WEB EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with comedian Nicholas Anthony

This weekend, Nicholas Anthony will be headlining at Comedy Caravan.


Comedy: Greg Giraldo

Funny with a side ornery

Greg Giraldo has built a reputation for being the meanest guy in the room, but with his cool, nonchalant delivery, it’s hard to be mad at him, even when you’re the target of his hostili


Comedy: Brian Regan on balloon animals and zero laughs

In the mid-’90s, Brian Regan won “Best Club Comedian” from the American Comedy Awards, and he hasn’t looked back since.


Comedy: Brian Posehn is uncool enough to be cool

Brian Posehn is one of the most original comedic voices of his generation, but sadly in the mainstream, he’s generally typecast as an introverted nerd.


Comedy: A tiny brunette with sass … and lots of laughs

Natasha Leggero stops by the Improv

Natasha Leggero has a face you might recognize but a name you probably don’t.

Paul-Poundstone-BY-Michael Schwartz.jpg

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Paula Poundstone — the luckiest person in the world

Paula Poundstone is now a figurehead of stand-up comedy, who has pushed envelopes, and broken new ground in her over three decades behind the microphone.


Comedy: Tom Green is in the house

On the phone, Tom Green is even-keeled and careful with his words — polar opposite to the persona he’s honed on MTV’s “The Tom Green Show” and in films like &ldq


Comedy: The Louisville Improvisors & Improvapalooza 10

A decade in the moment

Believe it or not, the Louisville Improvisors are coming on 10 years together, and with Chris Anger, Alec Volz, Josh Lane and Java Man keyboardist Todd Hildreth at the helm, they’re still goi


Comedy: Whitney Cummings is funny … for a girl

You might not know who Whitney Cummings is today, but it won’t be long before she’s a household name.


Comedy: Five important questions with Project Improv

Project Improv, Louisville’s only long-form improv troupe, is gathering up current and former members for an after-Christmas Holiday Show at Zanzabar.