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Web Exclusive: Q&A with Felipe Esparza

The list of people who can say they’ve appeared on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” is getting pretty long after eight years on the air — but the list of people who can cla


Comedy: Lavell Crawford is in the game

Chances are, you know who Lavell Crawford is, although you might not recognize his name.


Comedy: She is comic

April Macie overcomes Doo-Doo Brow

To look at April Macie, you might think she fits in more in the pages of one of those magazines you’d find underneath a 16-year-old boy’s mattress than on stage at your favorite comedy


Comedy: The radical Kate Clinton

Legendary comedian is keynote speaker for U of L Pride Week

Kate Clinton is a workhorse. After nearly 30 years on the comedy circuit, you think she’d take a break — at least long enough to drum up some new material.


Comedy: Forever on the D-List

Kathy Griffin talks Oprah, Paris and hot browns

I wanted to ask Kathy Griffin if giving an interview to this silly little alt-weekly rag in Louisville affirmed her D-List status, but I couldn’t get a word in.


Web Exclusive: Mitch Fatel loves what he does

Mitch Fatel has one of the freshest, most unique voices in comedy. From the stage, he projects a soft-spoken naiveté so his off-color jokes don’t seem quite as off-color.


Comedy: Monique Marvez isn’t one of those people

Monique Marvez is a melting pot of Latin cultures — her mother is half-Cuban and half-Puerto Rican, her father Venezuelan — which makes Monique all sass.


Comedy: Carlos Mencia takes the stage for a one-night-only show

‘I’m an American!’

Carlos Mencia has a well-honed reputation for being one of the most controversial comedians of the past decade.


Comedy: Josh Wolf two-times with Chelsea and ESPN

Josh Wolf started his career in Hollywood as a writer on several television shows, including the CBS sitcom “Yes, Dear.” While taking a break from writing, he found himself a part of Ch


Comedy: Pauly Shore is all grown up, bro

When Pauly Shore burst into our collective consciousness two decades ago, the world wasn’t quite ready for what they got … and I’m still not sure if they’re ready.