Comedy: Dave Koechner — From improv to The Improv

While Dave Koechner may not be a household name, he’s easily one of the most recognizable faces in comedy.


Comedy: Jacob Williams’ Vegas vacation with Pauly Shore

Jacob Williams, at just 22 years old, is one of the fastest-rising comics on the local scene.


Comedy: Comedian happy L.A. is in his rearview mirror

Comedian Mack Dryden says that almost every time he tells a local he moved from L.A.


Comedy: Kathleen Madigan’s coming for flair

It’s gotta be a good feeling when Lewis Black calls you “the funniest woman in America.” Kathleen Madigan has been slinging jokes for more than two decades and was both a co


Comedy: Among royalty

King of Comedy D.L. Hughley stops at The Improv

After two decades of laughs, few would dispute D.L.


Comedy: Party of five

Improvapalooza 11 scales down to four comics and a musician

For the 11th time, the Louisville Improvisors bring you Improvapalooza, an annual comedy affair.


Web Exclusive: Q&A with Tim Northern

Tim Northern … elevator farter

Tim Northern does what Tim Northern wants.


Comedy: Funny people

Six Louisville comedians make each other laugh -- R-rated

Friday night might prove to be the most exciting night of stand-up comedy this year.


Comedy: Eric Kimbrough is more funny than famous ... for now

The Improv will host a special event Sunday night when local comedy giant Eric Kimbrough takes the stage as emcee for the second of his “Eric Kimbrough Comedy Extravaganza” shows, which


Web Exclusive: Q&A with Eddie Griffin

Griffin comes to The Improv

Eddie Griffin is known as much for his unpredictable temperament and his big mouth as he is for being one of the most hailed comedians of his generation.