Book: Jason Howard’s unbridled Kentucky music

Jason Howard has been a big music fan since childhood.


Book: Taking shots with Watt from Pedro

To many who came up in the ’80s punk scene or ’90s alt-rock explosion, Mike Watt remains a folk hero.


Book: Historical mysteries

Sometimes it takes two (authors)

The opportunity to simultaneously dive into both history and mystery draws in many a reader.


Book: It’s the economy, stupid

‘Economix: How our Economy Works (and Doesn’t Work) in Words and Pictures’


Book: Them’s fightin’ words

Two events this week land at the crossroads of literacy and violence

Books are for nerds, librarians and kids?


Book: ‘Parklands of Floyds Fork’ introduces Louisville’s new park

‘A Landscape and Its Legacy: The Parklands of Floyds Fork’


Book: It’s not our fault

Book declares free will an illusion … to an extent

‘Free Will’
By Sam Harris. Free Press; 83 pgs., $9.99.


Book: The great divide

'America, You Sexy Bitch'

‘America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom’
By Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain. Da Capo Press; 309 pgs., $26.


Culture: Podcasts you might be missing

‘The Literary Salon’ podcast

The official name of the “Literary Salon” is “The Shoreditch House Literary Salon.” But the connotations of the word Shoreditch (the etymology of which is too complex to go


Book: You are no one

Author maps out the mysteries of the brain

‘Who’s In Charge? Free Will and the Science of the Brain’
By Michael Gazzaniga. Ecco Press, 272 pgs., $27.99.