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Comedy: Who ya gonna call?

Louisville is a unique town — a town filled with archaic architecture and historic homes. Such places create a rich soil to nurture countless ghost stories.


Comedy: A roasted history

As is the case with at least one other epic tale, the story of how “The Roasts” came to be begins with Jesus.


Comedy: The cost of following The Boss

Ken Rogerson is an industry vet you’ve probably never heard of.


Comedy: Derek Sheen — Who needs a nightclub?

Derek Sheen is a walking, talking, bearded ball of insecurities — a Seattle-bred version of Woody Allen, perhaps.


Comedy: Burning boats with Nicholas Anthony

Nicholas Anthony has been just about everywhere in the decade he’s been performing as a stand-up comedian.


Comedy: Start spreading the news

Lindsay Boling returns from the Big Apple

Lindsay Boling grew up kicking around the streets of Louisville and was on the forefront of our current comedy renaissance.


Comedy: The blunt Doug Benson

Doug Benson singularly fills the void that Cheech & Chong left for this generation of slacker potheads.


Comedy: Raanan Hershberg wears his 3-D glasses at night

Raanan Hershberg is the ringleader of the “Young, Dumb & Full of Comedy” show, as well as the mastermind behind the running “Roast” series that has ravaged such pillars


Comedy: Rick, rolling — Moranis resurfaces with comedy album

“Peter, hi, Rick Moranis here,” says the familiar and ageless voice on the phone.


Comedy: No place for a lady

April Macie looks more like an old-fashioned pin-up than a feisty comedian with a hip pocket full of wiener jokes — but that’s exactly what she is.