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A comedian's comedian: Brian Posehn

Brian Posehn is about as famous as someone can be, without being famous. His face is instantly recognizable, while his name probably still alludes mainstream America.


Comedy: Reber and Carney keep ‘The Late Late Breakfast’ cookin’

Have you ever opened your eyes on a Sunday afternoon, realizing your head feels like there’s a marching band stomping around inside?


Comedy: Hal Sparks steps forward


Comedy: Rob O’Reilly, sadly content

Rob O’Reilly is wicked funny. The Cleveland native works hard as a touring comic with an impressive and continually growing resume.


Comedy: The saddest comedy ever

Raanan Hershberg has become an immovable force in the Louisville comedy scene, taking his often blunt and brash sense of humor and building some of the most consistently funny comedy shows in the c


Comedy: Christopher Titus — Functionally dysfunctional

Christopher Titus is a comedian often forgotten from a generation that brought us Louis C.K., David Cross and Mitch Hedberg.


Comedy: Louisville’s not-so dead astronaut

Chris Anger has been a fixture on the Louisville theater scene for many years.


Comedy: That metal guy — Jim Florentine

Jim Florentine and Brad Thacker are comedy BFFs, the kind of friends who sit on the same side of the booth at Waffle House, feeding food into each other’s mouths.


Comedy: Grooms with a view

Kyle Grooms is a comedian with a well-formed point of view, with a certain indefinable commentary about pop culture, his family and the African-American experience — but it’s not


Comedy: From Boston to Scrabble with Matt Graham

Louis C.K., Marc Maron and David Cross are some of the biggest names in comedy, but there was a time when those guys thought Matt Graham was going to be the next big thing