A real American comic book hero

Chuck Dixon may not be a household name, unlike several of the characters he’s depicted in a comic book career that spans nearly three decades.


Book: Carmichael’s touts ‘local author month’

Staring at a mountain of local authors’ requests for reading events this past May, Carmichael’s Bookstore owner Carol Besse had a eureka! moment: 10 events, al

Book-Ky-Parks-BY-Pam Spaulding.jpg

Book: New guide captures beauty of Kentucky’s parks

The Complete Guide to Kentucky State Parks


Book: What would Jane do?

‘Janeites’ give Deadheads a run for their money

It is a truth universally acknowledged — that a brilliant writer in possession of a large collection of critically acclaimed work must be in want of a dedicated fan base.


Book: Louisville outlaw

Brett Eugene Ralph’s poetry rebellion

An old adage warns against judging a book by its cover, but in the case of Kentuckian Brett Eugene Ralph’s debut book of poetry, “Black Sabbatical,” the cover is a direct represen


McConnell: one-man political action committee

Lest you think Mitch McConnell is the least interesting person in the world, Louisville author and C-J columnist John David Dyche comes along with the first major political biography of the S


Book: Blount squeezes love of lexicon out of ‘Alphabet Juice’


Alphabet Juice
By Roy Blount Jr. Sarah Crichton Books/Farrar, Straus & Giroux; 368 pgs., $25.


Book: ‘Nobody Move’ settles in with charming lowlifes


Nobody Move
By Denis Johnson. FSG Books; 196 pgs., $24.99.


Book: Early life and loves of Limbaugh revealed in ‘Fat Man Cometh’

The Secret Homoerotic Life and Times of Jerry Falwell

‘The Fat Man Cometh: The Secret Homoerotic Life and Times of Jerry Falwell, as told to Rusty Sharpe’


House of David

Author David Sedaris tells tales of quitting smoking, traveling the world — and one about a grandma with a disturbing tattoo

David Sedaris didn’t need the patch or nicotine gum to quit smoking.

Instead, he opted for a more unconventional method — a three-month hiatus in Tokyo.