Comedy: The joy of discovery

Improvapalooza turns 12

“Improvapalooza” is 12 years old — it has finally hit puberty, is wearing deodorant and sprouting hair where there was none.


Comedy: Bryan Callen’s life as a penguin

Bryan Callen launched his career in the mid-’90s as an original cast member on “MADtv.” In the years since, he has had roles in numerous TV and movie comedies, including a recurri


Comedy: Wednesday night lights

“When one show ends, another begins” would be a great motto for Wednesday night comedy shows in Louisville.


Comedy: Moderate in moderation

Two of the fastest-rising names in comedy, Louis Katz and Nate Bargatze, come to The Bard’s Town, just in time for Thanksgiving.


Comedy: The evolution of comedian Doug Benson

Doug Benson’s “The Benson Interruption” is comedy progress, and not just in format.


Comedy: Marc Maron and his implausible garage

Three years ago, Marc Maron was broke, twice divorced and thinking of quitting. Not the quitting the business — quitting life.


Comedy: Jackass sobers up

Steve-O trades in stunts for stand-up

Steve-O is no stranger to the “Why Bother?” Generation. He’s been the go-to jackass on MTV’s “Jackass” for more than a decade.

Comedy: Too soon — or perfect timing?

As an earthquake rocked Japan last March, flooding the streets and threatening nuclear power plants, Alec Sulkin, a writer for the animated TV comedy “Family Guy,” decided to share his


Comedy: ‘Boling for Comedy’ … chapter 1

Lindsay Boling is one of the fastest rising comedians in Louisville.


Comedy: ‘The Tuesday Nighter’ remembered

For Jeff Davis, the call came the morning of July 8. Although not wholly unexpected, it inevitably sounded a little strange the first time he heard the words.