Book: Cross ups the ante in ‘I Drink for a Reason’

I Drink for a Reason

(By David Cross. Grand Central Publishing; 256 pgs., $23.99.)



Author of children’s classic headlines Spalding’s Fall Festival

Again this year, most sessions of Spalding’s Festival of Contemporary Writing will feature combinations of diverse forms of the written word.


Silas the good

Author talks about new book, coal mining and Nina Simone

Silas House, a man born and raised in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, is the author of three novels, including the much-ballyhooed “Clay’s Quilt.” He has written a play, “The


Book: Camera Boy on war, hell and the in-between

Local author shares his Iraq experiences

When Fred Minnick smiles or laughs, he seems momentarily transformed into a young boy, filled with innocence. Dimples form and his blues eyes seem illuminated.


Book: Essays for ‘Lunch’

Naked Lunch @ 50

Edited by Oliver Harris and Ian MacFadyen. Southern Illinois University Press; 312 pgs., $34.95.



Book: A conversation with Jane Smiley

I read the novella “The Age of Grief” more than 10 years ago, before it became the movie “The Secret Lives of Dentists.” I’ve owned six copies since then; none of the


Book: Sarabande turns 15

In praise of the book

It has been 15 years since Sarah Gorham and her husband, Jeffrey Skinner, started Sarabande Books, and it is amazing to think that most people in Louisville still haven’t heard o


Book: Profile of Kiki Petrosino

A Sarabande poet

To give LEO readers an idea of the quality talent Sarabande puts out, I decided to profile the work of an up-and-coming poet named Kiki Petrosino.


Book: The shades of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Elizabeth Cady Stanton: An American Life
(By Lori D. Ginzberg. Hill and Wang; 254 pgs., $25.)


Guy Davenport: The last American Jack

What the Lexington-based scholar teaches us about our world

Guy Davenport came to teach English at the University of Kentucky in 1963.