott Walker and more at the 4th film fest

Alcohol and movies.


FILM: Widening the lens on ‘Immigration’

Doctoral student’s research highlights Mexico’s troubles

“You can take a sort of hardline national security perspective or a bleeding heart approach — I think it’s important to go with both,” Roy Germano says of how the U.S.


FILM: Griffith’s controversial legacy mixed thanks to ‘Birth of a Nation’

Jeers, protests and rotten eggs — how could any film survive that?


FILM: Sewn Up

Louise Cecil and her house of 10,000 identities

“I knew the face and the figure weren’t going to last forever,” Louise Cecil says as she leads the way through her byzantine Floyd Street costume warehouse, stacked to its I-beams


FILM: Shoot The Messenger? Gladly

Aron Conaway, Hallie Jones document problems, answers

Aron Conaway and Hallie Jones are known to many in the Louisville arts community as two of the people behind LAVA House, the unique Germantown arts space that burned down last year, taking the life


2009 Film Issue

Of flyovers, first chances and final bows


You’re yawning. I can see it.


FILM: In The Cannes

Zach Treitz, ‘Rosemary’ go international

Boston University film school grad Zach Treitz didn’t lie in wait to make a name for himself on the film circuit. He and a few close friends reunited in New York to form Red Bucket Films.


Video TapeWorm

New, encore and low-price DVD releases on Tuesday, June 9

This Week’s Twin Peeks:



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